Galactic Human - What is?

Galactic Human – What is?

Galactic Human – What is? By Teri Wade.

Every human being that has been born on this planet is a Galactic human… why?

Because everyone of us have been seeded here by a particular Galactic race.

I’ve said this so many times… just like we have ancestry to other countries and cultures, we also have ancestry and lineage to other Star Systems.

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In other words, a humans true ancestry is from off world.

The human race made an agreement to be born into this 3rd dimensional experiment.

When born on to this planet we forget who we really are.

The reasoning for this state of amnesia is to experience REBIRTH thru this current Human Awakening that’s happening as of now.

So many people do not realize the magnitude of this event the Human race is participating in.

Galactic Human - Human Awakening

Human Awakening

Galactic Human

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This Awakening has the potential to turn humanity back into the original blueprint of our Galactic selves.

This original Galactic blueprint has to do with our DNA.

Humans started out as a 12 strand crystalline being and this original configuration gave Humanity immortality and powers that most couldn’t imagine.

Humanity has been dumbed down to a 2 strand carbon-based being thru DNA manipulation.

We are in the process of re-activating those other DNA strands thru the Awakening.

Everything has been put in place for the evolution of the human species.

Decades ago our Solar System entered an intense photon belt of very high, intense frequencies.

In 2012 Earth began traveling through the deepest part of these frequency waves.

Hence, the Precession of the Equinox.

Moving from the Pisces constellation (Control and destruction) to Aquarius (Peace and liberation.)

When DNA absorbs certain frequencies which are brought on by a particular constellation thru codes, major change happens.

So, it would make sense when we entered The Age of Aquarius we would experience a different reality.

Galactic Human - Precession of the Equinox

Precession of the Equinox

Galactic Human

For example: Scientists can shine lasers thru salamanders and pick up their DNA information and then shine that same laser into the frog eggs and that frog will hatch salamanders in the frog eggs… that’s exactly what’s happening to humanity with these higher frequencies… (minus the frog eggs.) lol 🐸

We are getting a DNA upgrade. The junk DNA that our so-called scientists call it is being woken up.

We still have around 95% of our DNA that we do not utilize, so imagine what powerful beings we will eventually be!

When the human race Ascends with these higher frequencies we become smarter, more aware.

When the time is just right the Human race will be trusted to master Gravity and Magnetism… that’s when we will be ready and trusted with such advanced technology.

It cannot happen before because we would be to immature and dangerous with such an advancement in technology.

It’s like giving an infant a gun and expecting that baby to understand and respect the power of that weapon.

This advancement in technology will only be revealed to those who can be trusted with it.

There are so many variables connected with this leap in human evolution, but we’re getting there!

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