Striations of Elixir Light

Striations of Elixir Light

Gaia Portal Striations of Elixir Light. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal September 1 2017 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

Striations of Elixir Light Decorate the Heavens

The Elixir, who in mythology represents a potion that gives immortality and long life, being of the Light, would bring awareness, enlightenment and awakening of Consciousness. This in figurative sense would give immortality to our Divine Essence that is now awakening.

The Striations visible in the sky of this Elixir of Light could be interpreted in various ways, such as Striations or rainbows surrounding some peculiar clouds that could have spaceship cloaked into it.

Another interpretation, which we prefer, is the actual possibility to see more and more bright objects in the night sky, a metaphoric distillation of Light, which skew the sky decorating it, these would be the bearers of the Elixir Light that they manifest themselves more and more with the weakening of the veil and the next end of the Earth’s quarantine.

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

Hue-manity is Enlightened to All Positives

Having the upper case H, inversely from one of the previous messages, this time the phrase is referred to those who have a higher state of consciousness.

Based on the information available, most likely it refers to those who are already ahead in the 4D. All Positives could be the Unity that manifests itself primarily among those who can perceive this evolutionary state in the others.

We have examples every day of people who, although awakened, still can not see this Illumination of Positive Unity. The situation will get better over time and we hope the H will soon become lower case 🙂

Casting off on the Nova Gaia Journey, All are United

We believe that this is, once again, referres to those with some degree of awareness, those who have internalized Nova Gaia, the journey of transformation of the Planet from 4D to 5D that can perceive the change and the strong, necessary, indispensable and inevitable Unity.

Energies of the Higher Guides are Embodied

The expanding energies coming from the Higher Masters, our Galactic Brothers and all the Light Beings are becoming more and more perceived by more people who awakened their connection with the Higher Guides.

Reconnecting with the Higher Self, the I AM Presence and the Source are the means by which these energies of Light can reach our Heart and become a fundamental part of us.

To emphasize this situation, it only confirms that, more generally, the Planetary Energy Grid is increasingly able to catalyze the energies of Light to the surface of the Planet and help it towards the next evolutionary step, rediscovering our Divine Essence.

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

GaiaPortal conveys messages regarding changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. The messages contained herein are to inform, assist, and alert those drawn to it, to energetic events transpiring moment to moment.

Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read.

The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

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