Gaia Portal Selenium Additives are Exposed for All to See

Gaia Portal Selenium Additives are Exposed for All to See

Gaia Portal Selenium Additives are Exposed for All to See. Gaia Portal Message April 30 2017 with our interpretation based on The Enent Hub.

Gaia Portal Selenium Additives are Exposed for All to See

Selenium additives are exposed for all to see

The word ‘Selenium’ comes from the Greek word ‘Selene’, meaning moon. The combination with the word ‘additives’ seems to imply something built on the moon.

This coincides with a recent discovery of a possible secret tunnel on the dark side of the Moon, but also, as reported by Pleiades-1, to the bases of the Negative Reptilians of Zeta Reticuli that are being dismantled and exposed.

Therefore, the whole sentence would mean that the secret tunnel on the moon, or the bases of the Zetas, is made known to the general public or at least to those who, beyond looking, can even see.

Energetics from on High are illuminated and embraced

Energies from non-physical planes are getting stronger, and humanity is accepting them in good faith. Defragmentation has begun and can be painful for many, despite this new energies are understood and absorbed.

Forgivings are offered and accepted

Earth’s frequency is on the rise, people are becoming more and more loving and forgiving. Compassion, which has been widely explained by many sources has been understood, and is slowly becoming a preponderant feeling, this involves forgiveness of those who have long acted on the side of negativity, who now accept the offer by increasing their vibration, leaving the Low density and approaching the Light.

Manuals are released

Energy security procedures have been released for Lightworkers. This also reflects into the Plaiades 1 Notes in which various instances mention the release of natural instruction / vaccine and similar concepts.

Forbearance is required

Forbeance is a therm which is used in the financial sector, in the field of loans and mortgages, it means a special agreement between the lenders and the one who receives the loan to delay the payment, as for financial difficulties.

Thus, the necessity of this dilation becomes necessary, we must have patience and perseverance before the final victory. At the same time, avoid falling into the several traps of misinformation, that is flourishing in this times, to distract us.

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