Planetary Burdens Unveil and Dissolve

Planetary Burdens Unveil and Dissolve

Gaia Portal Planetary Burdens Unveil and Dissolve. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal September 11 2017 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

Planetary Burdens Unveil and Dissolve

We can assume that Planetary Burdens refer to the facts and conditions of Planet Earth. One of these might be the quarantine state and the presence of the Veil, or the Yaldabaoth Plasma Entity.

Referred to the today’s date may link as well to the climate manipulation and Hurricane Irma that more and more people understand to be engineered and that it is dissolving without provoking the terror and destruction hoped by the Cabal.

Each of these three hypotheses, in any case, ends up with this burdens being exposed, revealed to the masses, and dissolved, driving us closer to the Planetary Liberation.

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Fortunates are Liberated

The Fortunates may be those who have the connection with the Higher Self, through which they are increasingly able to perceive the Energy of the Light and break the chains with the old, who, invain, tries to bring them back to the old paradigms.

Liberation from the burdens of the Planet together with the one of the Fortunate contributes to further catalyze Energy from the Center of the galaxy and shortening the time to the Event.

Presumptives Come to the Fore and Primaries are Installed

This sentence is difficult to interpret. The Presumptives may be referred to the conditions required for the Event, the fall of the veil, the removal of the Bombs, the putting into the corner of the Chimera and the Archons. These might be the ones that might be now coming to the fore.

The Primaries, on the other hand, they are difficult to interpret it. As the Pleiadians also say, the Secondaries become Primaries, probably they are the same Primaries.

We could try interpreting this part starting from the Secondary, those who, until now, were marginal within the Cabal managed society, those who were derided for their fantastic ideas, those who believed to be conspiracy theorists. If so, they are now playing a primary role, they are heard and no longer derided and are beginning to play an important role in this period of energy transmutation.

If you have any suggestions on this phrase, we will be happy to read your comments.

hu-beings become Hue-Beings

As mentioned in a previous post, hu-beings are all the inhabitants of the Earth’s surface, indistinctly. Finally, as we interpreted in that post, they gained the capitalization and therefore the surface population is finally evolving and moving, at least the majority, into 4D, they become Hue-Beings.

Hue-Beings are those who have activated their connection with the Higher Self, the I AM Presence and the Source, each at various levels of intensity and in a personal way. We are still at the initial stages of this reconnection process with our Divine Essence so everyone is in his own position on this path, even though we are all on the same heading.

This, according to some sources, may be the factor necessary for the definitive abandonment of the 3D reality, the end of dualism and all conflicts, bringing us all, together with the Planet, finally towards a 5D reality.

Gaia Portal

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