Gaia Portal Felicitations of Angelic Guides

Gaia Portal Felicitations of Angelic Guides

Gaia Portal Felicitations of Angelic Guides. Our translation and free interpretation with the collaboration of The Event Hub

Below is the new GaiaPortal message published on Wednesday June 26 2017, on the same day there was a spike in the amplitude of Schumann Resonance, which was possibly due to actions of the Light Forces.

Felicitations of Angelic Guides are Heard

You can listen and/or see the expressions of joy by the Galactic Forces, one of the possible ways might be the new crop circles in England and Switzerland.

Another interpretation could be the UFO sightings that are increasingly numerous and visible to anyone who is spending some time watching the night sky.

Spanners of Nova Gaia Constructors Complete the Process

The “Spanners of Nova Gaia Constructors” may refer to the Lightworkers who are building the Cintamani grid around the planet. They are tirelessly working to complete the grid to perfection.

Another interpretation might be that all the light beings mentioned by Pleiades 1 who have been called to use their peculiarities to build the New Gaia have reached a level of completeness sufficient to create a New Gaia.

Speculators are Dissolved

People who have attacked the Light Operators with their speculation or denigration are fading.

As quoted by Pleiades 1, the attack of the Lemurian Black Magicians was rejected thanks to the energy provided by the Lightworkers.

Half-Awakeds are Absolved

Connecting this sentence to the previous ones, it could mean that people who supported the attacks, unknowingly, were forgiven.

Another meaning might be that Celestial Spices, quoted by Pleiades 1 and offered to Anti-Love, are partially accepted by some of those who have a partial awareness and are therefore forgiven of their previous acts.

Gammas are Resolved

In the context of this message, namely the attacks on Lightworkers, the word “Gamma” could refer to direct energy weapons, so the whole sentence can be interpreted as the use of direct energy weapons against Lightworkers and Lighwarriors all over the world has been significantly reduced.

Gamma is also a magnetic flow measurement unit, equal to a Nanotesla, so the message may also refer to magnetic flux, or to the Magnetic Junction quoted by Pleiades 1.

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

GaiaPortal conveys messages regarding changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. The messages contained herein are to inform, assist, and alert those drawn to it, to energetic events transpiring moment to moment.

Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read.

The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

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