Forces Of Light Are Seen And Felt By All Humanity

Forces Of Light Are Seen And Felt By All Humanity

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal Forces Of Light Are Seen And Felt By All Humanity. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal January 4 2019 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

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Forces Of Light Are Seen And Felt By All Humanity

We could interpret this sentence considering that, although we are in a period of “silence”, we have the feeling that the Forces of Light are really close to the manifestation, probably it might be the Light Forces on the surface of the Planet. We are in the Dark to Light phase and there is no doubt that all of humanity is becoming aware of this, deniers includer.

Bestiaries Are Relinquished

Perhaps with this sentence we could hazard an interpretation of Bestiary and therefore of the whole sentence. The Bestiary, a treatise on the various animal species, both real and fabulous … including the Chimera.

Fluidics Are Joined

The term fluidics, or fluidic logic, is used for pneumatic devices without moving parts in which a fluid is used to perform both analog and digital operations. The Fluidics Are Joined could therefore be the interaction between these flows that implement a sort of unification movement.

The Masters Appear

We have previously interpreted Gaia Portal on the increased interaction between the Galactic Family and the Population of the Earth, this sentence is quite self explanatory and after the beginning of the contacts, it could now take another step forward with the appearance of the Masters to those with a adequately high vibrational frequency.

The Christ Within Is Known

We would like to interpret this phrase as the increased awareness, inner growth, stronger connection with the Light. All this makes us discover the true essence of the human being, the Christ Within, overcoming the Matrix and becoming a Creator, ONE.

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

GaiaPortal conveys messages regarding changes and progress in Mother Earth’s planetary energy phases. The messages contained herein are to inform, assist, and alert those drawn to it, to energetic events transpiring moment to moment.

Those drawn to this site will know instantaneously if it is theirs to read.

The authors of this site are Star Beings connected to the sacred land of Éire, and embody the original sacred feminine energy of that place.

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Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual. Death in the physical is birth in the spiritual.

Edgar Cayce

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