Final Thoughts Jared Rand

Final Thoughts Jared Rand

Final Thoughts Jared Rand. Source Free Conference Call.

This is the last part of the nearly 3 hrs. long call by Jared Rand making a kind of reacp. Enjoy 🙂

More About the RV

This is what is confusing the communities out there so much.

They keep thinking that the bad guys are being dealt with and they don’t have any spark left and blah blah blah and we got the good guys and they’ve put together this new monetary system and they’ve been doing it all in front of our faces and forming it, doing the whole nine yards and making little announcements here and there.

So we should have it, we should have this thing right now. What the heck’s the holdup, what’s going on?

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Well, here’s the confusion because you’ve got people talking about 1 RV and other people thinking it’s the rv, that’s the good RV and actually it’s the bad RV.

So you’ve got a an intermeshed and confusing information being spit out there, i should say receiver of information that then convey it as messengers to their groups of people and then everybody gets confused what the heck’s going on here.

Well, the bad guys RV, the only thing they can do right now is, their fiat system is collapsing.

They’ve got nowhere to turn. If you look throughout history on this planet at least the history you can really dig up, the real history, you find out that any fiat system that never lasted it always collapsed.

The fiat system is collapsing for these guys. Now they’re addicted to power and control, they will not give it up .i don’t care what anybody says, they’re not going to give it up.

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

So what happens is that they say okay, we got to do something, we got to do it fast and we need time to do it, so what they’ve been doing in the background, they’ve been engineering an RV revaluation of currencies, they’ve also been setting up a global currency reset across the planet.

Now is it a cash system? No it’s not, they don’t want a cash system they want to burn cash to the ground.

They don’t want anybody having control over anything, period.

So how are we going to do that, how the heck are we going to do that?

Well, we create a digital non-existent, non-tangible fiat currency and we call it a coin and we start it out slowly and allow people to develop it and open up their shops so the Bitcoin surfaces and you’ve got two inventors that started blah blah blah.

Understand, any monetary that is allowed to happen on this planet goes through the bad guys, used to go through the bad guys, i’ll put it that way, doesn’t anymore.

So the Bitcoin is then introduced very subtly, very slowly, gradualization again, and you don’t hear much about it, you hear it pop up here and there and then you hear it, you watch thing then it crashes and people lose a bunch of money and then somebody somehow hacks something and then it’s all gone and they’re all wiped out and you know, the codes are there to protect us.

That’s all garbage okay?

So that’s what the wallets, the wallets hold the codes so you got your wallet, you got the codes, you get a specific code, you have a specific signature, you’re only going to use one time all right?

You can’t use that signature for two, once you use it it’s expired, you got to do another signature. So all these fail-safes and everything designed by the bad guys to make the people think that banks don’t have control, no authorities have control, we can create our own safe currency.

Then the greed factor, you’ve got to put that in the recipe so we got to get people really really interested.

Well most of them are desperate anyway, we’ve shrunk their bank accounts, we’ve caused the economies to just go down the toilet and so they’re all desperate, they’ll all do anything, there at that point, so we can introduce something to them that they can comprehend and that they believe they’re going to get rich, or at least make enough money to support themselves.

They’ll forget about the cash, as long as they can do this and they feel they’re safe and protected, should they keep doing it, they keep developing it, they keep building it, keep building it all along while this stuff’s growing, they’re in the back creating their own coin system like a Bitcoin.

Then the government comes, in tells everybody that your coins are no longer valid but we will take them in on trade and you’ll get the same value. Our coins are fed coins, that’s their game plan that’s the rv, that is it right there, no longer need cash, it’s usable anywhere on the planet, you use your card and you’ve got your cryptocurrency cards.

Now if you look at things on how they’ve been setting it up this, the smartphone’s the swap, swinging them through the rfid chips, the computer retinal identification, it’s not retinal yet but its face identification, pretty soon they’ll come out with retinal identification.

So all it does is scan your face or does your retina and it pay automatically, subtracts the money you don’t have.

Think twice about it okay?

Now their game plan is to do this through technology so everybody gets lazy and they get used to it but you got to do it through gradualization, you got to have little pieces plugged in there so no one suspects anything.

They all feel safe, they feel secure, they’re willing to give up their privacy for security and safeness, which is actually their insecurities. Been created by the very beast, that’s trying to imprison them so, this goes on in the currency and the greed.

And everything starts, they bled out these stories, this guy became a multimillionaire overnight with cryptocurrency, you could do the same thing, we’re going to set up multi-level marketing with cryptocurrency, everybody’s going to get rich, everybody is going to be just absolutely set for life.

Then it gets on, you get a feeding frenzy and people start getting crazy and everything then it implodes and then they come in and save the day.

That’s their game plan watch how this is trying to unfold.

What they do is they sit out there and the people are saying, well, there’s an RV coming and we’re going to be well off and everybody is going to be happy and blah blah blah.

That’s the bad guys rv, is different, the bad guys RV is a cryptocurrency which is fiat money, that’s all it is, it has no intrinsic value at all.

So the good guys come out and they say look, we’re going to create our own system, we’re going to bypass the corrupt financial system that has kept the planet in a stranglehold forever.

War and Control

We’re tired of having our economies go bust, we’re tired of being broke all the time, we’re tired of being bullied by the us military, we’re going to do our own thing.

The countries on the planet got together, several years ago, they say now it’s time for us to put together our own financial system.

The western powers, dc, London, the Vatican they can go pound sand, we’re going to develop our own system, that’s free and fair for the human race, that’s what they’ve done, that’s what they’ve been doing.

Then of course they say all right, the American military, which has been used, except for the marines, mostly been used by the dark agenda, and basically used as the bullying police force of the planet, as should they go to Vietnam and they create a war, anybody knows history of Vietnam, Tonkin bay was a lie that created the war, that’s all there, if you look at that time frame and what happened there.

Then of course they knocked off Kennedy in 63,he wanted to have his own money printed, he wanted a sovereign nation, he wanted all the debt forgiven and so on and so forth, and so they killed him.

And we had a war, so we had to Vietnam war, they devalued the Vietnam currency to the point where it’s absolutely trash, just trash, so totally destroyed their value of currency for years and decades

vietnam is a very rich, very wealthy, as far as commodities and inground assets and everything on the planet, but their currency and worth diddly and has it been for years.

Imagine all the accumulated wealth that that currency has brought okay?

Same with the Iraqi dinar, they went in there created a war, killed 1.6 million Iraqi civilians, that’s what the military did ,that’s the truth, that’s not the figures they want the American people to know about, those are the real figures, over 7,000 American men and women dumped over into the ocean.

Over 7,000 American military personnel bodies were dumped in the ocean.

This is a stuff the American people don’t know about, for the most part.

So they create a war in Iraq, cover up their attacking the towers, blowing up the pentagon wing, which was the newest wing by the way, which was the white hats location for the new computer and overwriting system for the new monetary system in 2001.

The tower had a data processing center, the field out in Philip out in Pennsylvania had it data processing center underground, where that plane hit, blew it to smithereens.

They knew everything, where to hit, they knew every place, everywhere and inside, that put us back 16 years but this time we’re two steps ahead of them, not the other way around anymore.

So you at that from a clearer perspective and you see that you’ve got Iraq’s currencies totally devalued and trashed, the country has blown to smithereens, their infrastructures destroyed, they’ve got land areas where the us military used depleted uranium weaponry and radiated the ground out there, where it cannot be used for thousands of years, and this is all over iraq ,all over the place, people don’t know about that either.

So when you realize the damage that the dark agenda has done, which they don’t care, it doesn’t matter to them ,is their mainstay is to control us, enslave us, run everything, that’s it.

The human race is useless, they have to keep around to service them, that’s their attitude.

When you realize, and you see the pattern because the patterns has always been the same, the Philippines war, you know, all the wars have all been the same, created on a lie so that they could have an excuse to make more money and control more and gain more power and infiltrate every nook and cranny of society.

Anything they’ve touched they’ve corrupted.

We get over 50,000 dead soldiers during the Iraqi war, what did they say 3,800?

Twin Towers

Or think the twin towers, how many died oh 3,700? No, over 30,000 died and then had about another 40,000 on to that of people who died after its effects and all the debris and pollution that those buildings shot out. And the nuclear fallout that happened too, because they used cold fusion bombs on the lower levels of the footings of those buildings.

In 1993 they wanted to test the footings, this is how long they’ve been planning it, in 1993 they wanted to test the footings and that’s why, if you remember, in the news back in 93 there was smoke coming from one of the basements of the towers and someone had lit off charges to weaken the foundation. All this stuff to maintain control, it’s all this.

Taking our military, using it as a police force to bully countries into submission. If you don’t do this we’re going to attack you, that’s basically the bottom line.

Iraq had about six scud launchers. Old Russian issue scud launchers that was their arsenal, nuclear weaponry, that was it, he really didn’t have an army, no, crazy.

So what happened was this guerrilla warfare attacked our forces because the people started getting guns and said this is enough of this stuff, we’re being invaded, we got to stop these scoundrels.

Now it’s hit and run, incendiary devices, bombs on the side of the roads taken out a lot of our personnel, truck bombs, all kinds of stuff, ambushes convoys.

Blood Lines

You look at the history and you look at their pattern, it never changes, never change, is always the same.

When you lock yourselves together in a huddle, like the elite do, and you have incestual relations, because they want to keep everything in the family, so they’re all related, cousins get married the cousins, brothers and sisters marry each other, i mean it goes on and on and on but the fact of the matter is that they atrophy, they lose their mental capabilities because they become so watered down and they aren’t interacting, they stay secluded.

They don’t really interact with society, and that’s basically what’s happened to them and for that we’re having this war, this all-out war, world war three, that we’ve been having with them.

Chaos and Cryptocurrencies

And then their RV has been meshed with our RV to confuse people, and so people believe that when these shells that they put out there, that feed guru, is a bunch of bogus information, and so the guru’s will go out in good faith and try and give that information to people to come to their calls and then it just keeps redundantly failing and failing and failing and so that messenger get all the ridicule, because of the fact that they’re trying to give information that they believe their sources are legit, and nine times out of ten they’re not.

So what happens is that you get a hodgepodge of information and a lot of confusion.

It goes on with people and the confusion never stops, what’s going to happen on this day, it’s going to happen on that day, it’s going to happen on this day, and more and more people get more and more frustrated.

Now think about this, if you wanted to separate a unification of the people and you wanted to keep them separated, you have a new system that you’re trying to impress upon them, and you want to confuse them, and you want to keep them at each other’s throats, you want them to get angry and you want to get them upset, how do you do that, how do we do that?

Well you just go out there and keep feeding them information that’s bogus and it keeps frustrating them, get some more and more pissed off and angry and then you introduce a cryptocurrency system that more and more of them start gravitating toward and they sell off the currency and they go into cryptocurrency.

That’s a strategy, i didn’t make that up, that’s a strategy and if you studied them as long as i have, that’s what they do.

You have to know your enemy, you cannot ignore them.

Some of the most brilliant strategists have won wars and battles is because of the fact that they learned their enemy’s actions, that’s what they do, that’s what you do, you learn your enemy.

If you know your enemy you know what to do, you know how to combat them.

You look at the fact and say okay, so what’s real and what’s not?

The cryptocurrency is real, that’s their rv, so everybody on this call now knows that, if you didn’t before, and you also know their game plan.

Benevolent loving and wonderful, and it’s all going to save you, and it’s going to help you and you’re all going to be well off and everything’s going to be fine.

So get into it because it is the future, i’m sure you’ve all heard that, it’s the future, it’s going to be the future, no matter what you like, that’s the way it’s going to be, that’s that dictatorial tone coming in again from the source, the source is the dark agenda, and they want everybody to believe that this, is the future.

They’ve even had people staged that claim they’ve travelled back in time from the future, that have claimed that well, cryptocurrency Bitcoin is going to be the future of currency.

Whether you like it or not now that statement right there, whether you like it or not ok? That statement right there it’s a dead giveaway.

You’re the slaves and you’re going to do what we tell you to do.

US Dollar and Gold

Now you haven’t heard the gold standard, you have not heard that because… Let me put it this way… I’ll just share this.

They don’t have a lot of gold, no one will sell it to them, because all they got is fiat currency, that’s it.

Federal reserve is broke, they’ve got fiat currency, they got nothing, the rest of the world is moving away from the fiat currency, they’re going to the gold standard, that’s done, that’s done deal.

So America is sitting here, the American people are sitting here unbeknownst to them that their money is quickly becoming worthless, but in the country it’s not, in America it’s not, still buys everything, still buys food and gas and all that stuff, but the fact, the matter is that the American fiat dollar is dead.

It’s dying across the planet, more and more countries are dumping it, but they’re keeping the media silent, they are talking about at all, because that media is controlled by the dark agenda.


I tell people to get away from the tv set, if you want to watch some tv watch the movies, or go on youtube and look at youtube videos, or whatever to entertain yourself or listen to music, because the vibrational frequency comes from television is a brainwashing, it’s a wave that they’ve been brainwashing the human race for years and years and years.

Television was created to do that back in the 50s. Actually late 40s and then the Americans gave it to the Japanese to manufacture to their heart’s content.

So it’s American technology given to the Japanese.

Two Opposing Forces

The fact, the matter is, that what we have is a situation where you’ve got two opposing forces, one fine, one, finally, thank god that we we have a benevolent force that has put together a new system, period.

The difference between the two rvs is the new RV on the bad side is the same is what they have now except, they’ve taken away all cash, all currency, all assets, period.

They call it the global currency reset and they call it the revaluation of currencies but it really isn’t, it’s the revaluation from cash to crypto so that they can control the entire planet and whatever you do you can have 800 billion dollars in your account wake up the next day and have it all gone.

The Nazis

If you have a vile infection that infiltrates every part of the body, like cancer, it seeps into everything and if you’ve had thousands of years to do that and perfect that how many areas do you think are infected?

Everybody’s eyes are on dc, look at all the nuts stuff going on there, in fact dc is an illegal entity operating on the soil of America, second in shows London, there are separate states operating illegally on the soil of foreign countries.

When you have this infection, you’ve got to eliminate it completely, you can’t leave any behind or it’ll grow back.

When they purge the dark agenda many, many, many centuries ago some of them got away and hid, they made this mistake again with the Nazis, because some of the key leaders of the Nazi group defected to Argentina then came the united states.

They started infiltrating the government in every area, every angle as science. Russia got half of their scientists, we got half of their scientists after the so-called world war two was done and they so-called surrendered, a lot of people know this.

Admiral Byrd got his ass kicked when he went there and because of high technology weaponry that they had developed, that is what the ETs and the off-worlders gave them, gave the Nazis this high advanced technology and that’s why they had jets.

Then they had the foo foo fighters, which were flying saucers, so when you look at all this and you look at the process, and then the Nazis invaded that the democratic, whether people like it or not, the democratic group is the Nazi group, it’s the Nazi socialist party, they came in, they infiltrated the American government, they infiltrated the congress, the senate, they bribed and threatened into submission all of the congressmen and senators that were loyal to the states and to the American people, they infected it all and it’s been infected for decades.

They have been literally trying to turn America into a socialist run state, not a country but a socialist run state, they’ve utilized and manipulated our militaries to do all the dirty work for them and be the police and the bully of the planet, that’s it.

London is the administrative wing, dc is the military wing and the Vatican is the boss wing, head of it all, that’s why 67 percent of all of American taxpayers money, 67 percent, goes over and pays the British crown.

None of the money that’s ever paid by American taxpayers ever stays in this country, never has, it’s a big scam on the American people, has been from day one, period.

Every single American has a 1 million dollar death addendum that’s been taken out for every American.

So when an American dies, that’s why they have their certified birth record, which is also traded on the private markets, over and over again making billions of dollars for the dark agenda, and all of this stuff is happening without the American people’s knowledge.

It’s been going on for ages, period.

The medical industry has been infiltrated, corrupted, the banking industry is totally corrupted, the insurance industry is totally corrupted, insurance industries where the biggest Ponzi schemes ever invented, scare the crap out of the American people.

And here’s another thing, you don’t think about this, but they force you to pay for the right to drive your car, you have to pay for it, they force you, they title it under their state, not you, it’s not titled under you, it’s titled under your state and you have to pay for that car as long as you want to drive it, even after you’ve paid the inflated overcharge fee of purchasing it they take the same loan they gave you and they sell that loan another nine times, they’re toxic derivatives, are so off the charts, it’s unreal, that’s why Basel 3 is in force forcing these banks to go belly-up.

Because once they are belly-up they’ll all go out of business, and that’s what they’re avoiding, that’s what the agenda is avoiding.

You’re trying, the good forces are trying to transition the planet so we don’t have an upheaval, that’s what’s going on.

No helter skelter, those last-minute decisions, is frustrating for people as irritated as people get.

I think the most part is that the gurus are there, their hearts hopefully on the right place, most of the time, they’re trying to inform the public, they are involved with this transition… This is what i know right now, this is what should be happening and if it doesn’t don’t get angry with me .

So people get this hope up, and they get the faith, the faith here is that this is happening.

It’s not going to happen, it’s happening, it just doesn’t happen the way you want?

If you look at your life experiences they never happen the way you want them to, they never really do.

This is happening the way it’s been engineered, finitely engineered to take place.

More and more you’re hearing China talk about the gold back beyond, and their currency, and more and more countries are getting paid in the yuan and they’re not sitting there talking about American dollars.

The dark agenda says… Well we want to buy gold, you’re not going to buy gold with a petrodollar, you’ve got to have some kind of gold back currency in order to buy gold.

…Well our federal dollars are gold back.

That’s horse pucky, you can’t gold back a fiat currency. That’s why it means it’s fiat. Means it’s made out of thin air just like the cryptocurrency made out of thin air.

Anybody who believe that stuff has any value is crazy, and i’ll tell you something else, gold is so overrated, it’s unreal, so silver, in fact the matter is there’s so much of the stuff that they’ve got it packed away in the underground caverns that are so massive and blow your mind.


Billions upon billions of tons of gold, it’s just crazy, it’s just absolutely mind-boggling.

People always asked me well, how are we going to pay for all this? It’s already paid for.

This wouldn’t have been implemented unless it had been paid for. Remember, this is a benevolent rule of the planet, this is not the dark agenda rule and the intense purpose here is to make everybody well-off.

Prosperity and Meritocracy

Then you hear all of these shills talking about the fact that, oh well, then no one’s going to work and we’re going to have all this going on, everybody is going to be lazy and no one’s going to want to do anything.

That’s a bunch of horse pucky too, we will eventually move into a meritocracy, meritocracy is based upon people’s merit, their efforts, they don’t get paid for it because they don’t need the money.

Money will not be something that you have to work to earn a living. That’s a slave mentality, when you you know people say… We got to earn a living, well we may, i have to earn a living, i should be able to come to earth and live freely there and live happily that’s what god gave us.

This is an eden, this planets in eden, we came here to enjoy it, to enjoy yeah, you’re still going to learn, you’re still going to have life experiences, doesn’t matter you take away disease, you take away the poverty, you’re still going to have challenges, you’re still going to have things that you’ll be faced with.

You’ll be helping other people on merit.

This Mrs. Johnson down the street needs help i’m going to go help her today.

I know a guy that’s great with his hands he can make anything with, I want some handmade, I don’t want to replicate it so I’m going to go to Bill Johnson, bill Johnson is going to make me an easy chair that I’ll probably never want to get out of.

Stuff like that, we are creators, we cannot be sedentary forever, we’re creative, so what’s the motivation? Motivation is going to be helping others.

Building things, doing things, growing things, because we want to, because we get enjoyment out of it, playing a guitar, because we enjoy it, you know traveling the countryside in a recreational vehicle, because we’ve always wanted to do it, swimming with the dolphins in the ocean because we’ve always wanted to do it, dreams that we never could imagine happening, we’ll be able to do things that we thought we could never do, or is time to spend with our families that we were so stressed out, we were so trying to make it through life and we were always getting banged on and knocked on and ridiculed, we never were able to enjoy our lives.

If you can’t find happiness outside of you is because it’s inside you, once you’re happy with yourself then you can really do a lot of miraculous things.

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