Final Point and Conscious Return - Constant Companions

Final Point and Conscious Return – Constant Companions

Final Point and Conscious Return – Constant Companions – New Series / Message 3. March 2019. By Gabriel RL.

HELLO, ATLANTIS! We are the Constant Companions! (Some also call us CCs.)

We come back with another message from our new entrusted series to be broadcast by this young man we admire, as we do of all of you.

We appreciate this love tuning for this day. In our last message we talked about Egypt and its important heritage in that region.

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Today we do not want to talk about a specific place on Earth, but about your plans before the Earth.

You know that many of you before your experience on Earth had never incarnated in such a density and even imagined what such an experience would be like.

You, at the top of the Enlightened Realms of this universe and others beyond this, have attained such a high levels of consciousness and power that you are seen as the beings most capable of this experience to enter the denser layers of this universe.

A whole self-consciousness, a whole power muffled by the weight of entering the deepest and darkest abyss disconnecting from the Original, we know it was painful, and still is for many, but you were/are, in fact, the most able to do it.

Constant Companions

Constant Companions

Final Point and Conscious Return

DNit Telegram Channel

You, for many, are called renovators, guardians of purposes, those who have received a plan in their hands, a protocol, and you have been given immense trust, and should not be confused with a burden. Quite the opposite.

You have been assigned a goal, a finish line, an idea, an objective. You for some special reason, have been chosen for this task.

Constant Companions Protocols


Final Point and Conscious Return

The challenge of being in a denser reality reaches its peak, and you will not go any further, you will not go deeper in that density because you have already reached it and you do not have to fear that “it can still get worse” because it is no longer possible.

From here you just go up, come back, take back your conscience! Do you see that this is what has happened?

Yes, even if it does not seem so, even though everything seems the same, it is not. We guarantee you it is not.

This truth is a ONE truth. And in this ONE truth, we ask you to look at yourself… Look at the greatness of who you really are. You are the main pieces of the puzzle. The pieces that when they fit awaken the greatness in you. Believe us!

Throughout this process, you are faced with many other souls who may not have the same certainties that you have today, you encounter souls who may not trust what you trust today and do not believe what you believe today.

But, as we have also said through other sources of information, you have not come to dictate the rules, to be the owners of the truth.

You came to be the lights that always were, to regain consciousness, that of before the dive, and you, impressively, have reached the deepest and here you are, remembering, even in small flashes, who you are.

You, who are reading this message, you have come to enlighten yourself.

Despite the old fear of “being alone”, the result of the original disconnect from the Original that sometimes haunts you, you need to know.

You were never alone, and you already “got there!” There is no way to return to total oblivion! It’s impossible!

Some of you, in these times of old fears, believe that to be important and recognized you need to be on a stage and applauded standing by a crowd of people.

To be important and recognized, their names must be spread in the city’s, in the news programs, in the cinema or in any other media where their human image is seen and appreciated.

When you believe it needs to be this way, you again find a deep pain of disconnection.

This pain tends to be even more intense, because you have already realized the consciousness of who you are, or at least a fragment of it, that is already a great thing.

This pain you feel in these times of low self-esteem is a pain still common in many of you, but know: they are only reflections of forgetfulness. Reflexes, only reflexes.

This intense pain of “abandonment and not deserving” has been programmed and empowered by yourselves so that you do not remain in it for long, forcing an immediate or as soon as possible exit from that state, because nobody wants to be suffering!

And even more, once out you will have realized a further step into consciousness, or a fragment of it.

Then we lovingly smile, without debauchery, but we smile when we see you somehow feeling incapable, inefficient, unproductive, without “function”… Oh! We know… 🙂

Universal Love

Universal Love

Final Point and Conscious Return

We smile and think, “How? How do you still feel that way in front of everything you have done and your luminous presence on Earth?”

No, dear ones, you do not have the slightest… zero, zero “right” to feel this way, when your simple presence on Earth is already a transformation, work and efficiency!

You incarnated, descended into the deepest… in the deepest! You have been enlightened and in this enlightenment, as a consequence, rescued your own consciousness and that of others.

For this, dear ones who are reading now, you just need to be you! This is it!

In addition, tasks are addendum, annexes to the primary grandeur you already are! Do you understand that? Oh! For the Original Love, understand this!

Being who you are = Love. Love is the greatest force in the Universe = Enlightenment, development, creation, creativity, efficiency, purpose, determination, strength, etc., etc., etc … Understand?

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Final Point and Conscious Return

Do not fear the ruins wherever you go, as they will rebuild themselves with your passages!

Do not fear the darkness wherever you go, as it will be illuminated with your presence!

Do not fear disease, as you are the cure for the Love you are!

Do not fear the beings plunged in the shadows that try to torment you, as they will return HOME for the luminous portal that you are!

Do not fear “no applause” in this reality, as your own Higher Self is standing there applauding you.

Do not fear the idea of ​​inefficiency, because, as we said, you already are and by itself, this is already an efficiency!

Do not fear the lack of Love, as you yourselves already are, in its maximum expression!

Do not be afraid to be alone, because you are already in the best company: yourselves!

Do not be afraid not to be enlightened, as this is impossible; you are already this Light!

Do not fear, then, the non-consciousness, because you are Gods and are already aware, even in times of unconsciousness, because unconsciousness is also part of consciousness!

Oh! We could talk for hours and hours without end about you!

We hope you will welcome our message today that we would like to give the title “FINAL POINT AND CONSCIOUS RETURN”.

We also hope that you have received from it all our best intentions, dear ones, as we have placed our hearts on every message that we have delivered to you.

Your origin, your importance in this project goes beyond your current understanding and one day, not far away, you will understand why we insist so much on giving you certain messages.

You are more than you ever imagined you would be. You are more important than ever. You will see this… We guarantee!

And when that full consciousness comes, you will plunge into such a deep simplicity that you will merge with the Universe in this same simplicity, even if apparently complex.

We leave our signature of Light so that it is based on your signature of Light!

This is our message for today!

We are neither superior nor inferior. We are just your Constant Companions!

Gabriel RL


Final Point and Conscious Return – Constant Companions

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