Earth/Gaia Surging With Creative Energy!

Earth/Gaia Surging With Creative Energy!

Earth/Gaia Surging With Creative Energy! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

On Thursday, April 23, 2020, our dear Earth/Gaia has registered a “Power 138” with a total ECC (“Energy of Consciousness Currents“) being “201”!

These high spikes in amplitude and in human collective mental electrical frequencies and magnetic emotional frequencies have arrived on the heels of Earth/Gaia experiencing the after affects of several coronal mass ejections (CMEs/plasma waves in the past week which were, as earlier discussed, both cleansing and regenerating via the surges of SOURCE LIGHT.

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Realize that these CMEs will continue as potent SOURCE LIGHT surges.

Interestingly, when the basic Vibrational Frequency (commonly still known as “Schumann Resonance” by many) is below its usual anciently-known 7.83 level, the amplitude depth tends to initially elevate then lower, then elevate very highly.

For example, the Vibrational Frequency may register on a certain day as being 7.24 (below the “normal” 7.83), and the amplitude may be only 19.

Earth/Gaia Surging - Source/Light


Earth/Gaia Surging

At these lower levels, many people report intense exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, and many other activations/symptoms of a process that is re-wiring the nervous system and transforming DNA.

However, a day or so later, the Vibrational Frequency may be 7.56 (still below the “normal” 7.83), but the amplitude may be over 100!

At these higher amplitude times, many people report having better energy, having clearer thoughts, and being creative.

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Earth/Gaia Surging - Coronal Mass Ejection

Coronal Mass Ejection

Earth/Gaia Surging

There may still be some lingering fatigue, aches and pains, and other activations/symptoms. However, in general, many people can seemingly engage in various projects more easily.

The activations/symptoms will, of course, vary individually, and when the Moon of our galaxy is waxing, there is a tendency to have more energy as well.

The waning period of a Moon pulls at our energy, and we tend to have less of it. Also, certain planetary alignments activate symptoms too.

There is no good or bad relative to how anyone experiences his or her re-birthing process. Just like Mothers-to-be will all have some similar symptoms of the gestation process that will eventually bring a new baby into the world, each woman will also have some symptoms that are unique to her.

The symptoms will be based on certain thoughts, emotions, hormonal settings, etc. In like manner, Earth/Gaia, our planetary “Mother”, is gestating with new life as “She” receives healing and empowering SOURCE LIGHT and continues to cleanse disharmony from “Her” nervous system and from the very depths of “Her” inner being–“Her” cells, “Her” DNA, and “Her” atoms and subatomic particles–all a part of “Her” magnetic or inner field.

Yet, the geomagnetic or outer field is also surging with energetic vibrancy.

When we are spiritually-attuned to the “Divine Symphony”, we receive inspiration and encouragement as we travel up with Earth/Gaia into the higher realms where the Great Central Sun resides and where we journey thru the 2000-year trip of the first of twelve vortices of the Photon Belt.

The entire trip thru all twelve vortices will take 24,000 years. Yes, we WILL EXPERIENCE THESE FUTURE TIME LINES.

Why? Because the Spirit (Life Force) and Soul (Higher Self) are immortal.

As our telomeres at the ends of our chromosomes lengthen, even our physical vessels have the potential to achieve immortality.

Remember, we are COSMIC BEINGS. We traverse the stars, and we are comprised of the elements of the stars.

We are not participating in a science fiction movie. We are experiencing reality.

As Consciousness awakens and connects with Super-Consciousness, we are tuned-up and take our seats on the stage of the multi-versal auditorium. The curtains open.

We are among a vast audience of planets, galaxies, and universes.

The music begins as SOURCE, the Conductor, directs us.

We play beautiful music from our crystalline energetics, and are celebrated by the Avatars, Sages, Prophets, Saints, Ascended Masters, and Angels who have awaited our entrance into the greater LIGHT!

We must continue to do our “homework”, however, in order to make all of this a reality.

We are still being taught; and thus, we still must understand the lessons of this “Now” time line.

The “lectures” are becoming deeper and require our being more studious.

Earth/Gaia Surging - Avatars, Sages, Prophets, Saints, Ascended Masters

Avatars, Sages, Prophets, Saints, Ascended Masters

Earth/Gaia Surging

One of the world’s scriptures advises: “Study to show thyself approved.”

Another one says: “Those who preserve the dharma, are protected by the dharma.” (The word “dharma” translates as “path” or “way” and refers to the sacred knowledge of SOURCE as revealed to creation).

Listen to the music of the spheres and of the various dimensions that are becoming more evident.

The tones are in your right and left ear. They at times may be a twinkling sound, at times a ringing, at times a boom.

Listen and meditate. Receive the surges of creativity along with Earth/Gaia.

The music of the dimensions sends messages. Are you ready to have the “notes” transcribed?

High Solar Winds And Flares Send Spiritual Messages

High Solar Winds And Flares Send Spiritual Messages

As August of 2020 begins, and as the “Lion’s Gate Portal” is streaming its LIGHT from the star “Sirius”, and as we still experience the energy of three eclipses, solar winds are soaring into Earth/Gaia’s various spheres (stratosphere, atmosphere, etc.) which are causing deep-core vibrational pulses and amplitudes.

Solar Prominence Erupts Sending Increased Rays To Earth/Gaia

Solar Prominence Erupts Sending Increased Rays To Earth/Gaia

The LIGHT that we are receiving is VERY POTENT, and as we continue to shed our carbon-based systems and become crystalline, therefore elevating to super-conscious levels, this LIGHT comes into us like a powerful laser beam. It is Divinely orchestrated by SOURCE, but we must connect to it by being less externally focused and more internally oriented. We must, thus, become at this time more “YIn” than “Yang” as these feminine and masculine energies become more balanced over time. Respect the Cosmic Holy Book.

How To Gage The Frequency And Amplitude Experiences

How To Gage The Frequency And Amplitude Experiences

Many people around the world are experiencing major fatigue and total exhaustion as well as other challenging symptoms of the incredible shift of the ages–the re-birth– that is being made by Earth/Gaia, and which we, as creation upon “Her”, are making too. Hopefully, this article will assist in this and add to what I have already endeavored to explain in previous articles.

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