Dreams Portal of Communication

Dreams Portal of Communication

Dreams Portal of Communication. By Teri Wade.

If more people would pay more attention they would realize that they are being communicated with continuously throughout their day.

Remember, death is not the end. When we die we transform into another form, a form that is not visible to the naked eye.

This is the very reason your guide can be 3 inches from your face and you won’t see them. They are in a form that our human mind cannot articulate yet.

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Dreams Portal of Communication - Dream Expansion of Consciousness

Dream Expansion of Consciousness

Dreams Portal of Communication

But, there are many ways your guide is trying to get your attention.

Flickering lights, smells, the instant change of temperature in your home, repeating numbers, songs, hearing your name abruptly being called out, seeing a shadow out of the corner of your eye, visions, symbols etc.

When these things happen you are put in somewhat of an intuitive state, it’s like we sense why this is happening and this is all by design by your guides.

Meaning, this is happening because your guides that are making this communication happen are also sending you energy to alter your thoughts, to make you aware, to make you pay attention!

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Basically, they are sending you a frequency that affects your thoughts.

One of the most common ways your guides contact and communicate with you is through your dreams in the dream state, sleep state. Our subconscious mind becomes more dominant.

Dreams Portal of Communication - Quantum Consciousness Soul Awareness Dreams

Quantum Consciousness Soul Awareness Dreams

Dreams Portal of Communication

This is because it’s one of the best times of your subconscious mind to communicate with your conscious mind.

Since the subconscious mind is alert it is capable of accepting any form of communication coming thru.

It’s a portal for communication to filter through from these higher realms.

This is where the higher vibrational beings exist.

This is why they communicate to you through your dream state, your sleep state.

Also, there are negative beings lurking around and those are your nightmares. It is a very, very busy place!

A big reason your guides are trying to communicate with you is to convey information and also warn you of certain things they want you to be aware of.

What’s happening in your dream state, your sleep state is a bridging of two different realms so always analyze your dreams.

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