Aggiornamento Situazione DNI

DNI Situation Update

May 22

Well, I must update the update at this point.
Your response has been incredible with plenty of messages, and comments, and donations.
This has been a massive injection of energy beyond my expectation and is actually pushing me to do not give up.
It’s a very hard time I’m going through now, hopefully I’ll be able to overcome it and get back where I’m supposed to be.
It might be an attack of some sort, dunno, we shall see… I will keep going than, for what I can do.


It would seem that the timeline on which we are traveling here at DNi is slowly changing, the effort to publish articles, translate and keep the site at a higher level of information is becoming very demanding.

The “staff” is reduced to the absolute minimum and the survival is at risk, with only one person who publishes and does much of the work it would require that DNI produce sufficient financial energy to guarantee a subsistence but this does not happen. What comes in covers the expenses, fortunately, but the net is very little.

Now that the last person is pushed to find another source of subsistence, called work, which will absorb much of the time, the jump on a different timeline is materializing.

It’s an evolving situation and therefore nothing is certain, but it could happen that DNI will cease to exist because it can not remain online without publishing anything. However, we will notify a few days in advance, it will not be overnight.

It’s a pity but this is the situation as for today.

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 🙂

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 🙂

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