Deep State Strikes in Italy

Deep State Strikes in Italy

Deep State Strikes in Italy. By Zero.

Since we are DNI, and I = Italy, we would like to express our opinion on the desperate attack of the Cabal that is being put in place in Italy to the #TheGreatAwakening movement.

As many people know Italy is the home of the P2 Freemasons, whom, even if they no longer reach the top news as they are the unchallenged masters of the chronicles themselves, are still there as always have been, the controllers of the Nation and the Vatican and, with interposed “holiness“, of the mind of half the world.

Within this freemasonry in a general sense we can make a distinction: the deviated masonry, the one of Licio Gelli and Gladio to better understand, and some other Masons that for greater understanding we would call the White Hats.

The fight between these two parts is enormous, clearly the “bad guys” are in despair and are putting in place, as everywhere on the Planet, the last things they have available, very little in reality…

In Italy they put in place a fair number of puppets, or clowns to put as QAnon does, to try to drag as many people as possible down, once again, into mental control and disinformation.

Some of these clowns, which are highly propagandized by the mainstream media, all indiscriminately in the hands of the deviated Freemasonry, are not even clowns of the first order, they are beings without a soul that will simply disappear at the time of the Event.

Freemasons Symbol

Freemasons Symbol

Deep State Strikes in Italy

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The Black Sun

The Black Sun

Deep State Strikes in Italy

The cancellation of the result of the elections carried out by the clown on duty, placed there following the order of the diverted Freemasonry by the those that were in turn (it makes no difference who they would be, they are all soulless beings) does nothing but show to more and more of people how tenacious is the grip of Cabal on the freewill of the population.

This evidence is a positive fact, Liberation is a long but inexorable process, it seems that all this had, for now, only this purpose.

The fact that the rating agencies and the various banks, owned by the Rothschilds, have been able to subvert the will of the people by canceling the vote and establishing a puppet government commanded by the Deep State clowns makes us realize how desperate they are now.

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This analysis, however, makes us think on the fact that the powers, good and bad, difficultly act without a very careful planning, no one believes in coincidences and that things happen by chance so all we are seeing now is nothing but a plan, studied in minimal details by the White Hats, to ensure that the Cabal and its soulless servants deliberately will put themselves into a no through road. The plan is working in big style!

According to our point of view, those we see now on the scene who are working for the change and for the awakening, both Italian and Planetary, are not those who will guide us to the New Earth, they are the ones who, in this context, have been chosen to fulfill their soul contract; when the situation will change there will be others, other people, who will come up the scene to lead us to the New Earth.

Finally, given the terror of the Cabal for the development of this movement of change growing in Italy we would like to reiterate what we have said few other times.

The Season of Sacrifice

The Season of Sacrifice

Deep State Strikes in Italy

Italy is one of the “worst” places in the world, people are kept dazed and drugged in a way that has no equal on the planet, this is no coincidence, if the Italian population wake up in mass could actually start the liberation of the whole Planet Earth.

In our opinion this is what Casaleggio’s mission was, to start this Great Awakening in Italy. When his mission ended he disembodied.

Last but not least, in Italy there are still way too many people, generally elderly but also many young people, who are tenaciously anchored to their old belief systems.

Unfortunately, the more they hang the more their free choice will be nefarious for them, the sudden collapse of their systems of beliefs, in their entirety, will bring them in nothing but a state of total panic and for many of these, with a heart no longer operating perfectly, towards a heart attack and physical death.

Try to help your loved ones!!

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