Natural Law Death Culture

Death Culture

Natural Law Part 2

Death Culture. Natural Law Part 2 . By Teri Wade.

In this current 3-D timeline and over the last hundred years or so the human race has been socially engineered through technical mind control using violent entertainment and predictive programming via the media promoting this Death Culture.

Social engineering is a form of mind control that seeks to manipulate people away from their own right to privacy by the way they access information.

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They want to control what it means to be knowledgeable and self informed.

So this fabricated social structure can control the human mind with misinformation to control their behaviors.

This Death culture purely promotes physical sensations, materialistic pursuits and financially rewards organizations and media who promotes the programming that feeds this Death culture.

They have programmed and promotes the human species to take no moral responsibility, accountability or ethical consideration that would directly bring us to a more peaceful existence.

Instead this Death culture pushed by the main stream media promotes human suffering, pain and trauma therefore spreading the destructive lifestyles that lead to killing, disease and slavery.

Death Culture


Death Culture

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If humanity doesn’t realize what this incredibly sinister agenda has done and is doing we will never heal ourselves or the planet.

This is what Disclosure is all about!

Disclosure and this human Awakening will rock your world and you will never be the same again but it’s necessary… It’s Time!

This Death culture is an anti-life society driven by the rejection of all things Spiritual.

Anti-life societies refuse to acknowledge the sentient purpose of souls.

Their ultimate goal is to pull you further away from Source (God).

If humans can’t perceive sentience in all living things the human mind justifies reckless harm and killings for business, sport and personal pleasure.

Death Culture


Death Culture

This anti-life society is founded upon having no value or purpose for life thus having no remorse for sentient beings.

The more emotionally traumatized, weakened and mind controlled people are the easier they are lead into committing murder and carrying out this sinister alien agenda.

They have zero empathy for the human body and animals for that matter… they are disposable to them.

This Death culture is used to promote the destructive lifestyles of Archonic deception strategies in order to permanently damage the heart, soul and brain into dissociation.

Again, like I’ve said many times this Reptilian Archonic agenda is trying it’s best to terraform Earth to suit it’s life style, not the human species.

They could care less!

Disassociative behaviors eliminate all traces of human empathy and eliminate all accountability.

This is a major reason that religion was designed promoting the agenda of worship.

I’ve seen this in heavily religious people.

Meaning, they leave all responsibility and accountability to an outside source.

What they are not realizing is that outside source is their very own oppressor. Very Dangerous!

When people are mind controlled to believe that this is the only life there is and that there is no purpose and no higher intelligent consciousness energy that transforms in a higher plane of existence beyond death of the physical body many will remain to exist in that internal black void.

It is the goal of these Satanists to purposely generate this dead end thought process in order to keep humanity in never ending consciousness slavery.

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