Conflict Usa Iran | Australia | Diplomatic Actions

Conflict Usa Iran | Australia | Diplomatic Actions

Pleiadian Message

Conflict Usa Iran | Australia | Diplomatic Actions. By Gabriel RL.

Pleiadians report that certain elevated operations are taking place and that the attempt to unleash a Third World War is in vain.

High Forces of Light operations behind the scenes have organized some fronts to counteract the final cards of the old systems.

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High Forces of Light operations behind the scenes have organized some fronts to counteract the final cards of the old systems.

Nothing they can do can trigger this global conflict, as there are many more peace-supporting nations than the other way around.

The peoples of Earth are aware that wars go nowhere, and they, the Pleiadians, know this very well, as they have experienced many wars in their history.

They report that they are actively working with diplomats in the Physical Plan, delivering certain specific instructions and instructing the involved parties, “forcing” retreats and presenting serious protocols, that, if not complied with, will give the Galactic Federation the trigger for legal actions.

Conflict Usa Iran - WWI


Conflict Usa Iran | Australia | Diplomatic Actions

DNit Telegram Channel

The Federation has “carte blanche” in certain neutralization operations, no matter how many missiles are aimed one way or another, global chaos will not be allowed.

Certainly, many wonder why such bombing actions still occur, and they, the Pleiadians, rush to say that Earth’s humanity and especially the frontline Lightworkers, need to know that an old energy of galactic wars was transferred to the planet’s surface thousands of years ago and certainly chaos still occurs as result of this completion and healing.

The Pleiadians say they are here to support the rise and intervene when the situation is over the edge, as now, and they will come in full force.

Conflict Usa Iran - Australia 2020

Australia 2020

Conflict Usa Iran | Australia | Diplomatic Actions

The Pleiadians call for calm, especially from the Lightworkers and Warriors, and to hold on to the energy of Peace and Trust.

The leaders involved are constantly being notified and every country in the world also has their Pleiadian Letters and Instructions not to operate in a way that makes matters worse.

They say the conflict is even greater behind the scenes, and what Earth’s humanity sees on the surface is the “burst” of extremely concentrated negative energy.

They also say that the situation in Australia is also under their supervision, and that they are working to soften and balance the forces there.

All who hear or read this message are asked to help with their visualizations of PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY, and to avoid unnecessary discussion if the end is not healing, elevation, and diplomatic understanding.

They say that, for now, it is as much as they can say, as there is so much activity in the air on the Physical, Plasmic, and Galactic Plane, and at the same time is a great healing moment for all humanity on Earth.

And these conflicts, while difficult for those most directly involved, are also a sign that humanity no longer wants war; when these bombings occur, the cry for global peace is heard beyond the din.

Many souls involved in these bombings who are physically and spiritually wounded are also leading the way and have chosen to be there to somehow also be resistance and flag of peace.

Finally, they ask not to fear, as much as things seem out of control they are actually under control, while the Light illuminates the dark caves more intensely and purges the old energy for healing.

Peace will come! No, it is already here!

They say that soon, the already announced Platinum Fleet could bring more behind-the-scenes information, also about the recent plane crash in Teheran that a day earlier P1 (Pleiades 1) announced in its notes: “Birds fall in quantic equilibrium”.

For Truth, Nothing But Truth, In Love and Blessings,

Neva (Gabriel RL)

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