Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy

Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy

Platinum Fleet – April 2017

Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy – Platinum Fleet. ByGabriel RL.

reetings, Comrades! We have some information and joy here!

Comrades, it’s a good time to talk about limiting beliefs! Oh! How, for so long, did you allow “certain things” to root in you, Comrades ?!

As we have announced, a number of measures are being taken to put everything that you need to know in front of you.

One of them is to explain in detail how the bumbling sappers have induced you to beliefs and blockades of all forms. For some, it will be shocking and there will be many “Oh, no!

Yes, Comrades! One of the most limiting beliefs in your reigns is about energy called “money“.

Comrades, honoring this energy does not mean that you have to be dependent on it, or you are being less spiritual. Likewise, not honoring does not mean that you are better or more spiritualized.

The bumblers have, by the way, put in a good plan to keep you trapped for so long through a Babylonian system of slavery.

They created the paper called “money” as a means to manipulate your energy of prosperity.

They created it so that they could get you to throw all your energy into it, and since they had the control of it, they had that same control over you as well.

Yes, the papers were created by them, as a means of pilfering your abundant energy and making you believe that you would only be plentiful if you had plenty of papers (money) in your hands.

Take down the Money Block

Take down the Money Block

Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy

They have forced many of you to run wildly chasing this “role” as a security measure for themselves to remain in power and control.

So, they drained your energies dramatically, as you believed that being plentiful was having your bag crammed of paper. When you were not able to get it, you were frustrated, giving the cheaters greater power and more control, and you remained on the “hamster wheel“.

It so happens that when you realize that your abundance does not depend on paper, you simply “took off”! And when you take off, they lose control over you.

From this, you simply take control of the paper, not the paper over you.

Thus, your account is full of notes controlled by you, not you controlled by the notes.

That way, you truly are having a thriving and genuine experience in this realm, when it is your energy that controls materiality, not materiality controlling your life.

Programming of Slavery

Programming of Slavery

Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy

You come to integrate matter into your spirit and, once integrated, it unites in the spirituality of your being.

You simply use the matter to rise your vibrations and become ONE! Hallelujah! You are understanding this!

Oh, my dear ones, it is only the manifested unification, when the spirit coordinates, not the opposite. So you purify the paper with your energy and it becomes divine!

A creation of the crooks that was illuminated by loving minds! The Light always wins!

Oh the bumblers did not count on this! They did not expect you to turn their game into an opportunity to show part of what is a “detached, prosperous being“!

Many of you fell into this trap they had engineered and were completely drained as you gave their power to them. Oh! What cheaters! 😀

But the time of the movements is approaching and, at least for the most part, will understand, in depth, how this was armed and how easily many came out of it.

Comrades, your energy of prosperity is not conditional on paper, whether is a currency or shares!

Your prosperity flows beautifully from your soul. It is a divine right for you to be full and abundant in every way! Hallelujah!

You’re starting to see this, and the bumblers are starting to see your plans go downhill! Glory, glory to the Heavens for allowing us to deepen ever more, and deliver this information to our partners on the surface!

Those of you who have many banknotes in your (are very rich) bank accounts, and who have acquired it in a lawful way, only means that they have transcended their programming, of the sly crooks!

Know, dear ones, that the highest “value” in lawfully acquired banknotes in your bank accounts does not compare with all the abundance of the free universe for all.

As many of you have managed to transcend the Babylonian Programming of this realm, you have definitely “tore up” the contracts that they, the cheaters, have made you sign: contracts of limitation and constant scarcity.

They have been ripped and, of course, all this energy of abundance begins to flow and manifest in the physical!

As you are embedded in a system where ballots are the representation of abundance and prosperity, guess what!? You will be filled with them because you are the very manifestation of the infinite abundance and prosperity of the heavens!

It happens that those who, internally, do not allow the flow of this energy of prosperity, limiting themselves, will end up not having the ballots that, at the moment, represent that prosperity in their kingdom!

Oh, do not be so bad with yourself! Honor the divine prosperity that flows from you and allow it to fit into any realm that will, my dear ones! That’s what it is!

You, wherever you go, honor and allow your energy to adapt lovingly to such a kingdom!

That’s what happy and prosperous people attract to them, in this realm!

Wealth in every way! Do not be limiting! You were not there to pass needs!

How, if you are heirs of the abundant universe !?

Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and Prosperity

Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy

The cheaters who have acquired their riches through grossly unlawful means may have briefly managed to manipulate and channeled your energies of abundance toward themselves because they could not create this movement and they thought it was right to take yours!

What they have not yet understood is that they too are dear children of the Source and bearers of all abundance and would never need to cheat, manipulate, and steal what did not belong to them in this kingdom!

Oh, greed! In this way, they will have to give back everything they have taken from you! In fact, this return is simply to deprogram this kingdom! And we’ll guarantee that!

You will see that there will no longer be a need for this paper, and as the transition happens, you will feel confident, and you will not fear those moves.

Until then, let your bills be, yes, full! Because until then, honoring this is honoring your prosperity manifested in honor and appropriateness to this kingdom! When this kingdom collapses, the papers will cease to be (in the sense of existing) and your prosperity and abundance will be manifested according to the new kingdom! Hallelujah Hallelujah! It is clear and you are informed that it will be so!

Spirituality is Energy

Spirituality is Energy

Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy

Hallelujah! This kingdom is about to see all your needs met! At first, with the papers illuminated by the true prosperous minds who will give the divine meaning to them, then they will leave the scene, in a smooth and honorable transition, this are the plans of the heavens, and we are here to ensure that!!! Save our Masters who entrusted us with this mission!

Let us, for the moment, finalize our report also warning you about that belief that spirituality does not mix with money!

Oh! How innocent! Money is energy! – We already said. The bumblers have created the money to try to manipulate the energy so that it serves only their particular ends, as we said, but you have the positive control of this energy and they fear it!

And spirituality is energy!

Those who hold the limiting belief that one thing does not mix with the other are allowing themselves to be manipulated!

Comrades, look well! We have just said that money must be honored because it represents, in this reality, part of the physical manifestation of your inner prosperity.

This kingdom, however hard it may be, must be honored in every way!

As he goes, continue honoring him in all his forms!

Look at the paper money that comes to your hand as a manifestation of your abundant and divine energy! New time will come. It’s already around the corner when the paper will no longer be used, but by then, honor it!

Let the Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy manifest in your life, it is your right!

Just be careful not to fall into greed!

Your prosperity must be loose and you must be detached from money! A point of attachment is a controlled mind in the hands of covetous miscreants! “Long and prosperous life!”

The Masters of your kingdom are happy and very confident! Saint Germain inspires us to deliver this message in detail about certain beliefs!

Central Bank of Babylon

Central Bank of Babylon

Compassive Flow Of Financial Energy

Yes, you have known this for some time, Comrades, but do not you think it is time to be less miserly, and truly prosperous !? 😀

That’s enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! This is not even the beginning of the party! It’s the warm-up!

We’re flying over Hawaii Island! Mahalo!

Oh, dear ones! Know that the countless Fountains and the endless Prosperity of the Heavens, indeed, are yours!

We will return when appropriate! It’s good to talk to you again! Always is! See you around!


Gabriel: Grateful, beloved Comrades of Light!

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