Cobra Message to The Resistance January 31

Cobra Message to The Resistance January 31

Cobra Message to The Resistance January 31. By 2012Portal.

The below message was published today, the font used was larger than the usual used for almost every post Cobra does and this clearly states something out of “ordinary” both for the actual Planet Liberation process and for the loss Cobra had last day, Isis Astara.

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Fatal Isidic / Systems security breach at 504. Fatal disruption at 741. Wipeout sequence L3 to L0 approved. COBRA upgrade evaluated and approved. MIL instruction complete. Evaluate Project 501. Evaluate GDSVTX.

We are not suppose to clearly understand what’s the message about but we can speculate. First of all the font as we said above. Than the Fatal that might be referred to Isis Astara.

The L3 to L0 wipeout is self explaining, few days ago the L4 was wiped out. Probably there was some uncertainty about starting this wipeout operation but as the situation stands today it has been approved.

As we all know COBRA stands for Compression Breakthrough, the beginning of the Event. Even though Cobra mentioned several time through the years that the CoBrA is in progress, this time, written with a larger font, it might mean something more incisive. The approved upgrade might refer to a more powerful movement that will get us much closer to the Event, especially if we consider all the other intels coming from White Hats, QAnon and the like.

MIL might stand quite obviously for Military, the White Hats rely massively on them, the Marines precisely, so this line might want to say that the instructions has been delivered and acknowledged and the Green Light mentioned by Gaia Portal is not the Northern Light as we romantically said but a much more solid Good To Go.

Well, again, this are all speculations, it can be this way or any other different way but we like to think positive to try to shift the timeline towards the most wanted one 🙂 for us!

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