Book of Q January 2019

Book of Q January 2019

Book of Q January 2019

Full transcription of the original posts from Q on 4chan & 8chan, worldwide news, Anon’s analysis/theories, useful info graphs and links.

VERSION: X.V AUTHOR @1ambecauseweare LAST UPDATE: 01/07/2018

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Authors Note

I created this documentation as for logging every Q posts without losing any information. I thought this was the main important thing to do. So I could work at the “same place”, having Q “correct info” and all of them, plus the comments, worldwide events and then develop from that and answers the questions. Everything is centralized in one document that will also be readable for the normies. I’m updating it daily and trying to add my handwritten note here and there.

I’m 24 years old, I’ve been awake for quite some times now and it wasn’t easy being young and awake. I’ve been digging any kind of information in all domains for years. So I’ve accumulated quite a lot of knowledge and researches. When I saw the first Q posts I was directly taken into it, so I had to dig it, like all of you. I keep my conclusions for the end of the document, I want everyone to read Q’s posts if it’s not done yet. They have a great power as to red pilling people with questions.

Inceptions and your mind do the rest of the job, too late… the mind got triggered, you’ve to dig into this rabbit hole, just follow the white rabbit and answer the questions.

Whatever you read online (that include this document), only believe what resonate with your inner self, your intuition.

I’m human just as you are, we make mistakes. I’ve done some research and worked it but I can still be wrong even though from my point of view I could be right. Who knows? Maybe you could be wrong? Both of us? Both rights? If you have any other information that I missed, even if it is just an idea or theory, feel free to hit me up. If you see any errors, 404 links, anything wrong, please let me know! Thanks!

As I said, I’m compiling all the information I can get, not only from 4chan, 8chan, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MSM, Alternative Media, Books, Newspaper, Documentations, online researches and so on but also directly from the “lurkers” (people who read, browse the web without interacting/talking with others), from anyone. Cooperation is key. Information is key.

Book of Q January 2019

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