Bitcoin False Flag?

Bitcoin False Flag?

Exchange Glitch Allows Traders To “Buy” $20 Trillion In Bitcoin For Free

Bitcoin False Flag?. By Interstellar. Source Zero Hedge.

What Jared Rand explained in his calls about the Global Currency Reset and the factions involved is getting closer to happen exactly as explained.

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We are referring to the Fed Coin, the Federal Reserve cryptocurrency that should save the owners of bitcoin and similar Cryptocurrencies.

The first noticeable move done was a so called “glith” that happened in Japan on February 16th and allowed a customer to buy a zero cost 2.2 quadrillion Yen worth of Bitcoins (20 trillion dollars).

The glitch lasted 18 minutes. The customer in question was quick to realize there was a glitch and immediately tried to cash out the newly “purchased” Bitcoins.

Reset and Banking System

Q&A with Jared Rand

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price
Zaif Cryptocurrency Exchange

Zaif Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin False Flag?

This was noticed when an abnormally high quantity of the cryptocurrency appeared for sale on Zaif, the Osaka-based cryptocurrency exchange, and word soon spread on the Internet that around 2.2-quadrillion yen worth of Bitcoin was on sale there.

Needless to say, such a sale would have been problematic as all bitcoins in circulation are worth just $187 billion.

Meanwhile, a Tech Bureau official apologized to customers for the trouble and pledged to take measures to prevent further glitches.

As a consequence the entire crypto space has traded sharply lower following the first emergence of the report.

Crypto Prices 2/21

Crypto Prices 2/21

Bitcoin False Flag?

The smart customer become in a matter of second a complete noob… that does not sound right… to us this is most likely the first Cryptocurrency False Flag.

It might have not been a Cabal plot but as we say in Italy “to think bad it’s a sin, but you always get it right“.

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