Attacks And Treaths To The Truthers Community

Attacks And Treaths To The Truthers Community

Attacks And Treaths To The Truthers Community. By DNI.

We are now in a time of undeniable and obvious retaliations, serious and very dangerous attacks and treaths towards the Community of Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and especially to the Truthers, those people who day by day, year by year, bravely put at risk their own life publicy exposing amazing intel, documents, papers, records, direct experiences and real evidences about all countless disgusting acts by the Elite’s bullies.

Those fearless Heroes of the New Age hrecently suffered, almost synchronously, aggressive sneaky attempts to silence their voices by, no doubt, Dark Alliance.

The Truth, which so difficulty but bravely is climbing upon the global public to finally get the Full Disclosure we’re so much waiting for, and all people in the world fully deserve it, is daily hushing up by unreliable treacherous hidden actions aimed to keep Humanity paralyzed in the current paradigm into a status of psyco victimism subjection all around the world.

Conspiracy. Censorship. Slanders. Treaths. Manipulation. False flags. Infiltrations. Blackmails. Pedophilia. Murders.

These are not normal behaviours. This is not a normal time.

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This is massive desperation. The last dance of fear and arrogance.

Particularly american people, common respectable citizens, in their crumbling society, lacked off direction, at this point, are literally tripped by insane, psychopat murderer criminal people probably infected by some virus in their brains and the majority of news on their mainstream is prebuilt, preestablished, preapproved and then widespreaded to the mass of naive citizens who are still sure their government is working in favour of the common good.

Don't let the people drag you down to their storm. Pull them in Your Peace

Don’t let the people drag you down to their storm. Pull them in Your Peace!

Attacks And Treaths To The Truthers

Some news in the mainstream are surely real, but many facts and events are totally and cunningly prefabricated or falsified.

These Global Lies are used to confuse people so they cannot recognize the real Truth, and this is part of the Mind Control Technique and one of the tactics in the Divide et Impera Strategy.

Recent chaos in the american streets is intentional, created, funded and organized to break any hope of Truth.

Truthers are common guys, common citizens like us, exposing themselves to only tell the Truth and scrolling consciousnesses brainwashed, and like us they haven’t power or resources to effectively pay back against such attacks.

We all know for sure there is a positive Alliance actively fighting in any sector and mostly secretly against this awful Dark Force keeping us like hostages by millennium, enclosed and trenched in this Prison Planet, convincing us we are absolutely alone in the vast Universe.

Divide et Impera

Divide and Conquer Tactics

Attacks And Treaths = Divide Et Impera

But one step ahead Alliance makes, the filty squalid sleazy actions by the Dark Alliance, force them to make two steps backwards.

We are facing an Axis of Evil unbelievably fierce and cruel, it’s constantly feeding of human suffering. It’s worst than you can imagine.

Learning recognise Evil and its atrocities, digging in the deepest and darkest corners of it, is a very dark and uncomfortable way to ride, and many people are not ready for the full dose of reality is coming soon.

Psychic Attacks Dark Negative Energies

Psychic Attacks Dark Negative Energies

Attacks And Treaths To The Truthers Community

The purpose of this Evil infecting worldwide is not just destroying Life, but evocate the most suffering possible, especially children suffering.

Be careful not loose Optimism and Hope in a better future and restoration of Freedom and Justice.

Without Truth we are nothing and we desperately need those Truthers not polarized and independent, courageous detectives, telling us for years a world we ever could imagine.

Dark Alliance is drastically overstepping and the better thing Truthers can do now, is exactly describe what’s going on around, not crouching down in the corner scared and frightened.

Trolls widespread in Internet putting down, mocking, judging and defaming the serious and diligent work of the Truthers, they are saying it’s a dirty game played by the Truthers who are paied by the same Dark Alliance.

But is simple recognise them: always very aggressive, rowdy, noise, insulting, disrespectful, amoral, without any real evidence they talk about, and when websites or Youtube channels are blocked out or demonetized, be sure these are direct attacks to entomb the Truth.

Trolls work in team with a wicked but coordinated effort only aimed to divide and confuse the whole Truthers Community, leaving them without supporters, because the majority of people who follow and believe in Truthers, in this way they cannot be totally sure if believe them or not.

Actually, trolls are very very bad people: criminals, cheaters, vandals, perverts, etc. so very very dangerous people. Always anonymous and overpaied. A Mercenary Armada.

The hate level overflowing worldwide, especially in the Truthers Community, it’s so much worst than common people consider usually.

Their Agenda is: “Destroy Everything”

This is a spiritual battle, a fight between consciousnesses, a war between cosmic forces infinitely powerful and invisible, who drive and direct the morality and quality of human thoughts towards paths diametrically opposed.

The frequency, intensity and desperation of these attacks suggest someone is very scared of what Truthers are telling us in humility, respect and honor, but we have a decisive role to play at this time.
We need courageous Souls coming out and fight for what is right.

Is a no holds barred fight, very dangerous, but it simply must be made.

Sharing intels, answer questions, involving in what’s going on around us, disclosure of news and teachings, these are our greatest responsibilities, our only weapons to stand against this huge Evil and finally crush it with the common vision about a future full of Love, Peace and Harmony.

Don’t be afraid, we need defeat the feeling of fear, is useless and counterproductive be terrified and victim by the System. Roll up your sleeves and start to collaborate and cooperate all together for the common good.

If something bad could happen to those Truthers, well-known worldwide, this is the signal they told the Truth, even though we wish nothing would happen to them, it would be so much sad.

It’s time we get up off our knees and realize we are the saviours we have been waiting for. We are the Alliance. You are Disclosure”.

(Corey Goode)


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