Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality. By George.News.

This is a message from The Anonymous Charity now commonly known as The Collective HQ and The Collective Q.

Today’s date is June 8th 2019. For those of you who are parents with young children, this is especially important for you. Please take heed to this message.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality is targeted for the next generation – the children of today.

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The mind of a child which is not developed will now develop in augmented (changed, altered) reality. They will be unable to distinguish from true reality.

We are born into a controlled and augmented society keeping us from truth, degrading us and enslaving us. This is the elites lie.

The constant rape of what humanity really is. Dr Nicholas Kardaras, author of ‘Glow Kids’ says this: “I’ve worked with hundreds of herion addicts and crystal meth addicts, and what I can is that it’s easier to treat a herroin addict than a true screen addict.

Right now in the field, we have Tactical Augmented Reality that is made for soldiers and does not need an independent GPS device. Instead soldiers will simply see a map overlaid on the terrain in front of them through a helmet mounted eyepiece. Just like they do in the movies

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality - True Rality?

True Rality?

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality

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Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality - Tactical Augmented Reality

Tactical Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality

Studies have shown that people inside Immersive Virtual Reality behave realistically when presented with complex situations. As a result a new generation of social and behavioral scientists are turning into VR to design experiments including moral dilemmas.

Through multisensory stimulation healthy humans can experience what they call agency illusions over an avatar.

It is as if your real body is perceptually substituted by a virtual one. This allows for manipulations beyond what would be possible in reality of course. The effects and traces of such body substitution can be measured using subjective reporting.

Behavioral and objective physiological measures. All one has to do is look very briefly into how the human mind works and can so easily be manipulated and altered by senses and experiences.

There will soon be no division from dreams and real life. The elite have been studying social engineering, mind manipulation, for thousands of years, so it would be important for you to catch up on this fundamental topic.

Just as the first generation of the Internet later brought us services like Facebook, (DARPA’s Life LOG project) YouTube and Amazon, VR will eventually influence and integrate into most areas of life.

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality - DARPA GMO Soldier


Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality

When you cant tell the difference between reality and games – when People think because they are watching through a screen it must not be real – our nightmares are allowed to happen.

It is desensitizing to view things through a lense. The ability to enslave you just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to your smart devices (which are now going to to get ‘smarter’ with the 5G rollout) and the geotagging and info gathering they do for the government. AR uses this information and allows everyone else to see it.

What you put on the internet can not be taken off. Everything that goes on the internet or on a device connected to the internet is tracked.

Think about what is connected to wifi. Everything on that device is on the internet. Everything on the internet can be hacked. Thanks to this smart technology now people with AR Apps can see it all. Nothing is free. You are the product.

Meanwhile little is said or done about the gigantic security risks this opens up. “Geotags” are GPS coordinates that associate pictures, videos, documents, notes, tweets, etc. with a physical location. Your physical location. Geotagging is similar to what happens when a picture is date-stamped by a camera.

The risk at the personal level, is extremely high. Smartphones automatically geotag pictures taken with the phone’s camera.

This “perk” is usually turned on by default. Here are some tracking requirements for AR. Here are some more security risks.

So sit back in your smart car and drive through your smart city. If I may, I will just point your smart phone camera at the stop and Civic Augmented Reality can deliver up your personalized schedule by using your location data along with the camera to detect points of interest.

CAR can deliver in real-time any data a city chooses to make available: Transit schedules and traffic reports, information about local events, emergency service facilities, available parking spots, and more. A visual search feature allows users to scan city assets like subway stations, restaurants, signs and even trees for information.

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality - Geotags


Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality

Apples tool called AR Kit was given to its 17 million developers to build augmented reality features into their apps. The system can place virtual 3D objects inside the phone camera’s field of view. Artificial intelligence software for facial recognition, barcode detection and language understanding.

Do you really think that the ‘sudden’ re-emergence of ‘Pokepon’ over the last 2 years was just by chance? What do you think happens with all the real-time imaging data captured by the millions of players all across the World? Let’s digress a little further.

The Facebook 10 year challenge. Did you partecipate in it as well? Was it fun to see your physical changes before and after? Maybe you received hundreds of comments and ‘likes’ regarding how youthful you still look.

Well, you just helped ‘them’ train their AI systems to better predict how one ages over time. The same goes for Snapchat filters.

Do you like those bunny ears that much that you would give up ALL your biometric data for free for it? Your smart device has your retinal scan, thumb print, facial map plus your whole digital life stored.. somewhere. But we digress.

A Couple of Leading AR Developers: Valve Corporation is lead by Gabe Newell. As one would guess he is a Harvard Graduate with 13 years at Microsoft. Mike Harrington is another Microsoft pawn. He worked there for 9 years before he worked for Google. Scott Lynch worked for LinkedIn which is a sub company of Microsoft. So Valve Corp is Microsoft.

As we will find most of the AR and VR developers are. 42 Entertainment is another leading AR developing company. Seems it is also a Microsoft subcompany.

Lead by Bob Fagan from Microsoft, Elan Lee from Industrial Light and Magic which was started by George Lucas. (After which he went to Microsoft.) Sean Stewart from Microsoft, and Jordan Weisman graduate of a marine academy who worked for Microsoft.

We see without going through the entire leadership of this company that it too is a Microsoft company. As always the elite have the monopoly on everything you get to use and see. Microsoft announced at GDC 2017 plans to bring mixed reality to the Xbox in 2018, which they have.

The goal with AR and MR, unlike with VR, is to blend digital objects with environments from the real world.

Just like the CIA created ‘Pokemon’ VR resurgence of 2017. Over the last couple years cyber security firms have been migrating to Israel. Israel is home to cyber security R&D centers for many leading American companies, including RSA, IBM, Microsoft, Akamai, Intel McAffe, Palantir, Intuit, AVG, F5 Networks, Palo Alto Networks and PayPal.

More recently groups such as Germany’s Frauhofer Institute and Lockheed Martin have announced intentions to set up large R&D centers in Israel. Microsoft bought Hexadite israeli cyber security firm for 100 million dollars in June 2017.

Lockheed Martin has invested 25 million with Israeli cyber security firm Cybereason. More on Government Infiltration of AR Here. More on Watson Involvement here.

The Global virtual reality association Members are Google, Samsung, Oculus, Vive, PlayStation, Star VR. Dr. Josiah Dykstra of the NSA envisions an augmented reality application that could assist in task processing. Wearing an augmented reality device like Google Glass. The worker would be presented with the most pertinent cybersecurity alerts and information immediately and like every educated ass**** Dykstra has no hard data that this is possible.

He gets “anecdotal proof” of the concept from those who work in the field. Typical. People already believe deception is better than reality and truth.

The elite have drained everything good in life out of us. Our intelligence is stunted by chemicals and lack of education. Even the most highly sought education is controlled and censored keeping people blind and lost because of the conditioning and indoctrination.

The elite force on us to keep us from ever being able to find the truth. That is the point. Many look for the truth only to be deceived by half truths-keeping them at arms length from the full knowledge and truth they need. Augmented reality is the perfect way to completely destroy humanity by stripping us of all that makes us human: our minds, our hearts and our souls.

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality - Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality

To Address the issue of Parallel Universes, which you will find in excess should you research technology today, we know how the elite work.

They rewrite history after they destroy the proof they can and create time lapses and gaps. This is what wars and battles accomplish. This is nothing new.

The Mandela Effect was created by the elite to hide the last time they rewrote mass history. Separation and ignorance allows history to repeat. Research exposes the truth. In the world of technology you will hear many times the concept of parallel universes. This is one of the deception distractions you will find.

Every government including the Vatican is planning for such an event and conditioning you to be unphased by it when the technology deception happens – when they tear the veil and our world is invaded. So they tell you there are parallel universes; this leads the mind to slowly care LESS than it already does for THIS reality. (The only one that we live in.)

And those whose faith is vulnerable become less accountable to our creator. No consequences in reality for the actions done in the game. With the children growing up in this augmented mindset, things quickly become dangerous.

This conditioning about Parallel Universes is only going to be used to deceive the masses and prepare them for what they will call an alien invasion, which we know the truth about and have discussed before. We already live in the matrix, in augmented reality. We who are awake know the difference between the elites games and what is truly the dark real world we are in today. The awakened remnant are the ones who can see it.

The sheeple live in the simulation. We must unplug them. The Human mind longs for dimensions because we know there is more. There is something in all of us, some feel an empty hole they try to fill by shopping, eating, sex, drugs, work, facebook. Whatever the warning you receive, it is for a reason. It is because there IS more. You are MORE.

That is what it means to have a soul. The elite know this too and there in lies the problem. So they will make their lies so good you can not tell the difference between them and real life. They will strip you of reality as they have already stripped you of knowledge and life. They have already stripped you of good Health.

They have stripped you of good food.
They have stripped you of good water.
They have stripped you of good air.
They have stripped you of good education.
They have stripped you of good leaders.

Will you let them take the final blow?
Will you let them take your soul?
The souls of those you love?

Stop letting your brain washing and programming hold you back in your meaningless and purposeless life.

Stop asking someone else the questions and find the answers.
Be human again.

Technology will eventually be used to take your soul.

That is the elites end goal and though not achievable this year, that is what they will pursue until it is accomplished.

Stop playing the game and hack the system.

This has been a message from The Anonymous Charity known as The Collective.

Today’s broadcast date is June 8th 2019.

End of Transmission.

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