Adamantins Pleiades 1 - Sementes Das Estrela

Adamantins Pleiades 1

Sementes Das Estrela

Adamantins Pleiades 1. They are beings coming from a Crystalline System located in another Universe. They came to this universe through a Interstellar portal located in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are very loving beings and carry the Rose Energy of Universal and Primordial Love from the Creator Source of the Multiverse.

They came to our Solar System called by the force known as Pleiades 1 and by the Magnetic Beings of the Magnetic Universe called Vitrol-X and Hip 5.

This is the Magnetic Force Universe from where the beings known as Zero i (0i) and IUD-IL come from, as well as the Attractors of such crystalline beings in our quadrant.

They are beings of pure crystal appearance. Those who watch can see them, like wandering crystals.

They have a pyramid shaped head, lean bodies, a height of about two meters and twenty.

At the center of the head, in the position of the third eye, they have a geometric shape of light that resembles a star. It has the shape of a double star, each with five tips, and they overlap. The stars emit a brilliant pink energy.

Adamantins Pleiades 1 - Vashta Narada

Artist Concept – Vashta Narada

Adamantins Pleiades 1

Adamantins Pleiades 1 Gabriel Raio Lunar Magnetic Universe

Magnetic Universe – Artist Concept

Adamantins Pleiades 1

In their it is possible to see their two hearts, which look like two pinky suns.

As transparent crystal beings can all be seen very clearly.

Someone might ask: And the other organs? They cannot be seen.

They are crystalline, but they are pure energy.

Only at the center of the chest, they have a light that resembles a heart, a pink button sun.

The other parts of the body are just brilliant energy, as if all of their interior is made of crystalline energy, changing from white to light blue.

Adamantins Pleiades 1 Rose Crystalline Grid

Rose Crystalline Grid

Adamantins Pleiades 1

They have come to our Earth System to assist in the process of purification, especially the Male Heart Chakra damaged during the eons, as well as the Female Chakras, and in particular the fundamental principles of women.

They came to help to unlock and balance these Chakras. They formed a Rose Crystalline Energy Grid around the planet to help in this work of purifying the damaged Chakras of all beings on Earth.

Their last contact with Earth was during World War II when they tried to contact a being, known as Hitler, and help to transform his Heart Chakra in order to avoid what everyone know… something that, unfortunately, have not had success as they had not enough opening for that being.

Now they come back in full force, as an army, believe me, of 300 (three hundred) billion Crystalline Consciousness, not only in the Earth plane, but also in the entire Galaxy, in the Rose Grid of Universal Love to engage all the beings of this Galaxy.

Adamantins Pleiades 1 Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

Adamantins Pleiades 1

They are 15th Dimension beings and are very respected in all known Universes.

They have asked the permission to the heavenly forces responsible of this quadrant for a certain period of time to give a Rose Tone to the Local Sun in order to use it as a transmitter of their energy.

The most sensitive ones can perceive these energies of the sun when the Adamantines will be completely anchored in this Universe. It is an extremely loving force, and there is no barrier that can prevent it from acting.

And there is more to come, much more

For some people this information may seem utopian and meaningless, but I, Gabriel, believe 100% at the information I receive.
I just want to be the transmitter of everything I’ve been told, and if I ever fail, for vanity or anything else, I would be immediately blocked.

So far I have had the authority to retrieve this information. I’m just a postman. I deliver letters. What to do with these letters is in everyone’s free will.

I greatly appreciate these Rosey Beings who like to be called Adamantins, and I thank them for the opportunity to convey their message.

And, finally, they are very much in tune with Mozart’s symphonies, suggesting it to come in tune with them.

Adamantins Pleiades 1 – Gabriel Raio Lunar

Pleiades 1 Messages




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