8kun QAnon Update November 2 2019

8kun QAnon Update

November 2 2019

8kun.net is online, the more mature and savvy replacement of 8chan and its board qresearch and patriotfight. Lets wait and see when we will get the first QAnon bread.


We have made sweeping network architectural changes and there might still be bugs and kinks to work out. Probably we wont be very stable in the first couple days as we adjust to traffic and attacks.

Getting hit with huge traffic right now. Please be patient as we stabilize the network. Could be a few days before things are really working well again. – Ron – @CodeMonkeyZ


That first wave of visitors totally crushed our servers. Needed to reboot. Things may be a little rocky out the gate. We’ll do our best to shore up as needed. – Is It Wet Yet? @isitwetyet

QMap Interactive
QAnon 55 - The Storm Is Upon Us...
This Is Not a R vs D Battle QAnon

QAnon Achive

QAnon 31 May 2020 – On The Ready – Updated 22:00 UTC

QAnon 31 May 2020 – On The Ready – Updated 22:00 UTC

Updated 22:00 UTC — Insurgency can be defined as ‘the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify, or challenge political control of a region.’ Counterinsurgency may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes’.

QAnon 30 May 2020 – Terrorists – Updated 23 UTC

QAnon 30 May 2020 – Terrorists – Updated 23 UTC

UPDATED 23 UTC – Anti-American? Domestic terrorists? Organized? Fascists? Extreme Radical(s)? Violent? POTUS action coming. Homeland Security _FBI_DOJ action coming. Investigations may lead to [D][F] ‘support’ targets. Q

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