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Empowerment As Sirius Rises

Daily Sacred Breath And Divine Energy


Empowerment As Sirius Rises – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Although we realize that SOURCE is eternally everywhere at all times, and thus, we can pray at any time, specific rituals assist us in elevating to greater heights of consciousness in this “Now” as cosmic events cause intensified LIGHT to bless creation.

It has been taught that the flame of a candle represents DIVINE LIGHT, and the smoke of incense represents DIVINE BREATH. Of course, daily sunlight is also representative of the INFINITE LIGHT.

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When it glows through our windows enlightening the rooms in our homes, we feel a sense of joy and energy, and as we know, the Sun contains wellness frequencies which keep our bones, muscles, endocrine system, and entire nervous system thriving.

The ancients of Kemet called the Sun “ATEN” which translates as “Solar Disk”. They taught that “The Sun is the greatest of all orbs in heaven”, and “heaven” meant the various spheres surrounding “Geb” which we refer to today primarily as “Earth” and as “Gaia”.

All other planetary realms, galaxies, and universes were the domain of the “AMEN”—the “Hidden Eternal” of which the following was said: “God created all things from an infinite darkness, from chaos, a bottomless depth and water; there went out LIGHT, and the elements were coagulated from Her moist substance.”

Empowerment As Sirius Rises - Sirius - Artist Concept

Sirius – Artist Concept

Empowerment As Sirius Rises

Also, we find: “There are two choirs or companies of God: the sphere that is filled with those who wander, and the sphere of those who are fixed.”

This refers to the non-stationary and the stationary cosmic or astrological signs.

It was further stated that: “The entire cosmic realm is a circumference of circles.” In other words, everything has a particular orbit. (All of the foregoing quotations are from the EMERALD TABLET).

One of the most important cosmic frequencies of the ancients is the star system “Sepdet” which is commonly known as “Sirius”—the “Dog Star”—which will be at its height on the ancient New Year’s Day of “Tybi” (Sovereign Joining”) on our current Gregorian dating system of July 25th.

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It will hover over the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau as it has done for thousands of years announcing the opportunity for a rich spiritual and material harvest.

We can prepare for this blessed event by engaging the DIVINE BREATH each day because to do so invites the “Neteru” (“Divine Forces of Nature”) and the “Devas” and Devis” (“Shining Ones”)—the “Archangels” to heal and to protect us.

It has been taught since ancient times that there are three profound vortices of energy each day: DAWN, NOON, and SUNSET.

On each of these occasions, a special ethereal LIGHT arrives with its own electromagnetic frequency. DAWN was known as “Khepera”—“Bringer into Being” (a vortex of renewal and regeneration).

NOON was known as “RA” —“Most High and Glorious LIGHT” (the greatest of healing vibratory energy is available at this time). SUNSET was known as “ATUM-RA”—“Darkness from which comes LIGHT” (when our hormones prepare us for sleep so that we can rest from the day’s activities).

Empowerment As Sirius Rises - Frankincense


Empowerment As Sirius Rises

Empowerment As Sirius Rises - Archangel Michael Blue Light

Archangel Michael Blue Light

Empowerment As Sirius Rises

At each of these times, a special incense was lit. At DAWN it was “Antiu” (“Frankincense”); at NOON it was “Kheri” (“Myrrh”); and at SUNSET it was “Khepri” which was a combination of honey, various spices, and herbs (the closest to the ancient recipe of this incense is “Tibetan Incense”).

“Chandan” (“Sandalwood”) was lit at any time to bring relaxation and healing, and prayer beads were made from Chandan trees which were known as “Sha-Sha” (“Luck”) in Kemet and as “Mala” (“Garland”) in Bharata.

The resins from which the “Antiu” and “Kheri” incenses were made were also used as healing substances, not just for incense. When the incense of each vortex was lit, prayer and meditation was performed.

This was done by all spiritually-oriented persons, not merely by the Priesthood and Priestesshood which were known as the “Kheri-Hebu” and the “Kheri-Hebutu”—many of whom were also Physicians who were called “Reiki” which translates as “One Who Knows”, and this word made its way into the Japanese language centuries later and is defined from that language as “Universal Life Force Energy”—a powerful hands-on as well as distant healing process.

The portal of the rise of “Sirius” to its zenith is already open, and its energy is comingling with that of the Summer and Winter equinoxes (Northern and Southern Hemispheres) which have already occurred as well as the New Moon which just arrived on June 9th (or 10th according to time zone).

The first New Moon after the solstices is particularly potent with new opportunities for beginning ventures of a personal or a business situation and for healing (spiritually, mentally, and emotionally)—especially this one which happened in the sign of Cancer in the Tropical/Western Zodiac (the sign of the “Great Mother”) and in Gemini in the Sidereal/Vedic Zodiac (important for focused communication).

Chiron, the healing planet, is in Aries in the Tropical/Western Zodiac (new starts, leadership potential) and is in Pisces in the Sidereal/Vedic Zodiac (spiritual elevation).

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and higher knowledge has retrograded back into Pisces in the Tropical/Western Zodiac and into Aquarius in the Sidereal/Vedic Zodiac allowing us to re-visit ancient knowledge and wisdom which is very important for our “Now” as a foundational construct, but it will move direct on October 18th.

Then we can bring with us from the ancient understandings those concepts which can further our development in this “Now”.

Empowerment As Sirius Rises - Chiron


Empowerment As Sirius Rises

Pluto, the planet of major transformative experiences, is retrograde in Capricorn (Tropically) and in Sagittarius (SIdereally) but will move direct on October 6th.

Venus and Mars are dancing in Leo (Tropically) and in Cancer (Sidereally)—bringing balance and love.

We are, therefore, in a “Cosmic Gallery” of SOURCE LIGHT, and we can engage the many aspects of SOURCE which are awaiting our invitation to them—all of which dance to the rhythms of the precious and fragrant DIVINE BREATH! Remember, the word “Angel” is from the Sanskrit “Anjali” which translates as “Offering” and as “To Pray”.

When we light the particular incense of each vortex, we are making an offering to the “Angels”—both the “Archangels” who guard above, below, and all places in the multi-verse and to all other “Angels” who have been given specific duties by SOURCE in all of creation—every planet. galaxy, and universe. As stated above, these all are the “Neteru”, the “Devas”, and the Devis”.

They attune to beautiful fragrances. Invite them.

They are stationed everywhere!

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From Darkness To Light: The Solar Eclipse – Dr Schavi

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, at approximately 12:29 AM (EST), a Solar Eclipse will occur in the Sagittarius constellation of the Tropical Zodiac. A Solar Eclipse occurs when planet Earth is shadowed by the Moon, and thus, sunlight is covered or “eclipsed”. Sagittarius is governed by the planet Jupiter which is called “Guru” in Sanskrit, and this term translates as “Bringer of LIGHT from darkness”.

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The vibrational essence of LIGHT can also be mystically known as the “Master Number 11” which signifies the PSYCHIC, the HIGH PRIESTESS (or PRIEST), MOTIVATOR OF OTHERS, and the MASTER TEACHER. It can be accessed in many numerical ways, but its most profound is as the Kabbalistic combination of the number “10” (“Cosmic Messenger in Our Midst”) and the number “1” (“The Out-thrusting Energy of Creation”).

From The Source Apothecary – Dr Schavi

From The Source Apothecary – Dr Schavi

The “Eclipse Portal’ that is now happening (from November 19th with the “Lunar Eclipse” having already occurred) until December 4th (when the “Solar Eclipse” will arrive) is an excellent time frame in which to make a firm decision to procure the blessings of SOURCE.

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Dawn Is On The Horizon! – Dr Schavi M Ali

When the silvery light of dawn arises, before the pink and orange early morning sunrise, birds begin to chirp, and there is a peaceful stillness in the atmosphere as creation awakens like the petals of a lotus flower on a sparkling pond stretching out to greet the sunshine.

Commencement! – Dr Schavi M Ali

Commencement! – Dr Schavi M Ali

With this understanding in mind, there is a “Commencement” occurring—the beginning of a “ceremony” that has not occurred for approximately 500 planetary years (in the 14th century)—an eclipse portal that extends from November 19th, 2021 with a “Lunar Eclipse” until December 4th, 2021 when a “Solar Eclipse” will occur.

The Great Lunar Eclipse! – Dr Schavi

The Great Lunar Eclipse! – Dr Schavi

On Friday, November 19, 2021, at approximately 3:52 AM (EST), a “Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon” will occur which is purported to be the longest of its kind in several hundred years. It will occur in Tropical “Taurus” and conjunct Uranus which is also in Tropical “Taurus”.

The Solar Vitamin – Dr Schavi

The Solar Vitamin – Dr Schavi

The health benefits of the bright Sun of our solar system which gives us “Vitamin D” are well known in terms of its activations upon our endocrine system, nervous system, and all other aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional beings.

Source Light Attunement Miracle Prayer – Dr Schavi

Source Light Attunement Miracle Prayer – Dr Schavi

Collective focus is powerful and strong. Think of a golden chain which is stronger with each fused link or of the branches of a huge tree connected to the tree’s trunk which itself is anchored into the earth or of the billions of universes that are all a part of a vast cosmos.

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