Emotional Healing And Emotional Processing Exercise

Emotional Healing And Emotional Processing Exercise

Waking Up To Hard Truth – Part 4

Emotional Healing And Emotional Processing Exercise. By Lisa Renee.

When uncovering some of these unpleasant truths, it is common to feel anger, depression and grief rising.

A helpful description is the Kübler-Ross model, which includes anger in the five stages of grief, which is necessary on the path of expressing authentic emotions that lead to emotional and spiritual healing.

Feeling anger and grief can be a necessary stage of the Emotional Healing process, because it triggers self realization into acknowledging that something negative, traumatic or painful has happened to us.

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Emotional Healing - Kübler-Ross Model

Kübler-Ross Model

Emotional Healing And Emotional Processing Exercise

It is better to recognize it as its happening than allow pent up anger to be expressed in uncontrolled outbursts or black depression.

Be willing to feel and witness anger and grief to help redirect and release it.

The more you truly feel it, understanding why you feel this way and recognizing its movement through personal observation, the more it will begin to dissipate through greater acceptance and awareness that supports emotional healing.

An important component of Emotional Healing is validation that the event and the experience has happened, and that you have the divine right to feel the emotions that you are feeling.

It may be that you will need to make life changes to adjust accordingly to be truer to yourself. In this stage it is important to validate your feelings and to honor your experience in the storyline when you felt pain.

However, at some point you’ll need to see it is a storyline and that you will want to be freed from the emotional attachments to any storyline as these stories limit our consciousness expansion and experiences of joy and peace.

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Emotional Processing Exercise

Here are some strategies to help soften the storyline:

  • Open up with compassion to everyone involved, including yourself.
  • Recognize that you are bringing the past into the present moment by repeating the story in your mind endlessly. At some point for your own sanity and health, you must let it go.
  • Bring your full attention into the sensations and emotions that you are experiencing in the moment.
  • Commit to bringing all of your actions in alignment with what you really want to be aligned with.
  • Call for spiritual support, prayers and help to move through the painful situation with grace, and the highest expression possible for all parties.
Emotional Healing - Emotional Processing Exercise

Emotional Processing Exercise

Emotional Healing

All of us can relate to these difficult experiences and painful feelings at some point in our life, and this is especially prevalent during the Dark Night of the Soul process, the phase when we really start uncovering some of life’s gory hidden details.

Sometimes we can be shocked at what we can see and remember.

Love, Peace and GSF in All ways!


Waking Up To Hard Truth

Waking Up To Hard Truth

Waking Up To Hard Truth

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Waking Up To Hard Truth

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Waking Up To Hard Truth

Emotional Healing And Processing

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