Emerging Shift And Light Intensity

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity

A Further Reminder Of Our Upgrading!

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity – A Further Reminder Of Our Upgrading! By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

For many days now, as Earth/Gaia has entered the “Eclipse Portal” ( Partial Lunar [which occurred in November] and Total Solar which will occur on December 14th) as well as the “Solstice Portal” (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere on December 21st) and also the approach of the the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn within two degrees of each other on the same day as the Solstices, solar winds have been far over their normal 300 to 400 km/s (kilometers per second) into the elevated 500s, and solar flares have been in the high “B-Class” and “C-Class” levels.

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Emerging Shift And Light Intensity - Winter Solstice Portal

Winter Solstice Portal

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity

We have also had some powerful “M-Class” flares a few weeks ago. All of these cosmic events have caused Earth/Gaia to swirl and toss in an attempt to adjust to these incoming powerful vibrations.

Both frequencies and amplitudes have been recorded in very high, and then almost as suddenly, in low ranges, and this seemingly erratic movement has activated very challenging human physical vessels and emotional states.

Many people have phoned various types of Healers, have commented in on-line postings, and have e-mailed messages wondering what is happening to cause such discomfort to their physical, mental, and emotional states.

Even with the many written discussions and videos regarding current shifting times, it is only natural to wonder if all that is being reported is truly accurate.

However, one of the numerous symptoms of the affect of LIGHT is questioning the process! This is one of the major reasons why faith (“Shradda” in Sanskrit and “Emunah” in Hebrew, for example) in SOURCE/INFINITE PRESENCE/DIVINE ABSOLUTE and “Its” power is so vital!

Academically-trained scientists of almost all arenas (Physicists, Biologists, Chemists, Astro-Physicists, etc.) as well as Spiritual Scientists (Mystical Astro-Physicists, Vibrational Healers, Sufi Mystics, Kabbalists, Yogis and Yoginis, etc.)—all attest to the cosmic movements that are steadily happening and which will continue as the planet moves through a higher trajectory and has a faster spin as LIGHT that is far more potent than what can be seen by material eyes surges through the current space/time continuum.

They are all studying ancient scriptural texts as validation of this, and even those university-degreed scientists who in the past have denied the existence of a “Creative Power” that is governing creation are admitting that indeed there is an intelligence far beyond and above what human academic scholarship can completely understand.

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Emerging Shift And Light Intensity - Cosmic Movements

Cosmic Movements

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity

The inventions of mystical scientists such as the Physicist and Engineer, Nicola Tesla, which were at one time scoffed at by traditionalists, are now being re-considered in terms one of his most profound statements: “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration“.

This is indeed what is now being constantly more researched relative to the resonances of Earth/Gaia as, which has been described above, solar energetics activate the deep inner core and the outer field of the planet as well as other planets in this galaxy whose geometrical alignments (conjunctions, trines, oppositions, squares, for example) in degree angles from 0 to 30 also affect the earthly orb.

The LIGHT that is so often referred to in discussions of Divine energy is actually already within us. However, over many eras, it has been dimmed and reflects many disharmonious thought patterns, emotional settings, and unrighteous actions because of misuse of free will that has orchestrated hatreds, warfare, mistreatment of Nature, etc. As Kabbalist, Michael Berg, has stated: “…we are drawing out the LIGHT that is already within us” (THE WAY, page 17).

When the LIGHT is drawn out, it is replaced with clean, pure, upgraded LIGHT, and this drawing-out and replacing process regenerates each of our cells, molecules, atoms, etc. In simpler terms, we are being washed clean, elevating higher, and spinning faster.

We are riding a cosmic roller coaster, a merry-go-round, and a teeter-totter all at the same time.

Exhaustion, very little sleep (or needing constant sleep), aches and pains, dizziness, pounding hearts, and more—are evidences of increasing LIGHT—the out- thrusting energy of creation expressed as the Hebrew “Yah” (“Eternal”) and “Or” (“Light”), as the Vedic name “Brahma” (“The Expander”), as the Persian “Ahura Mazda” (“Creator Light”), and as the many, many terms used for SOURCE throughout human languages and spiritual paths.

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity - Homo-Luminous Galactic

Homo-Luminous Galactic

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity

Our transformation into “Homo-Luminous Galactic” is fully active.

We can acclimate to it much easier if we rest more, if we meditate deeply, if we study diligently, if we eat of nutritious organic foods, if we drink lots of mineral-rich spring water, if we express love for our fellow “Galactics”, and if we pray from our hearts for

1.) the planet,
2.) for others, and
3.) for ourselves.

This three-step process works miracles for peace, healing, and enlightenment!

As Sri Krishna taught: “A healthy nervous system equals a profounder life force, and when the nervous system is pure, the Mind is more powerful” (BHAGAVAD GITA).

As Tehuti taught: “God is LIGHT, and all things come from LIGHT” (EMERALD TABLET). As Yeshua Ha Messiah taught: “Come apart with me for a while, and get some rest” (HOLY BIBLE).

As THE KEYS OF ENOCH teach: “An era of LIGHT will be created whereby those of Higher Consciousness will be able to thrive” (translation by Dr. J.J. Hurtak).

Thus, our wonderful planet, the galaxy it resides in, and we too are emerging, shifting, changing, acclimating, and elevating.

It may seem like all of this is occurring slowly to a finite mind; however, with a mind that is transferring “finite-ness” into “infinity”, we realize that to SOURCE time does not exist as we tend to calculate it.

Our sparkling crystallization which is our Super-Consciousness of LIGHT, is moving forward as Divinely-planned since the first LIGHT of SOURCE emerged from the “Divine Womb”.

More by Dr. Schavi

Major Cosmic Update! –  Dr Schavi

Major Cosmic Update! – Dr Schavi

A massive blast of LIGHT (photons) from the Great Central Sun arrived into Earth/Gaia’s inner and outer fields yesterday, Thursday, July 29, 2021, at approximately 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). The magnetosphere of the planet is now filled with these charged particles.

Translating Solar Codes – Dr Schavi

Translating Solar Codes – Dr Schavi

The blasts of LIGHT from the Great Central Sun onward to the Sun of our specific galaxy and through to Earth/Gaia carry enormous sacred codes of enlightenment.

Knowledge Of The Expander – Brahmahvidya – Dr Schavi

Knowledge Of The Expander – Brahmahvidya – Dr Schavi

Humanity is coming together in increasing numbers and beginning to appreciate other paths of knowledge with which they may not have been previously familiar. Yet, the most ancient knowledge is the root of the information in the “Now”, and the root of anything is often where the most precious substance can be obtained.

New Galactic Light – Sirius Has Risen! – Dr Schavi

New Galactic Light – Sirius Has Risen! – Dr Schavi

Sirius (anciently known as “Sepdet”) has risen! It is aligned with the Sun of our galaxy heralding a New Galactic Year! Increased LIGHT frequencies are occurring and will continue to do so throughout this entire year, and opportunities will be offered more for an upsurge in the understanding and application of spiritual principles.

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

Because we are endeavoring to assist as many persons as possible in elevating higher in these intense energies of the Earth/Gaia experience, I and other “Lightbringers” (“Spiritual Scientists”, “Acharyas”, “Gurus”, “Vibrational Healers”, “Cosmic Scientists”, etc.) around the planet have decided to orchestrate what we are calling “THE MANTRA MOVEMENT”, and we are inviting all those who are desirous of experiencing a planet of LOVE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, JOY, WISDOM, and continual connection to SOURCE to join us and to share this invitation with others.

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

The “Lion’s Gate” opens each year when the Sun moves into the sign of Leo in the Tropical Zodiac which this year of 2021 is Thursday, July 22nd, and it closes on August 23rd when the Sun moves on into the sign of Virgo (again, Tropical Zodiac). Thus, the “Lion’s Gate” is not a one-day event of August 8th as many people claim as they focus upon what is termed the “8/8” portal because of August being the 8th month of a 12-month year, and the 8th day of that month being also a focused date.

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony Part 2 – Dr Schavi

“Sidereal/Vedic Jyotish” (“Knowledge of Godly Light”) is taught within the ancient Vedic scriptures and are messages of events that definitely will and that also can only potentially be experienced by creation—the word “potentially” suggesting that the condition of a person’s or of the collective’s consciousness governs what is attracted.

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

In this new “Now”, whether cosmic events are of a low or high vibration, we are receiving SOURCE LIGHT from beyond what humanity can calculate with its sophisticated devices.

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! – Dr Schavi

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! – Dr Schavi

The “Milky Way Galaxy” has been calculated by scientific research over many time frames to be situated at between 27 and 28 degrees of the constellation of “Sagittarius A”—the GALACTIC CENTER (GC). This “Milky Way Galaxy” is approximately 13 to 15 billion years of age and contains about 100 billion stars.

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