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Elevate To A Higher Frequency

Elevate To A Higher Frequency

Elevate To A Higher Frequency. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The Opportunity To Elevate To A Higher Frequency!

As Earth/Gaia continues to receive influxes of LIGHT and to move further into the Photon Belt along with the entire galaxy that “She” is a part of, we too, as humanity, can elevate to a higher Vibrational Frequency or oscillation of energy.

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Our entire “being-ness” which is our spiritual energy (life force), physical vessel (material atoms, subatomic particles, molecular structure, etc.), emotive responses (feelings), and consciousness (mind) can be SOURCE-lighted and transformed as we continue to experience clearings and cleansings on the 3D level so that SOURCE ILLUMINATION can become increasingly profound both individually and in the collective as we move up to 5D and beyond.

As a reminder of the crystalline empowerment that is occurring via SOURCE, obtain a Clear Quartz Crystal (preferably one with a rainbow because this is a refraction of ancient sunlight), cleanse it in warm, soapy water; dry it with a clean cloth; and then give it approximately an hour of sunlight or three hours of daylight if it is not yet very sunny where you are at this time of early spring (Northern Hemisphere) or early autumn (Southern Hemisphere).

Elevate To A Higher Frequency - Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal

Elevate To A Higher Frequency

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Afterwards, bless it according to your individual spiritual path, and then pronounce the following words aloud onto it: Health, Protection, Peace, Love, Higher Consciousness.

Place it in a nice pouch and carry it daily. Quartz is both a transmitter and receiver of energy just as our consciousness is as well. It remains “programmed” until it is purposely cleansed of the “program” already placed within it.

The Quartz and other crystals and gemstones embedded within Earth/Gaia have experienced millions of years of human warfare, oppression, material greed, disease, etc. and are being cleared of this programming and cleansed of disharmony by the strong Source Light pouring into the magnetic (inner core field) and geomagnetic (outer field) of the planet.

At this time/space continuum, the clearest and cleanest Quartz crystal is in Tibet where monks mine the crystals by hand daily and do not allow modern machinery into the mountains.

Prior to setting out for the day, the monks say: “May my journey be filled with love” in their Tibetan Sanskrit.

Elevate To A Higher Frequency - May My Journey Be Filled With Love

May My Journey Be Filled With Love

Elevate To A Higher Frequency

The Quartz there has a vibration of 7.83 which is the ancient “Pranava” (“Cosmic Sound”) of AUM (also seen in literature as OM).

Some Quartz has titanium in it and is considered as being “Tibetan Black Quartz”.

Although it may not be as beautiful as the Clear Quartz with a rainbow, it is still very powerfully protective. Having both types is perhaps a wise idea.

Elevate To A Higher Frequency - Frequency of Love

Frequency of Love

Elevate To A Higher Frequency

Elevate To A Higher Frequency - Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz

Elevate To A Higher Frequency

Next, many people are inquiring about the Covid-19 virus. Metaphysically, this is an opportunity for humanity to realize that the out-of-tune dissonance that has been playing at low levels of consciousness has been allowed to surface as a means of showing the collective that It Must Be In-Tune With The Divine Symphony, and thus, show-up for rehearsal as Love and Light. Then the “Golden Age Concert” can play.

Source does not cause disharmony to creation, but it will be “allowed” to occur as a lesson.

Regardless of how Covid-19 initially happened, we must deal with it in both a material and spiritual manner by taking precautions and also by deep prayer and meditation.

We must stop playing the political blame game because that only fuels the flames of the problem.

Let us use the New Moon in fiery Aries of the Tropical Western Zodiac on Tuesday, March 24th to dissipate low frequencies of consciousness into Higher Self consciousness like a phoenix bird flying out of the flames of transformation.

In the Sidereal Vedic Zodiac, the New Moon will be in watery Pisces.

There is an ancient teaching that “The Spirit moves on the face of the waters”. This means that the water in our physical vessel, which is the highest percentage of elements in the human body, is a life force of oxygenation, hydration, and de-toxification.

Like the waters of the planet, it can either thrive with health or become stagnant. So, let us drink plenty of good water with minerals to move the “spiritual waters” through our physical vessels.

The world is on a type of retreat. Let us title it Source Light Intensive.

Whatever our individual paths are, let us daily recite prayers for Earth/Gaia and all creation upon “Her” at 3:30 P.M. according to individual time zones. Why 3:30 P.M.?

Because “33” is the number of the “Master Healer”.

Who is the true “Master Healer”? Source!

Write-out how you can add to the Love And Light that we need. This becomes your “Mahavrata” which translates as “Great Vow”.

It is a promise you make to SOURCE and to Earth/Gaia. Perhaps it is teaching “Higher Sacred Principles” or being an “Energy Healer” or a “Nutritional Counselor” or a “Spiritual Activist”, etc.

We can all be a “Guru” because this ancient Sanskrit term translates as “One Who Brings Light From Darkness”.

Shine your Light!

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