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Eiffel Tower and Magnetic Island Pleiadians Message

Eiffel Tower and Magnetic Island

Pleiadians Message

Eiffel Tower and Magnetic Island Pleiadians Message. BY Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians report that even though the momentum on Magnetic Island seems difficult due to the strong pressures against the supporters of this magnetism, nothing can break this structure.

With each new surge of forces opposing this magnetic movement, more Light is injected as a measure of security and fortification!

This ends up further supporting the structures of the Island and reinforcing to the maximum that LOVE IS IRRESISTIBLE, because the more opposing forces attack, the more they are involved in the present loving magnetism.

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They also report that due to recent information on Paris (see “Amil22” in the Pleiades 1 Glossary), a great movement has been created, which will ensure that the purification process of the quoted question is completed faster than imagined.

The Forces of Light are confident and happy with the commitment of the dedicated Lightworkers who have heeded the call and joined the forces for this transmutation.



Eiffel Tower and Magnetic Island

Gabriel RL, for reporting the scalar technology at the top of the Eiffel Tower, is being telepathically threatened.

No attack will prevent the exposure work from being done.

Other movements like this will be created, and more and more Lightworkers will come together to dismantle the old structure of power and domination.

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More about Paris: as the Intensive of Light is up and running for the conclusion of the process, the Pleiadians say they will be giving signs of their presence near the Eiffel Tower.

They urge all those who photograph or film them to broadcast on their social networks to further enhance the love drive and assurance of the continued support of the present Star Family.

About Yaldabaoth

The process of final crystallization and removal of the plasmatic entity is being completed and the Forces of Light expect, very very soon, to deliver good news.

They ask that the meditations continue sending all Love and Light to this entity so that it leaves the Planet. As soon as it comes out completely, there will be a great relief in the aura of the Earth, which even the most hardened ones will be able to feel it.

Some Federation ships may remove or soften their camouflage so they can be clearly perceived.

The Pleiadians, in the end, say that the Light continues to advance and that every day is a cause of celebration, because humanity has managed, in an epic way, to pass all the markers, and that the only line that can be seen now is the line that leads to the Ascension and complete reintegration of Earthly Humanity in the Galactic community!

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

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