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Eclipse Height Is Official! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Eclipse Height Is Official!

Eclipse Height Is Official! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

At the beginning of a football game, the athletes on each team are introduced, and the crowd shouts.

However, the game actually begins when the ball is first kicked-off.

This metaphor illustrates that the “Eclipse Season” has officially kicked-off in its height with the arrival of this morning’s Solar Eclipse in Tropical Scorpio—although the season/portal opened several weeks ago.

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Eclipse Height Is Official! - Eclipse Season

Eclipse Season

Eclipse Height Is Official!

Although any eclipse shows its shadow over particular areas of our planet, it affects the entire globe.

A Lunar Eclipse in Tropical Taurus will occur on November 8th.

As most know, the Moon affects emotions, and human emotional settings will manifest in major ways due to the solar eclipsing that has just occurred.

A reminder is that both solar and lunar eclipses have an approximate six-month extension.

Thus, individual and collective experiences are now officially on the “playing field” and mankind will be in attendance as the planetary realm activates its “plays” with our Sun as the “Quarterback” and the Great Central Sun as the “Coach” of the cosmic teams, and SOURCE is the “Owner”.

Scorpio being transformational and able to transcend like a phoenix bird rising from ashes is how much of the world will seem to be. Many people bet on which team will win a game.

However, it is best not to “bet” on Scorpio energy because the moment that a “touchdown” is made, and the team roars in excitement, the other team scores a few minutes later perhaps bringing their score up to equal the score of the team that seemed to be winning.

On and on the game is played until one team actually does indeed win.

One thing is certain about the “Now Tournament”—TEAM SOURCE LIGHT WILL WIN!

It may seem at times that situations are dire and bleak, but continual “scores” are being made in ways that much of humanity does not understand.

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Eclipse Height Is Official! - Partial Solar Eclipse 25 October 2022

Partial Solar Eclipse 25 October 2022

Eclipse Height Is Official!

Each time, for example, that a solar flare (large or small) soars out attended by coronal mass ejections—both “pushed onto the field” by “Coach Sun” and its powerful winds—and each time that Earth/Gaia crosses into a “Co-interaction Region” and receives its shock waves, creation is “downloaded” with new information and “upgraded” in its mitochondria (the information-receiving aspect of our DNA), and thus, all cellular records obtain a clearing-out and cleansing.

For those who have “season tickets” to the “CARBON TO CRYSTALLINE CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT” via their daily spiritual orientations, the “downloading” and “upgrading becomes increasingly easier to handle.

Chaos and confusion is still happening in the lower vibrating “seats” in the “arena”.

Therefore, war may escalate; political arguments will likely become louder; disharmonious scientific tampering with Nature will continue; social structures will probably further decline; economic issues may be confusing as the ultra-wealthy are in charge at the “betting windows”.

Our planet, in other words, will be “EN-LIGHTENED” at higher and more potent levels in order to illuminate filth and clear-out and cleanse this realm—this “field”.

What needs to be cleaned has to be seen.

Now that the eclipse season has opened its doors officially and we have entered the “gates”, we must take the “higher seats” in the “stadium” and continue to pray, meditate, engage natural wellness paradigms, and assist others (only if they ask or show any interest in HIGHER KNOWLEDGE).

We must also, of course, continue to perform our career obligations, be involved with our families, take part in community activities, pay attention to global issues (but not get caught-up in the chaos).

In other words, we must be discerning as we “watch” the games played-out but diligently be involved only in the “spiritual energetics” being designed from the “benches” as various forms of LIGHT huddle and discuss the winning tactics.

As the “3d” realm performs its “plays” on the “field”, there may be sensations of anxiety, rapid heart rhythms, headaches and muscle tension, strange dreams (when sleep is achieved), heat surges, etc.

We may notice people driving erratically or being easily irritated or angered on a job or in a store.

Meetings for the purpose of some type of community uplift may be filled with disagreement or ideas may be agreed upon that never come to fruition.

All of this—and more—are a part of the very intensified shifting and transforming energies of the eclipses.

We must be centered within our personal “ashrams”—our “consciousness” in order to receive direction from our HIGHER SELF—our SOUL which is SOURCE “ITSELF”.

So, continue to breathe deeply; wear your prayer malas; anoint yourself with sacred oils; eat organically; drink lots of water; take natural wellness supplements; meditate daily.

Do all of the modalities that you resonate with for elevation. Remember to recite the “Cosmic Sound” of “AUM” several times each day—either aloud or silently.

First, take a deep breath, and then let “AUM” be slowly released. Be assured that SOURCE is in charge.

We are being allowed, however, the free will to accept the directions of SOURCE or not.

We can anchor to “ITS” LIGHT or not.

Eclipse Height Is Official! - Free Will

Free Will

Eclipse Height Is Official!

We can be on the “winning team” or not.

Our planet is being aided by cosmic forces—angelic beings—other galactic energetics.

We are not alone in our leveling-up.

The cosmos is sending increasingly stronger vibrations to our planet daily.

They are not always registered on mankind’s technological devices.

They are “registered” in our physical vessels, our minds, and in our emotions.

There may be discomfort, but as is always mentioned, “labor” for “birthing” is discomforting too.

It is almost time for us to “crown” and for the cosmos to say “push”.

Stay in the LIGHT!

More By Dr. Schavi

The Portal Of The Grand Conjunction

The Portal Of The Grand Conjunction

Saturn arrived into Aquarius early this morning, Thursday, December 17th, 2020, shortly after midnight (Eastern Standard Time). Jupiter will arrive there on December 19th or 20th according to individual time zones. On December 21st, these two planets will dance together which is the same day as the Winter and Summer Solstices in the two hemispheres. Portals of energy in the cosmos always overlap. As soon as one portal has closed, another one opens.

Sri Matre Mandir: Temple Of The Divine Mother

Sri Matre Mandir: Temple Of The Divine Mother

Whether we are at home dealing with various activities or at our career and job offices or even driving in busy loud traffic, we can always take time to enter SRI MATRE MANDIR, the “Temple of the Divine Mother”, in our consciousness and move up into our super-consciousness by doing so.

Global Peace And Healing Invitation: Meditate Into The Light!

Global Peace And Healing Invitation: Meditate Into The Light!

Please join people around the world for the “GLOBAL PEACE AND HEALING MEDITATION” which I have been blessed to establish. We are in the height of the portal of the powerful “Total Solar Eclipse” which will occur on Monday, December 14, 2020 in Sagittarius at 23 degrees in the Tropical Zodiac beginning at approximately 11:17 AM (EST). It will last for three hours as the Sun is increasingly darkened. This is also the time of the New Moon.

The Energetics Of 2021 – What It Means To Be “Hu-Man”

The Energetics Of 2021 – What It Means To Be “Hu-Man”

By the time that the year 2021 arrives in January, there will have been the “Total Solar Eclipse” in fiery Sagittarius (Tropical Zodiac), and Jupiter and Saturn will have embraced in Aquarius. Mercury will join the embrace in Aquarius on January 9th. However, Mercury will retrograde on January 30th until February 20th.

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity

Emerging Shift And Light Intensity

For many days now, as Earth/Gaia has entered the “Eclipse Portal” as well as the “Solstice Portal” (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere on December 21st) and also the approach of the the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn within two degrees of each other on the same day as the Solstices, solar winds have been far over their normal 300 to 400 km/s into the elevated 500s, and solar flares have been in the high “B-Class” and “C-Class” levels.

December Cosmic Attunements

December Cosmic Attunements

We are in the “Eclipse Portal” and have had a Lunar Eclipse on November 30th, and there will be a Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th followed after by the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere on December 21st.

Photonic Blast Of Splendour

Photonic Blast Of Splendour

Several days prior to both a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse and for several days afterwards is the “Eclipse Portal”. Stronger solar events happen at this time, and they affect every aspect of creation! These solar flares are electromagnetic radiation at its most intense–PHOTONIC LIGHT which is transformational to our DNA.

Eclipse Season -The Spiritual Aspect Of Its Opening And Closing Portals

Eclipse Season -The Spiritual Aspect Of Its Opening And Closing Portals

The first eclipse of what is called the “Eclipse Season” begins with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday, November 30, 2020 in Gemini in the Tropical/Western Zodiac (all types of communication such as spiritual downloads, conversations, technology) and in Taurus in the Sidereal/Vedic Zodiac (beauty, strength, material values, economical development).

Quantum Light!

Quantum Light!

The term “QUANTUM” is defined as the smallest unit of a substance or thing, and the smallest unit of matter is an atom. “LIGHT” is photonic energy particles. In other words, and for brief explanation, “Photons” consist of “Light” particles. Thus, “QUANTUM LIGHT” is the smallest unit of photonic energy steadily emitted from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy (which is in the constellation of Sagittarius) and then to each planet in the galaxy which includes Earth/Gaia.

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