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Easter Island Ops - Part 1 - Lev

Easter Island Ops

Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Easter Island Ops – Part 1 – By Lev

In the operations of the Light Forces’ ground team, the special ops on Easter Island have special importance.

Easter Island played one of the key roles in the structure of the Black Archons to enslave the Earth and the Local Universe.

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Easter Island Ops - Easter Island And South America

Easter Island And South America

Easter Island Ops

​There was one of the most powerful generators and Death Beacons on Earth and in the Local Universe. But it was more than that.

This little island in the Pacific Ocean was also the location of Hombres Pajaro (Bird Men), the Dark Hierarchy’s Portal for situational access to the Local Universe’s Logos, the Stone Balls – the latent black holes…

Generally, it was all one solid territory of Death.

Geologically, Easter Island is part of a high mountain, the sanctuary of an ancient civilization on the pro-continent Pacifide.

It is all that remained of the mainland.

The rest sunk into the water. The last volcanic eruption here occurred 3 million years ago.

What was the Death Beacon?

After the flooding of the Pacifide as a result of the planetary cataclysm caused by the precessional Poles shift, the colossal cosmic-energetic infrastructure of the continent was submerged.

With the onset of Cosmic Night and the invasion of Earth by the Archons, the Light and Dark Forces began a fierce struggle for what was left of the Pacifide.

Easter Island Ops - Easter Island

Easter Island

Easter Island Ops

Easter Island Ops - Pacifide Continent

Pacifide Continent

Easter Island Ops

The Dark Hierarchy managed to seize the surviving land and create their demonic Portals on it.

All around the perimeter of the island, the Black Archons placed 997 moai, stone statues carved from a single piece of rock (see map).

They served as antennas and screens, enclosing specific areas.

All were linked to the Space Portal, though they are capable of situational rearrangement and other functions.

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Easter Island Ops - Moai


Easter Island Ops

Like the pyramids, the statues are multifunctional. They can operate in passive and active mode.

As repeaters and simultaneously capacitors of cosmic energy, all moai in the complex form a giant parabolic antenna transducer.

The focus of the antenna, where the gazes (energy vectors) of almost all 900 moai are directed, is the crater at the top of Maunga Terevaka Mountain.

Easter Island Ops - The Focus On Maunga Terevaka

The Focus On Maunga Terevaka

Easter Island Ops

The whole territory of Easter Island is a single energy and information mechanism, the computer of Death.

All Portals were interconnected with each other. Together they formed a unified system that complements, reinforces and, if necessary, replaces individual elements.

Such a supreme organization proves the extreme significance that Black Archons attached to the Portal.

What was in this territory when the Earth was created? Usually, the fierce battles between the Hierarchies of Darkness and Light were fought only for very important places.

What is now left in the Easter Island area was originally a Sanctuary (Temple) of Life. It contained the primary Matrix (Life Crystal) of the Creator.

Easter Island Ops - Life Crystal

Life Crystal

Easter Island Ops

Unfortunately, the Light Forces failed to evacuate and save it in time. Black Archons turned Life Crystal into the Matrix of Death.

It was a heavy blow for the Absolute. The Life Source became the generator and accumulator of necro-energy, ensuring the existence of the Dark Hierarchy not only on Earth but also in the Local Universe.

All attempts of the Light Forces to return the Life evolution to its original direction were suppressed by the Black Archons. For that, they used the system of space Death Portals, the main of which was located on Easter Island.

As a Death Beacon, the space-energy infrastructure of the island was periodically activated and spread throughout the Local Universe the pulses containing the information codes of Death and suppression of Life.

Easter Island Ops - Death Beacon

Death Beacon

Easter Island Ops

They were transmitted on the DNA frequencies of different Life forms in the Universe and were received by them. After all, DNA spirals are powerful antennas tuned to receive and transmit signals.

The zombifying program of Death and Destruction they accepted left no chance to restore the former programs of Life.

The main Death impulse came from Earth. Then it was received and transmitted further by a whole system of repeaters in different parts of the Local Universe.

It’s easy to imagine the situation of the poor people of Easter Island. During the 10 days spent there, members of the ground crew saw it themselves by talking with many of the insulars.

Testing them, Lightwarriors felt shocked. Everyone’s level of subconscious aggression was off the charts.

Easter Island Ops - Insulars


Easter Island Ops

Even the indigo children were hit, though they try to resist. Amazingly, they could remain human at all under such conditions.

Lightwarriors, as well, have experienced firsthand what it is like to live near the Death Beacon.

One night they woke up feeling a jolt of fear. Then they became hysterical for no reason. Tears sprang from their eyes. All thoughts were of death, of the meaninglessness and doom of life.

For about half an hour they stupidly walked first back and forth through the hotel and then out into the surrounding area. The state of mind was insane.

Somehow the program and the fear of Death were transmitted into their minds. And the ugly faces of the moai kept popping up before their eyes.

Easter Island Ops - Ugly Faces Popping Up

Ugly Faces Popping Up

Easter Island Ops

In the morning, Co-Creators who backed all ops explained what happened. They focused the Death Beacon’s radiation on Lightwarriors for they could better study and understand how it works.

Indeed, they had a good sense of WHAT was being sent from our Earth into the Local Universe, and how much these Death impulses were poisoning Life in it.

The team members benefited greatly from prior training before the operations on Easter Island. It included studying the Matrix of Death, which they were tasked with not only eliminating but restoring to its original Divine state.

About a month before the journey, Co-Creators divided the Matrix of Death into parts and inserted into the Monads and manifestation bodies of Lightwarriors.

By the Absolute Light, they cleansed it of the necro-negative and karmic substance. The segments were then partially assembled in Lightwarriors as the basis of the reborn Life Matrix.

Easter Island Ops - Manifestation Body

Manifestation Body

Easter Island Ops

The last segment of the Matrix of Death was installed in them just before they landed on Easter Island when it was already visible in the plane’s porthole.

The entire primary Life Matrix was fully restored by Lightwarriors in the first operation on the Island.

The final chord was the saturation of the Matrix with the united energies of the team members’ Monads and the two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, the carriers of the primary Male and Female Foundations of the Local Universe Absolute.

The next day, the team members went to the highest point of Easter Island, where the energy vectors of all the moai are focused, on Maunga Terevaka. There, in a spot of the Matrix of Death, Lightwarriors installed the Matrix of Life.

Before that, during the whole night, they completely activated it in their united Monads. Immediately after its installation, the first impulse of Life vibration was carried out from it.

The transformed infrastructure of the former Death Beacon was used. The impulse spread throughout the Local Universe through its Logos to which there was direct access from this location.

Immediately a response pulse came from the Universe’s Logos which was received on Maunga Terevaka and retransmitted further throughout the Local Universe. The whole system started working. The Death Beacon became the Lighthouse of Life. New Life.

The next operation on Easter Island was related to the Bird Men (Hombres Pajaro).

Easter Island Ops - Maunga Teravaka

Maunga Teravaka

Easter Island Ops

These creatures existed on the physical and still exist on the Subtle Plane. Hombre Pajaro, as Intelligence form, was artificially developed by Black Archons applying the DNI crossbreeding of a human and a feathered species.

Easter Island, with its powerful energy and remoteness from the rest of civilization, was an ideal incubator.

In addition to the 104 dormant volcano craters, the energy was provided by the moai. They created, in addition to the Death Zone, a Life Zone, based on Death, all around the perimeter of the Island. It was a Hombres Pajaro colony.

Unlike the Death Beacon with its focus on the top of Maunga Terevaka, the main Hombres Pajaro Portal was the mound at Anakena Bay.

Black Archons had high hopes for Hombre Pajaro in their crazy plans. It was supposed to be used to take over other worlds and planets in the Local Universe.

Hombre Pajaro was seen as a means of displacing and removing the dominant Intelligence forms on the ground. Including human beings on this planet.

Easter Island Ops - Hombre Pajaro

Hombre Pajaro

Easter Island Ops

Possessing great strength, Hombre Pajaro was resistant to survival, to adverse external conditions. It fed exclusively on the blood and flesh of living beings, mostly humans.

But there was one disadvantage. Its eggs needed special greenhouse conditions to mature.

Black Archons created such conditions. The eggs laid by Hombres Pajaro were matured in special incubators scattered all over the island (called the chicken houses).

Here they bred, and for a time lived in caves, of which there are many on Easter Island. Recently a skeleton and skull of Hombre Pajaro (see photo) was found in one of them.

Eggs and born Hombres Pajaro were delivered then by Black Archons to locations where they planned to use them for aggressive purposes.

Thus, the Hombres Pajaro race was becoming another branch of evolution.

Easter Island Ops - Skeleton Of Hombre Pajaro

Skeleton Of Hombre Pajaro

Easter Island Ops

A question is: What on this barren island did they feed such an army of Hombres Pajaro? The answer is one: people.

With their long beak, they sucked the blood of their prey, which was their main delicacy. They did not disdain meat either but it was a secondary source of nourishment.

It took place on stone platforms (ahu) which were used as pedestals for the moai.

There is 255 ahu on Easter Island. Each of them is a Portal. They are also capacitors, amplifiers, and accumulators of Subtle energy. Together with the moai, ahu form a microchip.

Many ahu are filled with and emit a strong destructive necro-energy. The reason is that under each of them are mass graves of human remains. That is, each ahu is a mini cemetery.

Black Archons built such necrotic Portals all around Island.

Easter Island Ops - Ahu


Easter Island Ops

It wasn’t an ordinary sacrifice to mythical gods. People were simply fed alive to Hombres Pajaro. The bones were burned and buried with a stone on top.

By the number of stones, it’s easy to count the number of Hombres Pajaro sacrificed and fed alive. There are hundreds of thousands of them.

The entire territory of Easter Island was looped by necro-Portals, creating a powerful zone of necro-reality. It was impossible to escape from it.

But it was the right place for the incubator and the Death Beacon because Death and necro-energy served as food for the Hombres Pajaro.

During the sacrifice, there was also a capture of the Souls and Monads of people. And in some of them, there were integrated latent black holes.

One can imagine this hellish combination – human Souls, the necro-world, and black holes.

On clairvoyant viewing, the team members were surprised to find no ascended human souls in the ahu or at all on Easter Island. It turned out that the Higher Light Hierarchy had conducted a huge evacuation there long before the arrival of the ground team.

Easter Island Ops - Souls Evacuation

Souls Evacuation

Easter Island Ops

So, Easter Island was once a colony, incubator, and reproductive base of the Hombres Pajaro. The low stone buildings for the eggs have been preserved all over the territory. They were placed above the spots that gave access to the underground labyrinth.

The Hombres Pajaro was very much guarded. The mythical Spirit of Easter Island, Aku-Aku, in whom every inhabitant believes and fears, is pure truth.

Aku-Aku is a Thin-Material robotic entity created by the Black Archons. It is self-learning and programmed to guard the eggs of Hombres Pajaro.

The members of the ground team had to face this entity very seriously still being at home. A month before the operation, they began to study the Hombres Pajaro and everything related to them.

Higher Light Hierarchy had serious concerns that there might be some hidden Black Archon device inside the Hombres Pajaro eggs, and that the mutant served just as a carrier and a distraction.

Hierarchs seized three Hombres Pajaro eggs on the Thin Plane of Easter Island and then introduced them into the Monad of the Ground Team Leader to be thoroughly examined and carefully cleaved.

But the unforeseen began. The guardian robotic entity Aku-Aku immediately followed the trail of the seized eggs and came upon the Lightwarrior.

Easter Island Ops - Aku Aku


Easter Island Ops

After that hybrid of astral robot and artificial Intelligence detected and investigated the target, it tried to snatch its prey from the Monad of the group leader.

Lightwarrior began to fight back vigorously, at first just parrying the heavy energy blows, not understanding what was going on.

The Council of Co-Creators was urgently convened, and the following decision was made…


(To be continued)

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