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Earth Heart Portal Operation

The Great Quantum Transition

Earth Heart Portal Operation

The Light Forces Ops

Earth Heart Portal Operation. By Lev.

On September 6, 2020, the Light Forces conducted the second stage of the operation near the Earth Heart Portal, which was earlier described by DNI (see Galactic Rehabilitation 2020 – Light Forces Operations. Disclosure News, on 22 August 2020).

The objective of the first stage of the operation was the extraction and destruction of an energy harpoon by which the Dark Hierarchs on 11-12 August 2020 have tried to strike a fatal blow to the Earth’s Core (Heart) in its Portal localization near Bald Mountain. The harpoon was an extension of the Demonic Worlds Axis created by the Archons during the Cosmic Night.

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Earth Heart Portal Operation - Bald-Mountain Uinta Range Wyoming

Bald Mountain Uinta Range Wyoming

Earth Heart Portal Operation


The blow would have reached its goal if, in the last seconds, the Higher Self of one of the Light Forces ground team leaders had not blocked the Earth Heart with his Radiant Body. The Light Warrior almost died in the process, but still annihilated the remnants of the harpoon with his powerful vibration pulse.

On the Earth Body, there was a deep and extremely painful wound, extending almost to the planet’s Core, which caused severe pain (strong anomalies on the Subtle Plane), like it was when the harpoon entered. Closing the wound was the task of the Light Forces’ second stage of Earth Hart Portal Operation.

The operation is remarkable in that it shows the technique of the Light Forces’ ground teams working not only to destroy the Dark Forces’ infrastructure on the entire planet but also to restore the Earth as part of the Great Quantum Transition.

Earth Heart Portal Operation - Earth Core

Earth Core

Earth Heart Portal Operation


For security reasons, the names of the participants in the operation and its localization are not disclosed.

The operation was carried out by the LFs’ ground team and Higher Light Hierarchy. In addition to the main team working directly on the site, other LightWorkers and LightWarriors actively participated from different geographical locations.

On September 5, 2020, at 20.00 local time, they have tested the technique of the upcoming interaction.

Attuned to each other and securely grounded, all first united their energies and directed them to the Earth Heart, then – to their Single Logos, and then placed it in the field of one planet’s sacred mountains. Not forgetting to greet it’s Keepers.

According to the original plan, the Logos, which consists of multidimensional Light Entities, was to be used as a tool for Earth’s wound closure. To do this, it was necessary to pump it with additional energy.

Earth Heart Portal Operation - Logos


Earth Heart Portal Operation


Merging with the energy field of the sacred mountain, the Logos shone with a bright light and took the form of an Antahkarana. It spun clockwise and went up and down the mountain’s energy field several times. The radiation of the joint field increased several times, covering the entire space from the bottom to the top with a bright golden cloud.

The mountain became transparent and all lit up, turning into a Portal. The LightWorkers were also present in it with their Thin Bodies. The Portal began to transmit Purple Light around the edges in ring-shaped waves that rose like a fountain. All formed a single structure that vibrated with Light.

After a few minutes, the golden sphere split into two foci. The lower one went to the Earth Core, scanned, and supported it. The second focus rose high in the Subtle Plane, where it synchronized with the field of all the local Temples, and then with the Thin Bodies of the operation participants, increasing their energy.

As the interaction became stable, the Logos began to palpitate. First, there was a powerful fast vertical pulse from above, like a lightning bolt, then – in the lowest register was consistently poured out in waves in the horizontal direction.

Earth Heart Portal Operation - Lightworker


Earth Heart Portal Operation


Everything happened rhythmically, like breathing. Each vertical exhalation was followed by an expansion of the horizontal impact. Horizontal spherical waves carried information load, decoding of the Light Codes.

The energies of the sacred mountain and the Higher Light Entities strengthened the axial framework of the Logos, rooted it in the Earth’s Core. All the multidimensional Entities and Subtle Bodies were on full alert.

At the same time, the ground team was clearing the negativity from the Bald Mountain next to the Portal. The LightWorkers burned, annihilated the remnants of the negative substance accumulated in it. Flashes pop, and explosions shook every cell of the body and multidimensional bodies. The temperature soared. The heart and spine were severely stressed.

By the beginning of the main work, everything was ready. 

The Logos of the group established interaction with the Logos of the planet through the Earth Core along the grid of all planetary passages-connections. Logos sprouted into each other, forming a common crystal structure and energy field. All multidimensional beings passed the test.

Archangel Michael charged the Logos with light-flame, and other Higher Light Hierarchs too, adding new energies and impulses.

Then a hologram appeared in the air in front of the operation participants: a valley filled with Light, Love, and Goodness. Maitreya, El Morya, The Goddess Zoe, The Archangel Michael, The Pleroma, The Absolute…

This meant that the Logos of the surface group – the Child of Light, Earth, Sun, and Absolutes – had undergone a multi-dimensional Divine Initiation.

The next day, September 6, 2020, at 18.00 local time, the main work began – to close the wound inflicted by the Dark Forces harpoon. One part of LightWorkers operated through the group’s Logos, the other independently.

Earth Heart Portal Operation - El Morya

El Morya

Earth Heart Portal Operation


How exactly? The word – to the participants themselves.

S. I had put on protection. It covered the entire globe. United in a Single Spiritual Whole with all LightWorkers. Sent Light and Love to Bald Mountain…

A. I did not put protection, only wreaths for the multidimensionality of the Love color energies. Sensations at the beginning of work were like epilepsy: twitching arms, legs, pain from both sides of the chest. Then a deep sigh and energy began to gush out. Then another sigh, already light, and everything became harmonious, calmed down, and the breath became light. The energy from the Earth Heart became colored circles rising higher and higher. Worked for 21 minutes…

C. At the beginning of the work, tears flowed. For a moment, I saw a knight on a horse with a spear in his hands. Then there was a powerful beam, woven from the flame of the LightWorkers’ hearts, going to the Earth Heart. Saw the release of many captured souls from Pangaea…

E. As soon as I started to work, tears immediately flowed and there was a dull pain in the back of my heart. My energy was sinking somewhere, this place was so deeply wounded. It seemed that it was impossible to fill it with Love, it was as if it was numb. At some point, I called the Higher Light Hierarchs. A blinding white stream began to flow, and my heart began to warm. The stream completely erased the traumatic event…

Earth Heart Portal Operation - Help to Earth

 Help to Earth

Earth Heart Portal Operation


U. About two and a half hours before work, the mess started. When I began working with Earth vessels, I thought that all the vessels on my feet would break. It felt like acid is leaking through my veins…

A. I have some kind of acid burning through the blood vessels, brain, heart, and all the bones, just on the wall you could climb. Shivers as under a high-voltage discharge and a waterfall of tears. Thank God I was alive…

U. During the work, many souls seemed to peel off from the walls of a deep trench and ascend to a Thin Plane in a pyramid similar to the Mexican Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan. Immediately it became easier…

V. Filled the entire place with Purple Flames and closed the Earth Heart in an Emerald Healing Sphere-Matrix…

M. I called on the help of the God Mother and Christ with Ennoia. I was protected. When there was full contact with the Bald Mountain and the Earth Heart, a strong chakral cough, yawning, and tears began. The left shoulder blade felt like it was being electrocuted.
The energies of my heart were seen as thin golden threads with light buds. They ran in streams, twisting, to the Earth Heart. After about 20 minutes, I lay down and felt bad. I felt cold inside, like a refrigerator, even though my hands and body were warm to the touch. Shakes. I drank hot tea and put on a fur jacket. Helped…

T. So the work carried out. Tears flowed from empathy for the Earth’s pain. In the end, I called upon the Perfect Light Mandala to remove and dissolve the residual negativity…

N. We have created a Love Crystal by our energies. It worked as an amplifier of our vibrations, and as a lens for the energies of the Higher Light Entities, and our aspects. Our Love Crystal magnetized them to the ground. Through us, the Higher Light Hierarchs could, without violating the Cosmic Laws, apply their energies to heal the Earth’s Heart and the planet’s Logos.

I invoked the Violet Fire, the Green Healing Energies of Archangel Raphael and Archaea Maria, and the Energies of Amrita Zoya with her Life-Giving Balm. They joined, stitched the wounds, and flooded them with their energies until injury completely disappeared.

The main work through me was at the highest level, and I, the earthling, anchored their energies in 3D, like all of us who participated in the work.

The night before, after interacting with the Logos and the sacred mountain, the energies were flowing through me all night. They were powerful and at the same time soft and kind. They passed through me to Earth and were distributed according to their purpose. The same thing happened when the Earth Heart was healed. They still don’t stop…

Earth Heart Portal Operation - Skagit County Washington

Skagit County Washington

Earth Heart Portal Operation


While working, I received information that the Higher Light Forces restore the self-healing mechanism of the planet’s Heart and Logos itself…

E. A huge preliminary work was very important. When we started, it turned out to be two-phase. The first one was tentative and cautious, the second was stronger. The impression that someone was carefully pulling out, or had already pulled out, the harpoon’s remains. Sounds like air bubbles or blood coming out of a wound in the clearing space of the Earth. The channel turned out to be a Bright Ray of Love. The Higher Light Hierarchs approved: you, guys, are doing a great job…

E. The Earth had been eagerly awaiting for this help. The black harpoon caused unimaginable torment to the planet. Infinite Gratitude, Joy, and Relief was in the Earth’s Heart when the operation’s participants were finally able to remove this harpoon and free the Earth from it.

The wound will probably heal for a long time, and the pain on this Earth’s long-suffering will be felt for a long time.

The Higher Selves worked without interruption to help and support the Earth Heart. The work took place in the very dense loving vibrations. All participants united and generated a lot of Love and Light, carefully and gently filled the wound with It, and life-giving energies…

N. When I began to work, the energy of Love and Light flow and felt so intense that I was suffocating. Then – the heaviness on the heart, I went out to catch my breath and lost consciousness. At one o’clock in the morning, I woke up from an internal shaking that lasted 40 minutes. Sent waves of Love, enveloping by it the Earth Core, calmed me and the wounded Heart…

V. Before working, I turned on the co-settings with the Archangel Rays. This helped connect them to the action. But I still had to work in defense. The small attacks of the Black Entities did not stop. I joined the group on the Bald Mountain top. In the center of it, a funnel formed with a left rotation. The mixed energies of the Archangels worked.

First, something black was extracted from the funnel. Then the rotation changed to the right, and the energy of Love poured into the Earth from our Hearts. In parallel, the healing Rays of the Archangels poured in. I looked in the morning – the Mountain was looking like a scar, but a powerful Ray of Light comes from the center…

D. As soon as the work started I sent Love, poured the Amrita energy. The Heart Crystal warmed up long before the work began, during the day. In the course of work, I saw a huge gaping wound as it was processed with Love Energy. They showed me how it was sewn together with threads of Light. Then there was a large scar, which, as the Hierarchs explained, will gradually resolve if we continue to heal it.


(To be continued)

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