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Dracos And Reptiloids - Part 2 - Lev

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 – By Lev

Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee reconstructed the most complete and detailed picture of which channels the Life Energy is draining from earthlings today. Of entire gigantic parasitic infrastructure of Dracos and reptiloids.

The former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe built it to support Life in his Dark and Grey eons and their civilizations. Schematically it looks like a pyramid and The Clipoth (Death Tree), or in other spelling – The Qliphoth (Reverse Tree), at the same time.

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Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - The Clipoth

The Clipoth

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

On the energy plane, any pyramid is a double fractal in which the upper and lower parts are similar, as in a mirror image.

What we have known so far about the world’s parasitic system is only its smallest part. It is immeasurably bigger, more complicated, and meaner.

The top of the vampire pyramid is the Anti-Pleroma’s core.

The base of the pyramid is our 3D Earth.

The field from the base to the bottom is the inner Earth.

The lowest part is the “lower” pole of the Anti-Pleroma, a micro-copy of its core.

The top and bottom of the parasitic pyramid are connected by a single channel, a “pipe” that pumps out the Life Energy from the Earth’s vital field.

It works on the principle of classical, well-known to all, financial pyramid in which the overtaken assets are entirely accumulated and redistributed within the pyramid itself.

All of its participants take the cream off of it.

The higher the hierarchical level of the vampire pyramid, the more cream those who sit on it get.

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Octahedron


Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

Such a scheme operates not only on Earth but in all Grey eons where the trunk and the crown of the The Clipoth go.

Maximum energies receive the one who is at the very top.

So who is it?

It used to be the Black Co-Creator of our Local Universe.

It was he who developed and controlled this Universal vampiric system, and it all worked for him in the end.

Supreme Hierarch did not take for himself ALL of the Life Energy taken away.

He kept just as much as was necessary for the survival of those who served the pyramid – the reptiloids.

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Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Local Universe's Black Co-Creator

Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Life Energy

Life Energy

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

Power is being siphoned off on absolutely all levels, from all existing sources, reservoirs of Life Energy in:







This is the meaning of the Death Tree.

Its trunk serves as a vertical energy channel.

Every branch and leaf, even the smallest are the tentacles and suction cups of a vampire.

In the mineral realm, the drain of Life Energy occurs through a group of vampiric minerals: black diamond, graphite, and until recently haematite (see – The Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation, Parts 1 and 2)…

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Black Diamond

Black Diamond

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

In the plant kingdom, the siphoning of vital energy occurs through a group of vampiric plants…

In the animal world – through vampiric animals and insects: some kinds of spiders, scorpions, mosquitoes, and flies. The last two are record-breakers in sucking out people’s psychic Life Energy, and everybody knows that very well…

An important source of vital power is water. It is structured in two types on the planet. Abstracting from the icy state, it is seawater and freshwater.

Despite the similarity, they even have different formats of the Causal Matrix.

The freshwater bioenergy was withdrawn through the stealth virus installed in its Causal Matrix. Using it, Darkis drained destructive energy-information substances.

During the ops in conjunction with the Earth’s High Curators, Lightwarriors deactivated the freshwater Causal Matrix and linked it with its temporary analog.

Soon a completely different Matrix of a new water state will start working. It will be liquid crystal or aqua-vita-plasma.

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Aqua-Vita-Plasma


Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

Things are different with seawater which constitutes the bulk of the planetary water element.

Darkis installed the parasitic modules into it not on the Causal level, but the Subtle Plan.

Reptiloids, as builders and maintainers of the vampiric system, have created a planetary network of Portals which serve as reactors for collecting, filtering, and crystallizing the bio-energy component of seawater substances.

By its principle, it is similar to filtering huge water masses and extracting from them of feeding plankton by some species of sea inhabitants.

On a physical level, the network of Portals in the seas and oceans is based on large whirlpools. The biggest of them are:

Saltstraumen in Norway. Here they could be up to 13 meters in diameter and 8 meters deep (see – The LFs Ops In Sweden and Norway);

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Saltstraumen In Norway

Saltstraumen In Norway

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

Moskstraumen in the Pacific Ocean. Edgar Allan Poe made this whirlpool famous in his mystical short story The Descent into the Maelstrom. It can reach 80 meters in diameter, making it dangerous even for large vessels;

Corryvreckan Bay’s whirlpool in Scotland. It is considered by divers to be one of the most dangerous dive sites…

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Corryvreckan Bay Whirlpool

Corryvreckan Bay Whirlpool

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

DNI plans to give more details about energetic water purification ops. It is important to note that the Higher Light Hierarchy used precisely the system of parasitic Portals as a tool for purification of Monads from karma.

During the unprecedented vampiric activity of the Darkies’ Portals in July-August 2021, great and invaluable aid was provided to Earth by the Dolphin and Whale space civilizations – their Earth incarnate representatives.

Sacrificing themselves, they have heroically contained the virtually out-of-control growth of these Portals’ activity.

They have distributed the Portals geographically among themselves and have extinguished their work throughout this turbulent time… Many thanks to them for that!

But other parts of the gigantic and multi-level system of sucking mental and vital energy out of humanity continue to operate.

Vampiric egregores, wars, crises, epidemics, various cults, phobias, fears, casinos, some sports, movies, television, MSM, the porn industry, human and drug trafficking – the list is endless.

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Casino


Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

Another sphere of vampirism is the human organism: free radicals, destructive genes, viruses, and pathogens… All of them are also a part of the general mechanism.

Darkis have created a system of energy grids and spheres, Portals, karmic burial grounds, generators, accumulators, and transmitters of negative energy for their needs on the Subtle Plane. The DNI has been describing this infrastructure and Light Forces dozens operations to dismantle and destroy it in great detail for over a year.

But Life Energy is much more multifaceted.

It is the Earth’s Pranic Energy (Life Energy in the air).

It is aqua vita-plasma energy (Life Energy in water).

It is the Solar vital energy (Life Energy contained in the Sunlight).

It is the Stars’ vital energy coming to us from certain Stellar’s donors.

Finally, it is the vital energy of the Milky Way’s Central Sun, coming to us via the Galactic Ray from the Galactic Logos core.

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Milky Way Central Sun Energy

Milky Way Central Sun Energy

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

All kinds of vital energies together form what is called the Universal Life Energy or Amrita.

Earth’s global parasitic-vampiric system works 24/7 non-stop. And it continues to run, though not as intensively as recently.

The upper part of the infrastructure is damaged or destroyed by joint operations of Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, friendly space races, and Lightwarriors’ ground teams.

The next step is to dismantle the middle part (base) and the lower part of the parasitic octahedron. It is a more difficult task as the pyramid base is densely populated by us, earthmen. Therefore the problem is solved in a complex with other operations on the Subtle and physical plan.

Recently, many elements of the pyramid’s foundation have been disassembled. Partially it has been “disassembled” itself, automatically, after the termination of existence on different levels of Life Energy’s consumers.

What is left of it now? Some segments on the Earth physical and the Subtle Plane. And the lower levels, the inner Earth with the roots and the Anti-Pleroma core’s copy.

After the elimination of the top of the Death Tree, its lower part became the main receiver, consumer, and redistributor of the pumped-out Life Energy of the Earth and people.

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Anti-Pleroma Core's Copy

Anti-Pleroma Core’s Copy

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

What is the core’s copy as energy?

It is the primordial cell of karma. It was self-born in the Black Co-Creator when he betrayed the Source. The cell represents a critical mutation of the Pleroma’s substance, the Perfect Light.

Later the cell (its copies, clones) became the prototype, the centerpiece of many Black and Grey eons, entities, structures, etc.


Absolutely black body at any temperature absorbs all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it in all ranges.

Thus, its absorptivity (the ratio of absorbed energy to incident energy) is equal to 1 for all frequencies, propagation directions, and polarization.

Despite the name, a perfectly black body itself can emit electromagnetic radiation of any frequency and visually have a color.

The study of the black body radiation laws was one of the prerequisites for the appearance of quantum mechanics.

The fundamental function of the primordial cell of karma and its physical manifestation – the absolutely black body – is the ability to attract to itself everything that is needed. It is also a universal magnet.

So the core of the Earth’s infrastructure of the parasitic system is the micro-copy, the aspect of the first karma cell. And that explains everything.

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Black Body

This absolute magnet pulls on itself through a multi-level system and planetary network of different Portals the pumped out Life Energy. And if earlier the magnet used to send most of it upwards, now it absorbs it all by itself.

The system continues to function in autonomous, programmed mode. Lately, some protocol has self-activated, triggering a frantic afterburner of the entire system.

The core of the Death Tree, which was in a semi-dormant state, was activated and through the planetary system of vampiric Portals began to intensively draw Life Energy from everywhere.

At the same time, it sends it almost nowhere, i.e., IT GROWS FAST. What does this mean?

It’s a new attempt at revenge for the Darkies. They’re going all in. What are they trying to accomplish?

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - They Are Going All In

They Are Going All In

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

There is only one most powerful magnet on the Earth – its core (Crystal). It plays the main role in providing and redistributing the Life Energy in our system. The Earth’s core is the basis of the planet’s vita-power, atmosphere, magnetic field, etc.

If to create a magnet that is more powerful than the Earth’s core, the attraction of the Galactic Ray will automatically, according to the laws of physics, switch over and lock onto it.

The reptiloids’ plan was simple: why pick up crumbs and “scraps” from the parasitic Clipoth when they can take over the whole system and be at its helm? And distribute to whom and how much Life Energy to give…

If before it was absolutely impossible, now it has become absolutely real. The threat was very serious. In fact, it’s a new Armageddon, hopefully, the last one.

In mid-August 2021 the situation became catastrophic. All efforts of the Higher Light Hierarchy concentrated on restraining the growth of the parasitic Death Tree’s core.

On August 17, the situation was taken under full control due to the inconceivable efforts of the group of Co-Creators and Hierarchs and the self-sacrificing actions of the Light beings. They created a sarcophagus from their bodies of manifestation and densely covered with selves the Clipoth’s core. That stopped its growth.

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2 - Situation Is Under Full Control

Situation Is Under Full Control

Dracos And Reptiloids Part 2

In September, the Galactic Committee with the Light Reptiloids planned to begin a full deactivation of the parasitic system on Earth.

But another pandemic outbreak, an inner reptiloids’ showdown, and a more important operation that DNI will narrate shortly intervened…For now, deactivation is on hold.

More by Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In Operation 4th Universe, one of the most difficult problems was the Monads. Partially, DNI already covered this topic (see – Operation in Germany, Part 2; and Our Monad, Parts 1, 2 and 3). In this sphere, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe has left a terrible legacy. What was it? Why it was so difficult for removing?

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

With the advent of the Cosmic Day in 2023-2024, the manifestation of the Absolute in the Local Universe will increase. Its goal is to help all existing Intelligence forms become Absolute-like. So that they can hold Its undistorted smallest particle and assimilate Absolute Light, that is, the environment in which It reigns supreme.

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Any awakening is the decision exclusively of the Monad (Soul), which has materialized its manifestation body here, in 3D, and depends on a huge amount of factors. According to the circumstances, for gaining experience, the Monad can take advantage of external favorable conditions for awakening, or it can continue to receive what she needs through the subconscious of the embodied “sleeping” person.

Our Adjustment – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Adjustment – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Since the Summer Solstice on June 21, the energy vibrations on the planet have changed significantly. Their freqs increased dramatically, and now that background is no longer decreasing. All withstand it differently. But there are similar things. What is happening now on the Subtle Plane?

Argorians Update 08 September 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 08 September 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On September 8th, 2022, at 7:58 AM CET, from the Siriusians’ tracking station at 23D on the Moon, the current monitoring data of Earth and earthlings came. Earth has entered a stream of high-density quantum Intelligence particles. The rocking of the planet is gaining momentum. Events on a planet are accelerating.

Oblique Sail – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Oblique Sail – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The cosmic energies of September will bring to the surface and highlight as vividly as possible the most important topics and problems of the outgoing 3D and the advancing 5D world. Under the impact of powerful Jupiter’s vibrations, the positive vector will continue to strengthen, while the negative one will sink deeper and deeper into an existential crisis.

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