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Douglas Macregor - How Do We End This Catastrophe?

Douglas Macregor

How Do We End This Catastrophe?

Douglas Macregor – How Do We End This Catastrophe?

It’s not just President Biden, this is a a bipartisan effort by what I call the uniparty because he’s got support from Republicans and Democrats in great numbers to keep this destructive and pointless proxy war against Russia going as long as possible.

He’s ultimately interested, or at least his supporters are or his managers or handlers whatever you want to call it, to keep this thing going in perpetuity.

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I mean this is a cash cow, sadly, for a lot of the wrong people in Washington. A friend of mine pointed out to me the other day said… Doug have you taken a ride around Washington DC drive, through Potomac Maryland and then over to Great Falls and McLean and so forth and see the enormous Estates Mansions, whatever you want to call them that have sprung up in these areas largely as a consequence of this unending series of interventions and wars?

These are people that have operated within the broader framework of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex and they’ve stuffed huge quantities of cash into their pockets, Ukraine promises.

Douglas Macregor - How Do We End This Catastrophe? - Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex - MICC

Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex $$$ – MICC

Douglas Macregor – How Do We End This Catastrophe?

In case for some reason the cash cow called Ukraine stops producing we’ve always got China and the imminent threat to Taiwan which of course is nonsense.

So these things are all part and parcel of the same thing, how do we sustain this 28 billion dollars here, 30 billion dollars there that pays people very very well inside the Department of Defense, the Pentagon and the defense Industries and so forth?

It justifies lots of pointless headquarters and four stars and so on

First of all it doesn’t matter what Biden does because you can undo executive arrangements overnight, this is not a treaty that was approved by the Senate that then becomes law so whatever whatever he thinks he’s doing when he signs something as an executive agreement those things can be overturned in 24 hours with a new president.

So then the next question is, how does it end?

Well, I think it ends in three ways, first of all the Russians who have been very deliberate and very cautious about moving forward against Ukrainians in the hope that someone with common sense would come forward and negotiate an end to this.

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That’s hopeless, so the other option is the Russian press all the way to the Dnieper River, they press right into Kiev and they cross the river in the South and take Odessa because they see no alternative and even then, if there’s no willingness to come to some sort of arrangement, then they call up another four or five hundred thousand troops and they go all the way to the Polish and Romanian borders.

So that’s one way this could end, the second way that it ends is financial economic crisis. We have a lot, it’s interesting to watch the news this morning and The Usual Suspects on the various cable news networks are saying “oh what a great week in the stock market”; well I’m sure it was a very good week but what they don’t bother telling anybody is that we are as close to the kind of ’29 disaster as we have ever made in our history.

Douglas Macregor - How Do We End This Catastrophe? - Destroyed Tank

Destroyed Tank

Douglas Macregor – How Do We End This Catastrophe?

All of a sudden all these great gains in the so-called stock market to be wiped out in a space of a few minutes.

Now, everyone will come forward with a different Theory but the the bond yields are up and the prices are down and at some point massive numbers of banks both inside the United States and around the world are going to look at all these treasury bonds that they invested in 20 years ago when the interest rates were very very low and discover that “gosh they’re worthless, how do I get rid of these damn things?”

And when that happens you’re gonna have a fire sale, like nobody’s ever seen, and that will produce an implosion in the financial system.

Some people will step forward and say “well look this happened to the British not long ago [I guess in the spring, in March] and uh the bank of England said, no, no, no, we’ll buy up whatever is necessary and they managed to get past the crisis.”

Well, the same conditions that applied to Great Britain a few months ago still apply there and they apply here, and you’re not going to be able to get past it.

WE cannot simply buy up all these bonds, it’s just not possible. You add to this the toxic debt that is already on the fed’s spreadsheets and balance and then go even further: look at the banks around the country, the Silicon Valley Bank was just the beginning. We’ve had more Banks fail, we continue to hear that more banks are failing, at some point all of it fails.

Then you ask someone like Nasim Taleb, this is the gentleman that invented the concept of the Black Swan, when does it all happen and he’ll look at you and he say “well Armageddon is in view but I can’t tell you when it’s going to happen.”

I can’t either, but it’s very definitely there and you have also these other exogenous forces things beyond the United States like the Ukraine war; what happens in Ukraine doesn’t seem to matter very much to most Americans but let me tell you something, the Russians press ahead and Crush everything and then start moving West; that will have a big impact in Europe and that impact will be felt here.

Europeans are ultimately more fragile, in the economic and financial sense, as you know, than we are; Germany and France really are the most important States in Europe.

Germany is already in a deep recession and there’s no easy way out of it, they’ve been on a path of National Suicide now, from the moment they decided to join this anti-russian proxy war.

I don’t see an easy way for them to get out.

France is obvious, France is a seething boiling pot of anger and hostility because millions of non-europeans have flooded into that country and threatened the very existence of France, not just French national identity French history and culture but France the nation state itself.

The rest of Europe is watching and you know what they always say about Paris: “when Paris coughts the rest of Europe gets a cold” and I think you’re going to see something very much like that occur.

To briefly sum up, that’s another way the war ends, everybody just goes broke overnight, cuts their losses and gets out; and the Europeans are already pulling back, we are not because frankly 28 billion dollars is decibel dust to us when you have a 34 trillion dollar debt and you’re almost up to 120 percent debt to GDP ratio what difference does another 28 billion make?

That’s where we are.

And then there’s another way, and this is one that everybody wants but no one can find evidence for it and that is that if someone steps forward, either leading Europe or even here in the United States and says “we want to end this.”

Well I don’t see that happening in Washington so the only other way this happens is if the Europeans break away from us, and of course that would mean fundamentally the end of NATO.

You’ve already got the EU on life support, everybody hates the EU, you can find different reasons in every country; the Germans don’t like it because they’re tired of being the cash cow for Europe.

But everybody else in Europe likes to blame the Germans role of their problems, so this is a bizarre set of circumstances but everybody’s fed up with the EU.

This is why no one in Washington, and certainly none of the current governments in Europe, are willing to step forward and make peace because to do so is an existential threat to them.

Douglas Macregor - How Do We End This Catastrophe? - NATO


Douglas Macregor – How Do We End This Catastrophe?

They are at war with the Russian State and the Russian people, the rest of us are not.

They’re at War because they’ve decided that Russia, this last nation-state left in Europe that won’t open its borders to millions of non-europeans non-christians; they do have Muslims but those Muslims are overwhelmingly very content to live in Russia.

By the way that’s not new, in 1915 the Turks thought they were going to launch an islamist Crusade and liberate all the Muslims from Czar Russia, they crossed the Caucasus and found no one was interested in being liberated because the people were quite content to live under the Czar.

We have a similar situation today in Moscow but the point is that Russia is not going to knuckle under, it’s not going to bow down to our financial hegemony, it’s not going to tolerate our military hegemony, it’s not going to accommodate our political dominance.

So the only way this ends in the third sense is for the Europeans to step forward and say “enough’s enough” and of course that’s something we don’t want but frankly I think we’re doing everything in our power to make that happen.

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