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The Great Quantum Transition - Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition


From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition – Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D – By Lev


This all sounds very futuristic and lovely and most of all hopeful – that we’re closer and we’ve fought and endured the heavy blackness goo enveloping humanity which has locked us into her elite prisons of our off world captors who see is no more than an ant crawling on the ground to step on with the heal of their shoe.

The tyranny of the non-elites for many eons… Another article which promises hope that all is under complete divine control. We are in our time of awakening and moving towards the latest Yuga – for me, because of my age -I’ll more than likely miss it as my time is running out, and we’ll not be here to experience this promise many of us have been clinging onto for years – we’ll be gone when it happens.

I can’t keep reading these Utopia’s articles anymore as my time ticks by, with more promises that I do not see come to fruition – I’ve lost the faith, I’ve lost the hope. When one loses hope, it feels like your soul is shrinking inside and there is nothing left but bleakness and true soul death. Perhaps my view is a simple one – certainly not one of the great minds – just an average person who was hoping and praying that I could be one who would be able to experience the ascension and liberation that I imagined and dreamt about. Good luck for the next generation that may benefit from all of this, but I think my time is up.


01/07/2024 at 01:43, Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D

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On Earth, the experiment with duality and complete oblivion of the Souls, conducted during the Maha Yuga (change of epochs with gradual tightening), is coming to an end (see – Reformat, DNI, 30 June 2024). This meant that after the physical corpus death and leaving it, our Soul didn’t remember who it was and from where came on 3D Earth. Only recalled that had agreed to participate in the experiment, could see the mistakes made both in previous incarnations and in the one that had just been terminated. Knew what had to do in the course of embodiments, what to fix and achieve, and planned its future in the next evolving.

Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Yugas In Cosmogony

Yugas In Cosmogony

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Upon arrival on this planet, each aspect of our multidimensional Monad was contracted for a certain number of incarnations in complete slumber. Today, the contract of many Souls who came from other Universes, Galaxies and Stars is coming to an end. To return to the home worlds after the current or several subsequent incarnations, Co-Creators download in our Subtle Bodies the Soul’s awakening codes, which are in every quantum wave sent onto 3D Earth.

The Soul, whose contract for incarnations is coming to an end, starts recalling, learn and feel, and faces a huge amount of challenges that is not ready for. The more complex and multifaceted is the next path, the more energy it requires to understand and hold a complicated reality within self. And these discoveries begin with a lot of banal little things and realizations…

One day a man was walking past a house and saw an old woman in an armchair, and her husband was sitting next to her with a newspaper in his hands. A dog was lying on the porch between the couple with a plaintive look. As a man passed by, he heard that the dog was whining, as if in pain. He didn’t say anything, but wondered why it was yelping.

The next day, he walked past this house again. He saw the elderly couple and the dog anew. The picture has not changed. Everything was the same as yesterday, and the dog was making the same plaintive sound. The man was very interested in why it gowls and decided that if the picture didn’t change tomorrow, he would ask an old woman or an old man about the dog. On the third day, he saw the same scene: a woman was sitting in an armchair, her husband was reading a newspaper, and the dog between them was still whining.

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– Excuse me, – the man turned to the old woman, – why does your dog whine so plaintively all the time?

– Because it’s lying on a nail, the old woman replied.

Confused by this answer, the man asked:

– If the dog is lying on a nail and it hurts, why doesn’t it just get up?

The old woman smiled:

– Because it hurts enough to whine, but not enough to move the dog from its place.

Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D - To Whine But Not Move

To Whine But Not Move

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Who wants, seeks opportunities, who does not want – searches for reasons. Often, we aren’t ready to move our ass, even sitting on the sharpest nail, because don’t want to give up habits and decades-old established way of thinking, behavior and worldview, to accept a new, already coming on Earth. We are trying our best to avoid what currently have no desire for, or opportunities, or all these together.

But Earth and the Universe have other plans, and don’t care if we are ready for anything or not. Before our eyes, they unfold a new reality from different angles, creating situations, forcing and pushing. We became too inert, and behind it not a lack of readiness, but fear and an unwillingness to do something. Everyone came into this world for purpose, has task and mission. Whether we are ready for this or not, it’s simply impossible not to go our way, not to do what we were born for on 3D Earth.

Disclosure News writes a lot and often about the need to raise our vibrations in sync with the Earth’s ones to survive in new energy environment. Although our freqs change many times a day, and usually depend on the emotional state, deviations from the average level aren’t so significant in numerical terms relative to the frequency of surrounding space and of the world as a whole. But during last weeks, it seems to us that Co-Creators raise the vibes too high and sharply. But this is not the case.

Imagine: a street, houses, trees, cars, and a swing in the court. All this exists in approximately the same field, in full interaction with each other, as one energy whole. Now picture that we are, for example, a swing, and start spinning at a crazy speed, and on a constant basis. It’s impossible to approach, to interact, or to contact us in any way. We are a tilt that no longer performs the function of a swing. The same thing will happen if it suddenly rust and start swinging very slowly, with a creak and low amplitude of vibrations.

Our world, with all its fullness, vibrates (fluctuates) at a certain rhythm. And every part of it, including us, must correspond to its vibes, being part of the entire large organism. If any of the parts suddenly dramatically changes its freqs, the body will, first, try to “heal” the diseased cell (by events or situations), and if failed, reject or destroy it. Co-Creators have to take this into account carefully, because neither our body nor consciousness is adapted to fluctuations that differ too much from the general frequency of the space in which we reside. They strive to help us harmoniously enter a new, 5D world.

Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Rhythm


Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

We can’t understand this, since comprehend only what is in ourselves, and don’t take that is absent in us. We see what able to see, that is already our part. But every time, with each new info and discovery, something emerges deep inside, becomes its integral element, makes others, gives a next experience, and, at last, a different vision.

Each of us is much stronger than he thinks. If we don’t believe in this, then we can easily test our strength and see it by submitting an appropriate request. That is, by requesting (from life/fate/the Universe /our subconscious /whatever is acceptable to us, what we usually turn to) relevant events. To request anything, only it must be done completely sincerely, and with a real desire. The main thing here is to take full responsibility for it, with clearest understanding that its consequences may by any. Create a request by saying with full confidence: “I’m ready. I am ready to fully know myself, and to manifest self for myself. I am ready to do absolutely anything to reach my potential, to see my possibilities. And for this, I’m ready for anything.”

That’s the only way it works. Only real readiness activates any force. Not thinking about readiness, not doubting – maybe I’m ready, or maybe not. The readiness must be for anything, for concrete actions. We won’t be able to use our power until we know about it. Our power will not manifest itself until we really want it to. There is a day and an hour for the beginning of the manifestation of own force, but all these hours are only in our head. Our strength will manifest itself only when we indeed are ready for this manifestation.

Awareness can come in the most unexpected way…Every day, the bird found shelter in the branches of a dry tree that stood in the middle of a vast, lifeless desert. One day a hurricane hit and uprooted a tree. The poor bird had to fly hundreds of miles in search of shelter, until finally arrived in a blooming garden where the purest water gurgled and the trees hung with fruits smelled fragrant. If the dry tree had survived, nothing would have forced the bird to leave its place. A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid that the trunk will break, because trusts not the branch, but own wings…

Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Trust Own Wings

Trust Own Wings

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

No one owes us anything. No one will save us from our life, from own head and thoughts in it. It’s just not possible. Only we know what we love and what don’t, what want and what is unacceptable to us personally. And not any other person should know it for us. If we entrust our lives and decisions to others, be prepared for the fact that our desires will not be like what we want, and actions won’t be quite ours.

Words can do only one thing – to convey to another person a visible picture of the world, that is, already manifested and already known. We may describe what we see ourselves from this well-known, and another person will understand us. If we are talking about something completely new, still unknown and not manifested for the general consciousness, then words are useless. And it’s possible to convey this as yet not manifested only through reaction of the receiving consciousness to the energy of the transmitting man.

The reaction is created only and exclusively by deep consciousness. The mind only translates what already exists in the general info field. But the consciousness perceives precisely the energy component. Until a person does not pass energy through self, that is, makes it an own part, words won’t carry any impact or meaning for him.

Don’t ask other people or self any questions if not ready to take answers. Don’t take actions if not ready for changes after. When we often use words that don’t resonate and frighten, our consciousness can create an emotion that will materialize this dislike in our life…Don’t do what don’t want to do. And act consciously in everything.

We see in our lives only what are able to see, what can see. And these “able” and “can” depend on the initial settings of consciousness. And secondly, they depend on the current conditions in which we are. We change the settings, the ability to see changes, and after that, we can see other important details in our life.

Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Change Settings

Change Settings

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

What we named and defined, forever becomes manifest in our reality. Until we have defined a place for something in our lives, we can still get rid of it, not let it in, block, reject, cut off, and not open the doors in our world. As soon as the designation appeared, as soon as the name given, spoken aloud, it started being an integral part of us. And it doesn’t matter how we feel about this part.

Many of us are very impressionable, and pass everything through selves. If we react too sharply to everything and let other people’s emotions fill us, then our consciousness immediately produces similar feelings (creators of situations), but already as our own. When driving along the road and seeing an incident on the way, what is our reaction? How much are we scared, discouraged, and how much does our brain immediately start painting pictures of our troubles? The more shocked we are, the more emotionally we have reacted to the event, the greater the amount of the similar energy our consciousness will produce at the same time.

And in the long run, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen to us or to someone we care about. Not that very thing, but it will occur with a high probability. The amount of emotional energy has already been released, the negative direction of this energy has already been set, and the path along which this energy will be launched has been drawn accordingly. And an unpleasant event, in one way or another, will waste little time. Don’t be impressed if don’t want to get it for self.

Everything we touch (by word, thought, or action) changes. Our inner strength is enormous. We change everything around us, without even noticing it, without understanding at the same time what we can transform, and what do it continuously. Our strength, its inner component, consists not only of personal power, but also formed by external sources.

To learn how to steer this force, we need to let it in. Make it a part of self without fear. And this is the most difficult, because our consciousness perceives any external energy as alien, not its own, not familiar, and, accordingly, takes as dangerous. But if we manage to curb this power, then could run our thought forms, our visualization and make our world the way we want.

Discoveries - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Steer The Power

Steer The Power

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Knowledge that is not backed up by action is meaningless. When we merely store information, we’ll never compare with those who use it in practice. We can read a lot of Disclosure News posts and blogs, or huge amount of books, fill our memory with terabytes of data, but without applying it, all this doesn’t make sense. Only action and awareness of the result lead to the wisdom of life, to understanding it, and oneself in it.

This includes the new Co-Creators’ info, delivered on July 4 at 04.20 PM CET, regarding our DNA Matrix reformat. The new donors will be four humanoid space races from Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion and beta Leo system, whose parents are seven dipole pairs of Primary Light Archons, created eons ago by two Pleroma’s Suprime Hierarchs (for more about them, see Ops in Siberia, Parts 1-5, DNI, 30 May – 16 June 2024). They will be represented here, on 3D Earth, by their Monads’ Logos, the Family Tree and the DNA Matrix.

It remains yet unclear the Pleiadians’ role in the developments. Will their vast experience be used? Will they be among the genetic donors of humanity? Framing of the Causal DNA Matrix’s core is now being completed. Next, it will be unfolded in wave form and materialized in 3D Earth, but after its Great Reset and the Global Rehabilitation.

More By Lev

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