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The Disclosure News Forum Is Born!

The Disclosure News Forum Is Born!

The Disclosure News Forum Is Born!

It seemed to us that there was a need for a system of exchange of opinions and comments that would surpass in practicality, immediacy and ease of use the normal comment system of the site, so we created the Disclosure News Forum.

The Disclosure News Forum has just been born, has only a few hours of life and does not yet have topics for discussion or participants. We have not added frills, simplicity and immediacy have been our primary goals.

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The consultation is clearly free from registration but to be able to use all the tools it is necessary to register, in order to lighten the load on the server it is necessary to register again, even with the same credentials used for registration on the normal site.

Once registered you can create a new topic for discussion, reply or comment and all the normal functions of a forum.

The purpose of this new initiative of the Disclosure News Forum is to better connect people who want to share something but also, in the long term, to create groups, possibly local ones.

We are getting closer and closer to the Shift, it is a slow but inexorable path and keeping contacts that go beyond the normal “comment” could be useful if, at some point, things will begin to “animate”.

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