Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light. By Gabriel RL. Hello, my pleasure, Terranos! I am honored to be communicating telepathically with him (Gabriel RL). At this moment, I am aboard one of the ships of the fleet of which I am a member.

This is the first time I communicate with him. I’ve tried approaching with other channellers, but because of my appearance, some immediately block communication, preventing telepathic flow. But what I want is to speak, as succinctly as possible.

One of the first signs that are seen when a race is reaching a high level of consciousness is its ability to interact with other consciousnesses in a civilized and unprejudiced way. We know how much prejudice exists in your world, among yourselves. Most of the Earth’s inhabitants are still judged by color, race, ethnicity, sexuality, among the many other points I could cite here.

One question: if you can not, still, look at your brother who lives on the same planet as you,

Your brother who has different tastes from you, who likes different songs, who has a different skin color, who relates sexually to people you consider inappropriate or the same sex as him, how you will cope when universal life opens up and show up for you?

You will be amazed from the variety of life and forms and behaviors in the Universe! It is time for you to begin to see this on your planet and to open up to it.

Terrans, you are reaching a level of awareness that has allowed you to go deeper within yourself, and to observe yourself. You will find things you did not even imagine were still in you.

Nebula NGC 6543 and Halo

Nebula NGC 6543 and Halo

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

Someone say “I have no prejudice with anything“, but at the first opportunity, they manifest this prejudice. What I want to show them and ask for is just that you observe yourself more, and allow all that prevents them from reaching more consciousness could come to them, so that they can deal with it, face to face.

Simple movements like sitting comfortably, breathing through the diaphragm and asking “What are my blockages? What are my prejudices?” – And your Universal Essence will point to you where the “trevaco” points are. (It’s a language in my System that means “Stopped Energy / Locked Energy / Impedurable Impedance.”)

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light Vashta Narada RHCP

Beyond Appearance – Vashta Narada Galactic Art

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

Some people will still insist that they have no prejudice and, by the end of my message, I will show them that yes, they have it. This is also no reason for you to blame yourself and consider yourself as a despicable beings, it is not the case.

Our greatest surprise, at least to my specific race, is to see beings as powerful as you, still being puppets of disempowering and divisive energies and emotions.

As your planet has received increasingly intense waves of energies, of course, you are taking more ownership of your personal abilities to come out of the trevaco state. At this moment, here by my side, some members of my team are happy and observe my communication with you Terrans, and everyone sends a greeting!

Alien Race Draco of The Light

Alien Race Draco of The Light

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

Continuing, … allow yourself to open to what the universe has brought to you.

Allow yourself to interact one another, out of prejudice, that till now did not allow any interaction. Terranos, you will be amazed at what these beings have to offer you.

This whole new phase in which you are entering has ensured that you can open up much more to these experiences. Do not fear the races that looks different from you.

It is as you say in your plan: “Do not judge the book by its cover!” Just as there are Terran Humanoids that can be beautiful on the outside, but inside they carry heavy and disturbing energies, there are also those that physically you do not consider beautiful but they are precious gems of energy inside.

Draco of The Light - Overcome the Pregiudices

Draco of The Light – Overcome the Pregiudices

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

Finally, we want to ask you not to judge by appearances, but pay attention to the energies, to what that being brings, the energy he emits.

This phase you are entering will show the need for more of this, to perceive more the energies and to leave the appearances, the physicality, the races, ethnias, sexuality… and to observe the energies only.

Even if some of these energies you consider to be shady, you would have to learn to honor them in their manifestations, as everything has it’s purpose in the Infinite Creation.

Humans and Dracos United in Energy

Humans and Dracos United in Energy

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

You have been told that there are evil races that have long tried to destroy your planet. Is this true? Yes, indeed, it is. Are there races that wish the contrary, that desire the consciousness rise of your planet? Yes, indeed, there are. Immediately you imagine the ugly destroyers and the beautiful protectors! …

What if it is the other way around? Would you be ready to meet those whom you consider ugly but who have been helping your Terran race for thousands of years? Does it matter to you? This is a question that must be asked, and be genuine in answering to yourself what you have felt. Did you feel any discomfort? Was it weird to hear that? Half scary or disturbing?

If the answer is yes, it means, simply, that you are still looking at physicality, which is nothing more than a form of expression. But why cling to a form of expression, when you can express yourself in whatever way you wish? And what id I tell you that the races that will shoe up to you must be seen according to your level of Christic Consciousness?

Look at the Energy

Look at the Energy

Dhoh-Bri Draco of The Light

What I am transmitting to you is not a tentative to make you feel bad with yourselves, but only a help to review some things in you, we assure you that you yourself have asked us to do this.

Beloved Terrans, the more openness you become to these Christic forces, the wiser they will become and the more protected they will be from the denser forces. This is a simple teaching that was given to you by various stellar beings who came down to your sphere to teach you.

One of them, that we know well, is Jesus. He loved, true love, and this Love was his guardian shield. He loved without distinction and this made him a powerful being. When you love, when you are open to Universal Love, nothing can hurt you, nothing can deceive you, nothing can harm you. Yes, we know that you have learned the contrary.

There, in your plan, thre are those who say that Love is a disease! Oh, how sad! Love is the most powerful force of all UNIVERSES! And I assure you: I do not like this, because I am allowed to travel between at least 13 (thirteen) of them.

Before concluding my transmission, already wistful for my disconnection from the young boy, who was very receptive to my energy, I have to say something else here: when he saw me in his mind, he was not scared; He just said “hello my dear!” – and this made me smile with joy!

I commented with my companions here on the ship “Oh! He will hear me!” How happy I was! Who I am? Well, I showed him my image on his mental screen and I’m sure no picture on Earth will depict me 100% as I am, but soon…

So I ask him to use an image that most closely approximates my personality. I am, say, as you call it in your Terran plane, a psychologist, and interact with thousands of races in the Cosmos.

I am a Draconian. I belong to a constellation of the Northern Celestial Hemisphere near the Celestial North Pole. Precisely, NGC 6543. (Yes, I can see wide-eyed when I said that I am a Draconian… I said there was prejudice in some of you, and I said I would show it until the end of my message…).

Gabriel, young boy, I would like you to convey my message to your audience.

Gabriel: Oh, my beloved! Of course yes! How not to do this? Of course I’ll do it!

I am very moved and grateful for your openness and generosity. That’s the way, young man, that’s the way! It is the opening to Love and awareness that “one can not judge the book by its cover“. Yes, I am a Draconian being of Christ consciousness and some will say “How?A Draconian ?!” – Well, time to reread everything I said in my message! 🙂

Much pleasure, dear Terrans, my name is Dhoh-Bri. This is a name that in your system represents well my energy and expression. Everyone on my ship, my entire team salutes them, right now. We wish you wonderful days from here, much more than they had before!

It’s such a pleasure to talk to you. Our ship is called “44Atrol“, which is also a name that represents well her vibration. We’re 8 on board, at the moment. And, finally, reinforcing: we work in the Galactic Confederation under the command of the Cosmic Christ and we are also part of the army of the one you know as Mary.

I am one of those in charge of receiving some beings with psychological problems that she rescues. I receive them and give them the treatments for their restorations.

The first dose of medicine I give is: YOU’RE BELOVED, AND THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. Panix! (Peace and love).

Panix! (Peace and love).

Anka the Reptilian of The Light

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