Destruction Of The Death Nest - Part 3

Destruction Of The Death Nest

Part 3

Destruction Of The Death Nest – Part 3 – By Lev.

After Hitler’s Werewolf, the new Light Forces’ operation, exceptional in scale, complexity, and importance, took place in the Anti-World, the main Death Nest.

The operation that destroyed all the Black Archons’ power in space and the addresses to which they for hundreds of thousands of years had been pumping the vital energy from Earth …

The operation that finally deprived the Black Archons and their minions on Earth of any support from the Local Universe…

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Destruction Of The Death Nest - Anti-World Lords and Earth

Anti-World Lords and Earth

Destruction Of The Death Nest

The operation that sealed Dark Forces on this planet, leaving them with a tough choice: either to move to the Light Side, or they, and their Monads will be destroyed forever…

The Co-Creators eliminated the Death Nest in two stages. In both cases, the LFs’ ground team and the Higher Light Hierarchs used their Monads as an operational tools and mechanisms.

At the preparatory stage, doses of the Anti-World substance were injected into the Lightwarriors as an inoculation.

Then a large portion of antimatter was introduced into them, taken from a White Hole (Quasar).

The Lightwarriors’ feelings and reaction to antimatter were the same as under contact with super-contagious karma – a state of heavy poisoning.

Their Radiant body couldn’t stand it. The karmic substance was instantly dumped on the physical body. It reacted with high fever, nausea, vomiting, etc.

But the team members could cope. It allowed study the important antimatter’s properties. The results helped to set up an action plan.

It was discovered that the Anti-World’s substance corresponds to karma in its characteristics.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Matter and Antimatter

Matter and Antimatter

Destruction Of The Death Nest

DNit Telegram Channel

All the symptoms proved it. In addition to raging pains in the heart and throughout the body, the Lightwarriors experienced severe emotional state – an unwillingness to live, hopelessness, the meaninglessness of existence, complete lack of Love. But it was the Anti-World’s inner reality.

Some Lightwarriors were in such condition that they could not even come out of the house or to stop the flow of tears. It’s good that no one saw them at this time.

After a few days, the experiment, tests, and other preparations were over. Everything was ready for the start of the Anti-World’s full-format convolution.

The risk remained high. Everyone understood that the Black Archons might know about the operation and had probably prepared traps. The only way to check it was immediately to take action.

During the Anti-World’s furl, the Co-Creators decided to simultaneously clean it of karma and transform into the Absolute’s Primordial Substance. That is, to restore its original quality.

How exactly? According to what scheme?

The plan was as follows.

The World Order Crystal will serve as the Anti-World compression reactor’s core. The Lightwarriors and Absolute-like Logos’ Monads would be the reactor’s body. The Co-Creators planned to start the Anti-World elimination from the Anti-Pleroma’s core destroying.

With the ground team, they chose one of the Anti-World planetary Portals in the mountain ranges on the sea coast as an operation site. At one time, this Power Place served as a Solar Ashram.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Anti-World Portal

Anti-World Portal

Destruction Of The Death Nest

Later, the Black Archons captured it, but not completely. The Light Forces retained access to the Portal. The dual power over it is preserving to this day.

The Portal structure included artifacts in the form of cult items used for Black magic rituals. The Higher Dark Hierarchs created a Kali Temple here, where they performed human sacrifices.

Black artifacts were kept under the altar. With their help, the Archons could activate the Portal. On the Subtle Plane, a black hole opened up, working as an exit to the Anti-World.

Through such Portals, it received karmic information about the human Monads and the Earth’s Logos. They had counterparts in the Anti-World.

The worst fears have panned out. As soon as the Co-Creators and Lightwarriors were ready to start the Anti-World’s dismantling, eliminating, and clearing the Portal from karma, it suddenly activated.

The Black Archons, indeed, knew everything and provided for it. When the Co-Creators tried to enter the Portal, an Anti-World’s hurricane mobilization immediately began.

It launched all its programs, mechanisms, and tools at once to absorb our Local Universe.

Known and latent black holes have activated in enhanced mode. It became clear that the Anti-World went all-in. It was its last and only chance.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Black Hole Gobbles Galaxy

Black Hole Gobbles Galaxy

Destruction Of The Death Nest

It caused a great tumult in the Local Universe. Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs rushed to contain the Anti-World’s growth. It quickly and actively gobbled the Local Universe, increasing in size.

The Co-Creators discovered that they did not know about the existence of many latent black holes. They were far more numerous than the White Holes that maintained the balance of two Worlds.

A serious the Higher Light Hierarchy’s error was the lack of a Quasars’ backup system, which in emergency can restore parity between the World and the Anti-World.

The critical situation forced the team to take risky measures. The information obtained during the Lightwarriors’ testing on the eve of the operation was of great value.

To contain the Anti-World’s expansion, the Co-Creators used Absolute-like Monads to block existing and new black holes. The Lightwarriors also had such Monads.

Any Logos dragged in a black hole quickly turned into antimatter. But the Monad is a higher Mind form. By their Monads, the Higher Light Hierarchs and the ground team held back the Anti-World black holes’ growth that rapidly devoured the Subtle-Material, Causal, and Monadic Substance of our Local Universe. And it was the pure Light substance which wasn’t plagued by karma.

To reverse the situation, the Light Forces needed to become the complete antipode of the all-consuming black hole, that is, to turn themselves into a Quasar. To do this, the Monads of all operation participants, including the ground group, accelerated their vibrations to the White Hole’s level.

It was another unique testing the capabilities of Higher Light Hierarchs and Lightwarriors’ Absolute-like Monads. The entire Local Universe did not know anything like this.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Monad in a Super-Vortex State

Monad in a Super-Vortex State

Destruction Of The Death Nest

Technically, the Monads’ transformation into a White Hole capable of absorbing and converting antimatter into the matter was as follows.

The Monad’s cores were moved into a specially created environment, resembling a wind tunnel.

There, in the interaction with the super-vibrational environment, the Monads acquired the necessary qualities and characteristics. They were elevated to the state of an unstable vortex, in which (as in Absolute Synthesis) the weakening and complete loss of intra-nuclear bonds begins.

In this state, the Monad may either collapse or go into a White Hole’s stable state.

Of course, it was a very dangerous step. The Monads could perish without the possibility of recovery.

But the Co-Creators controlled the whole process, so everything went well. It proved that what can be done today only with the help of a Higher Mind, tomorrow anyone could implement independently.

The time will come, and very soon when cosmic-energy courses would teach students how to achieve their Monads’ super-vortex state. For ascension to the Absolute, for example.

During the operation, the participants sent the Monads into overdrive, to the White Holes vibes level, not going in-full into the Anti-World. Stopping at its borders, they began to absorb antimatter and turn it into our World’s substance.

The super-vortex served as an important, but not a key element of the reactor. To turn it into a Quasar, required one more mandatory condition – to STAY IN ABSOLUTE LOVE.

Absolute Love Is Not Something Abstract. It Is The Super-Matter’s Vibration Corresponding To The Absolute’s State.

When the Monad is on the border of two Worlds and acts as a White Hole, it uses Absolute Love as fuel, burning it without a trace. So, the antimatter processed into the matter.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Quasar


Destruction Of The Death Nest

If the Lightwarriors hadn’t been in Absolute Love at that moment, they would have been swept away, sucked into the Anti-World, without the possibility of coming back. There they would be split into anti-atoms and reduced to the dust of the Anti-World.

The suppression of the Anti-World growth lasted for two days and two nights. The condition of the ground crew, emotional and physical, was terrible. The stress and hysteria, passive and active, staggered each other.

Tears flowed, which could happen suddenly, right in front of people.

Lightwarriors could not control their mood. They had to drink a lot of water. Sobbing without tears, when there is nothing to cry with, turned out as a hard torture.

Heart in such moments burst with pain. Already familiar painful state of doom, despair, and senselessness of life increased many times. It is what a person who is 100% devoid of Love experiences. But Lightwarriors held together and supported each other all the time.

In addition to the super-vortex vibes and Absolute Love state, the World Order Crystal was another important element of the Monadic reactor. Without it, the Lightwarriors could only restrain a black hole growth, but not to process the antimatter.

During the Cosmic Night and the invasion of Earth, the Black Archons destroyed this Crystal. Before the operation, Lightwarriors assembled, cleaned from karma, and activated it again. Not only ground team members but also the Higher Light Hierarchs received the World Order Crystal’s copies.

Thus, by the decisive day, all the Monads became a full-size White Hole and were ready to move from the black holes blocking to the Anti-World erasing.

At the scheduled hour, in the evening, the ground team went to one of the sacred mountains. With the Higher Light Hierarchs, they installed a combined World Order Crystal’s copy at a strictly calculated point in the mountain’s Subtle Plane.

After that, the Lightwarriors stepped aside. The Co-Creators and the ascended Masters took over the crucial part of the operation and immediately began to roll up the Anti-World.

The ground team naively thought that they were no longer needed and went to visit friends in the mountains. They hoped for a well-deserved rest.

They built a fire and, as is customary in the evenings, decided to sup on fish cooked on the coals. No chance. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a strong wind came. Leaden thunderclouds covered the sky. It thundered and lightened from the sacred mountain.

It was the global cleanup of the entire mountain range, an ancient extinct volcano. A downpour descended. To save the dinner, the Lightwarriors’ leader had to stand in the rain and heroically cover the fire with a beach umbrella.

Fortunately, the storm did not last long. Soon the micro-cataclysm passed. It completed the harsh clearing of the sacred mountain field and eliminated the Anti-World Portal. The cleansing of the Subtle Pane immediately started and lasted for several days.

Then the Higher Light Hierarchs began the next, most difficult part of the operation – destroying the Anti-Pleroma’s core. It didn’t have to invent anything new. They just used the Black Archon’s tactics.

The Co-Creators saturated the Anti-World through White Holes with the same things that the Black Archons stuffed our Local Universe with – latent black holes (in 3D – Stone Balls). Only now the Anti-World was filled with latent White Holes.

At the right moment, the Higher Light Hierarchs planned to activate them, triggering a chain reaction of the Anti-World convolution into an Anti-Pleroma. It would lead to its singularity and disappearance along with the entire Anti-World.

To implement the plan, the Co-Creators conducted a massive Monadic mobilization. They singled out some aspects of their Monads and formed Quasars from them. The ground team also did the same.

For several days, the Co-creators saturated the Anti-World with latent White Holes. Those who had a physical body hardly bore the process.

Their Monads brought to a Quasars’ state, served as a transport Portal. The ground team barely withstood it.

When the number of Quasars seemed sufficient, the Co-Creators switched on the program for forcibly convolving the Anti-Pleroma’s core into a singularity and transforming it into the Absolute’s substance.

Unfortunately, the attempt failed. For its success, the power of the White Holes introduced into the Anti-World, as it turned out, has been insufficient. The Anti-Pleroma core’s convolution and even the lifting of antimatter into it did not begin.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Antimatter Processing by Monad

Antimatter Processing by Monad

Destruction Of The Death Nest

In the new critical situation, the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs made the only correct decision: to start the antimatter processing by their Monads. There was no other way.

This part of the operation lasted three days. It involved only Absolute-like Monads that were brought to a White Hole state. The ground team leaders also increased their Monads’ vibes to the Quasars’ level and moved them to the Anti-World.

There, they and Higher Light Hierarchs, with the help of the World Order Crystal located in them, began to absorb and process antimatter.

As a result, it was restored to its original quality as an Absolute’s undifferentiated substance.

What the Lightwarriors felt on the 3D Earth, was a nightmare or hell. During the week, their hearts almost burst because of the work on super-vibration.

Seven days and nights pulse frequency was 120. Arterial pressure – 180 over 120. It wasn’t eased either by cosmic-energy methods or by the drugs.

For the first few days, the team leader could not sleep at all, enduring the agony in full consciousness. Everyone helped as much as they could to support him on the Subtle and physical Plane.

In some moments, the Lightwarrior couldn’t even breathe because his heart was paralyzed with pain. The team members merged their hearts with him, pulling the load on them.

They again felt the hopelessness and complete lack of Love that were already familiar from previous contacts with antimatter. All of Love without a trace burned itself, working out the Anti-World substance.

Thus, the Light Forces restored the Absolute’s Matter integrity distorted by the Black Archons.

Could the ground team have survived such extreme g-forces – they did not think. The Lightwarriors subordinated everything exclusively to the Higher Goals of getting rid of karma and transforming the Local Universe.

The team members treated their physical bodies by the residual principle. Otherwise, in a similar situation, it was impossible. Even the next operation may have been the last for them.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Earth Monad

Earth Monad

Destruction Of The Death Nest

They trusted the Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs. And they have, indeed, always helped and protected their ground teams. That is why Lightwarriors continue to work, despite the current ups and downs in the political, social, and economic life in different countries and on the planet as a whole.

On the third day, the operation came to an end. The group leader felt a little better, and plunged into a deep sleep, the fastest and most effective way to recuperate. After such an ordeal, a complete reboot of the Monad and its manifestation bodies is mandatory.

The Anti-World compressing in Anti-Pleroma’s core was completed. What’s left is its core, squashed to a singularity. But it wasn’t the end, and the climax has yet to come. The Lightwarriors head got only some time to recover.

The Anti-Pleroma’s core elimination was scheduled for the next day. However, during the night, the situation changed dramatically and went out of control.

The Anti-Pleroma’s core kept in the singularity. But it broke out and began actively restoring the Anti-World. The core generated antimatter and ejected it into the Local Universe.

The situation instantly became critical anew. All the results achieved at the cost of such effort were melting away.

The ground team head was awakened, and his Higher Self again rushed to close the black hole of the Anti-Pleroma core. All the team could do on that day was to curb the further Anti-World deployment. For it, operation participants again increased their Monads’ vibes to the White Hole state.

By evening, the Co-Creators decided to destroy the Anti-Pleroma as the Anti-World was restoring and expanding.

The Higher Light Hierarchs planned to elevate our Pleroma core’s vibrations to the White Hole level and absorb the Anti-Pleroma along with the Anti-World. In this case, both Pleromas mutually be destroyed.

There was only one chance left, which theoretically allowed eliminate the Anti-World with the Anti-Pleroma, and save the Local Universe’s Pleroma. The Co-Creators decided to try it.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Absolute Love

Absolute Love

Destruction Of The Death Nest

The Absolute-like Monads of a higher level descended into the Pleroma, temporarily merging with it. As a result, the Pleroma, when it turned into a Quasar, became more massive than the Anti-Pleroma, could absorb it, remaining intact.

The last chance led to success. Accelerated to the state of a supermassive White Hole, the Pleroma completely swallowed up the Anti-Pleroma and all the Anti-World substance created by it.

After that, the Pleroma was artificially slowed down and brought out of the White Hole regime, returning to its original state. Then the Absolute-like Monads that increased the White Hole derived from it. The Higher Anti-Entities’ germs in the Death Nest have been split and destroyed.

By joint efforts, the Anti-World substance was transformed into its original Absolute’s Matter. The Absolute-like Monads, as well as the Lightwarriors, went on to recover.

Today, they are already actively continuing other operations in all countries. The story about it is ahead.

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Destruction Of The Death Nest – The Great Quantum Transition

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