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Destruction of the Death Nest - Part 2 - Lev

Destruction of the Death Nest – Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Ops

Destruction of the Death Nest – Part 2 – By Lev.

The closest to the Lightwarriors’ operation site in Ukraine was a Pentagram of former death camps in Poland. It has been described more than once. What was it?

The Pentagram connected the five main extermination camps in Nazi Germany into one linear structure. They were placed strictly on the tips of the five-pointed star.

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Destruction Of The Death Nest - Camps of Sacrifice in Poland

Camps of Sacrifice in Poland

Destruction Of The Death Nest

For example, the location of the Yanovsky concentration camp was to the West of Lviv (Ukraine). It’s not very far from the Werewolf where the Lightwarriors conducted their operation.

The other star’s four tips pointed in Poland at the following camps:

    • Auschwitz, near Bielsko-Biala;
    • Children’s death camp in Lodz;
    • Treblinka, near Ostrow;
    • Sobibor, near Wlodawa, almost on the border with Ukraine.

Their exact geographical location and purpose were carefully hidden in a mass of other concentration and labor camps.

Why was the disguise necessary?

The Nazis, fulfilling the Archons’ will, built all five camps specifically for human sacrifices. And they didn’t want it to be known.

But why did the Archons order these camps to be placed at mathematically precise tips of a five-pointed star?

The Pentagram is a powerful geometric form of energy storage for its further channeling. In this case, negative human ‘energy – from torture, executions, and sacrifices.

Black Archons feed on this energy throughout human history on Earth – from Lemuria to Atlantis to the Aztecs and Incas to the current cults of Satanism and Adrenochrome.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Destruction Of The Death Nest - Adrenochrome


Destruction Of The Death Nest

But why did the points of the star’s tips have to be located exactly at these sites, neither mile to the right nor mile to the left?

These sites were on important Ley lines, along which not only the Earth’s energy flows but also any other energy that is artificially pumped into it. Along the Ley lines of the Pentagram, at least three other sacrifice camps worked – Belzec, Tomaszow Mazowiecki, and Majdanek.

DNit Telegram Channel

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Destruction Of The Death Nest - Syrian Pentagram and Goddess Vortex

Syrian Pentagram and Goddess Vortex

Destruction Of The Death Nest

In different geographical locations, through these channels, the Archons pumped out the negative energy they needed, and not only from the sacrifice camps.

If the camp shifted from the Ley line and shape of the Pentagram even by one degree of latitude or longitude, the entire structure would stop working. Only when the Nazi death camps forming the star were placed exactly as they were located that the Black Pentagram had power.

Today the Archons have built a similar star in Syria at the following points: Aleppo, Homs, Palmyra, Raqqa, Manbij. Like the Polish Pentagram, the Syrian one is tied to important Ley lines. A powerful energy stream was flowing through them from the Goddess Vortex in the center.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Destruction Of The Death Nest - Syrian Pentagram and Goddess Vortex

Syrian Pentagram and Goddess Vortex

Destruction Of The Death Nest

The Archons turned it negative with the help of ISIS, the full equivalent of the Nazis.

They committed the same atrocities, tortures, and executions as the SS in the death camps.

Thanks to the Ley lines, negative energy was amplified and sent to the right addresses.

A map compiled by Taiwanese Lightworkers shows how the Syrian Pentagram affects Ley lines on a global scale.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Syrian Pentagram and Vortex Global Ley Lines

Syrian Pentagram Global Impact – Pentagram and Vortex Global Ley Lines

Destruction Of The Death Nest

Five Nazi camps of the sacrifices were distinguished by another feature. In ordinary concentration camps, barracks and other buildings had a standard rectangular shape. Similar to boxes, they were built from the same type of structures and did not differ much from each other.

In the sacrifice camps, everything was built with weird and unique designs unlike any other camp costing more time and effort. Why?

The special shape and geometric arrangement of buildings in the Pentagram’s Nazi camps created the necro-vibrations needed by the Archons. All the architecture, even the railings, copied from Temples where similar blood rituals were performed in the past.

The Nazis conducted the largest since the Napoleon time geodesic surveys and drawing maps of ancient Shrines in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Auschwitz was built as a replica of the floor plan of Baalbek (Lebanon).

Treblinka resembled a complex, with a Ziggurat in the center, of the ancient city of Ur (Iraq).

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Ziggurat


Destruction Of The Death Nest

Sobibor reflected the basic design and location of the key satanic temples of ancient Babylon (present-day Iraq).

The Yanovsky camp resembled the ancient Temple Mount of Jerusalem (modern-day Israel) in the time of the Sadducees.

Auschwitz-Birkenau was like the largest satanic Temple in Baalbek, the birthplace of Moloch.

In Lodz, the ghetto camp copied the outlines of the Island of Tyre (Lebanon), an urban slave state for more than 2,600 years ago.

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Temple in Baalbek

Temple in Baalbek

Destruction Of The Death Nest

Destruction Of The Death Nest - Island of Tyre

Island of Tyre

Destruction Of The Death Nest

In terms of scale, the giant Pentagram of the Nazis and Archons was 15 times bigger than the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – a particle accelerator under the Franco-Swiss border.

It was just as powerful and has worked to this day, feeding necro-energy to Logos, eons, clusters, and planets of Black and Gray civilizations throughout the Local Universe.

It was the largest power machine in history. For it did serve as a mechanism for producing and channeling vast amounts of negative energy as a result of sacrificing millions of people in carefully selected locations.

With the end of World War II, technically the Black Pentagram of sacrifice was turned off. But on the Subtle Plane, the energy machine continued to hold millions of souls in its field, subjecting them to endless tortures.

On the physical Plane, the Archons were building new sacrificial camps, now undersurface. First of all, for the hundreds of thousands of children who are abducted every year in different countries and taken to huge underground bases. Today, the main Adrenochrome production facilities are located there.

On the Subtle Plane, the Archons pump energy into the Ley lines not only of tortured children. To this global network, the Black Backstage channels the negative energy of satanic rites, election campaigns, wars, epidemics, social and racial conflicts that are being created around the world.

Such was the background of the Light Forces’ ground team operation in the former Hitler’s Werewolf HQ in Ukraine.

The Lightwarriors began with the destruction of the incubator. In it, as described in Part 1, the Archons placed the Black Possessors’ eggs-embryos, which matured and were born there.

As soon as the LFs’ group got close to localizing the incubator, they were dealt a powerful blow on the Subtle Plane. Many ready-to-be-born Black Possessors tried to infiltrate the Lightwarriors’ Thin Bodies.

In the next few minutes, the ground team and the Higher Light Hierarchs delivered a counter-strike with the Perfect Light. It destroyed the former Nazi incubator along with all the eggs-embryos, the laboratory for crossing human and wolf, genetic material, and living Black entities, as well as the Subtle-Material infrastructure of the Black Archons in the Werewolf.

The LFs’ ground team then proceeded to restore the Portal of Light, which in the past served from Earth the Monadic traffic of the entire Local Universe.

Destruction of the Death Nest - Map of Werewolf

Map of Werewolf

Destruction Of The Death Nest

The group deactivated the necro field of Hitler’s headquarters with Absolute Light. After that, the Lightwarriors installed the Matrix of the Perfect Divine Swastika, the symbol of the Milky Way arms, in the field’s causal structure.

It was the same Swastika that Hitler deliberately perverted, turning in the opposite, involutional direction, and put at the service of the Third Reich and the Black Archons.

The Swastika is the oldest fundamental symbol and principle of Life, Harmony, and Light. In Chinese, for example, it is a hieroglyph that means Temple.

The operation culminated in the loading of Light Matrices, Divine Codes, and programs for the rebirth of the Local Universe’s Monadic Migration Portal into the Earth’s causal Matrix.

For it, the Lightwarriors more than a year hatched in their radiant causal structures the Matrices and Codes of Light. The Higher Light Hierarchy indicated the point of unloading. Previously, there was a Portal of Light on it.

In this localization, the group inserted Matrices and programs into the Earth’s causal Matrix and the Werewolf’s Subtle-Material structure.

The Divine Swastika and the Crystal of Perfect Light are again the basis of the Monadic Migration Portal.

Destruction of the Death Nest - Divine Swastika

Divine Swastika

Destruction Of The Death Nest

By combining fundamental principles and activating them in the Werewolf, the Higher Light Hierarchy created a new Local Universe’s Matrix and a more advanced model of Migration Monadic Portals. Now they can’t be used for Evil, even theoretically. The Universe is now protected from fools and Hitlers.

The ground team’s operation in Werewolf was so successful that the Co-Creators decided to expand on the original plan.

Without slowing down, they and the Lightwarriors began to eliminate the black holes in the Anti-World and the entire Black reality, which the Archons fed with negative energy from the Pentagrams and other sources described above.

A large prequel is needed to better understand the new operation importance.

What is the Anti-World in its classical sense?

Initially, the Absolute emitted a part of Itself. This Primordial Matter became the prototype of an Absolute-like Local Universe.

It was ideal and perfect, but not differentiated or structured. Therefore, the World of Form could not exist in it.

For it to appear, the Absolute’s Forms of Mind differentiated primary Matter into Masculine and Feminine Foundations, thereby making possible the World of Form birth.

It is how the Pleroma and the Sublime Earth’s Monad appeared (not to confused with the 3D planet on which we all now live, this is only one of the Sublime Earth Monad’s bodies of the manifestation).

From the same Matter, Absolute planned to create the rest of the Local Universe.

Destruction of the Death Nest - Our Galaxy - The Milky Way

Our Galaxy – The Milky Way

Destruction Of The Death Nest

It was entrusted to the two Highest Light Entities. One engaged in the eons development, the other, his younger brother, in the Man creation.

Humans and the eons were to become together the ideal expression and receptacle of the Absolute in the World of Form.

But the eons Creator betrayed the Light and went over to the Dark Side, hoping that he would eventually take the place of the Absolute.

He began to build his Black Local Universe (Anti-World), becoming its Supreme Dark Hierarch.

After the fall, the Supreme Hierarch of Light, who became Dark, was forbidden to touch the Absolute’s Primordial Matter, so as not to defile It. But after differentiation, this Matter was not fully consumed. Some of It remained unused.

The Supreme Dark Hierarch took It over. He began to possess a part of the holiest thing in the Universe – an Absolute’s Part, that is, the Its Body of Manifestation.

And it was by this severed Absolute’s Part, Its Matter, the Supreme Black Hierarch began to create his Anti-World.

Destruction of the Death Nest - Eons


Destruction Of The Death Nest

In his Local Universe, it spawned Black eons. His Son Yaltabaoth (born from the union with the World Mother Sofia) built the Gray eons to which our 3D Earth belongs.

But our planet’s Monad is still part of the Divine Pleroma, the Absolute’s Realm. The Supreme Dark Hierarch used the Absolute as a hostage and tool for the implementation of his plans

The Sublime Earth’s Monad cannot yet unite with its three-dimensional manifestation body (physical planet), precisely because humanity and the 3D Earth are part of the Gray eons, like a person with karma.

Endowed by a free will single cosmic law, he built Anti-Pleroma and Anti-Human in the image of their Absolute originals, the Anti-Logos of Stars, Planets, and Galaxies, including Anti-Earth. The Supreme Dark Hierarch was creating an Absolute of himself.

By his Anti-Creation, he wanted to gobble the Local Universe along with the Absolute and the Pleroma.

Destruction of the Death Nest - Pleroma


Destruction Of The Death Nest

For devourment, he created a corresponding mechanism in the form of hidden and indirect access to the Local Universe’s Logos, through which he could situationally control it. Who has such access can control “from above” everything in the Local Universe.

His masterpiece was black holes – massive, super-dense formations that absorb the surrounding matter. On the Higher and physical Planes, the matter is transformed by black holes into antimatter and replenishes its volume in the Anti-World.

In the center of any black hole on the Subtle Plane is a copy of the World Order Crystal, distorted and remade by the Highest Black Hierarchy for the generation of antimatter and anti-energy. Upon reaching critical mass, the Anti-World can automatically consume our World.

Absolute and Co-Creators could not allow it to happen. In response, an antipode of black holes, known as White Holes or Quasars, was created. They do everything that black holes do, but exactly the opposite: they absorb the Anti-World substance, converting antimatter into the matter.

The White Hole is based on a similar principle. Plus, it has a copy of the World Order Crystal installed in the center.

Destruction of the Death Nest - Black Hole

Black Hole

Destruction Of The Death Nest

The volume of matter consumed by a Black Hole and antimatter absorbed by a White Hole is the same. Due to it, a shaky balance between the World and the anti-World achieved, and our Local Universe saved from being gobbled.

Then the Highest Dark Hierarch, using remote access to the Local Universe’s Logos, started managing it by a virtual double in the Anti-World. He also controlled the Earth’s Logos.

Step by step, he began a covert boarding takeover. It was based on the same principle of critical mass accumulation.

To this end, the Supreme Black Hierarch created time-bombs. Their shell was made up of our world substance, and core – of antimatter.

Through the Local Universe’s Logos, he laid these Trojan Horses into other Logos, including our Earth. They were supposed to be grappling hooks, as well as explosives for the antimatter volume enlargers in our World.

The Supreme Dark Hierarch planned to secretly stuff the entire Local Universe with them. Then, at the moment of X, – to activate all at once.

The Local Universe would immediately become unstable. There would be a defect in the mass of matter, which will upset its balance. It is like a drop in immunity for a person, followed by a virus attack.

The simultaneous activation of all these Anti-World cells would create an impulse for the convolution of our World. Its takeover will be inevitable and inescapable.

Trojan Horses had a clear hierarchy. There were ordinary time-bombs; the node servers; the masked and latent black holes that can turn into active ones on command.

Destruction of the Death Nest - Stone Ball

Stone Ball

Destruction Of The Death Nest

The Higher Light Hierarchy made tremendous efforts to neutralize them. But as long as the Supreme Black Hierarch remained on the Dark Side, it was impossible. Besides, the Co-Creators did not have a similar infrastructure in the Anti-World.

These Trojan Horses were brought to our planet in the form of Stone Balls. They are found in different parts of the Earth, but most of all in Latin America.

All Stone Balls are a single system that is part of the Anti-World cells. The center of this system was located on Easter Island, the Cosmic Portal of Direct Access and Projection of the Local Universe’s Logos.

It was managed from Easter Island. It was from there that the Black Archons had access to our Central Spiritual Sun.

Stone Balls were assigned to be chain reaction triggers. After exploding in one place, they merge into a single black hole. It consumes the Earth’s Monad, which merges with its counterpart in the Anti-World. It is the same with all other Logos, up to the Pleroma.

With the dismantling of the old, third, Local Universe, and the start of the construction of a new, fourth, Co-Creators decided to urgently eliminate the Anti-World and all its creations. The Light Forces’ ground team played an important role in it.


(To Be Continued)

Destruction of the Death Nest - Stone Ball

Stone Ball

Destruction Of The Death Nest

More by Lev

March Rays – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

March Rays – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Co-Creators continue to assist us in transitioning into fifth density, so that our physical bodies can more easily adapt to the increasing high frequency energies coming to Earth via the Solar Portal. They periodically discharge the Sun with powerful coronal mass ejections from its reverse side to protect the planet and us.

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

And now, about the most hard, out of whack, and rejected… This is my life… Home, work, home. Spouse, kids, parents. Pals, neighbors, and coworkers. Expensive food, utilities, and gas. Ills, doctors, and medicines.

Ops Critical Mass Part 3 – Lev

Ops Critical Mass Part 3 – Lev

NAA repeatedly scalped our unfortunate planet, and from its bodies cut off giant, kilometer-thick pieces of “skin”, leaving thousands of scares, abandoned quarries and deserts on the surface.

February Scanning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

February Scanning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The high-frequency quantum currents of the approaching full Cosmic Day continue, like a powerful microwave oven, to squeeze out from us all the most negative and intolerant. But we still bark up the wrong tree. It won’t change anything.

Brainstorming – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Brainstorming – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The collective brainstorming has once again confirmed that there are no detailed fixed-timing schedules for the years, months and days of our planet’s transition to 5D. All plans and actions of Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee are purely situational. Only strategic goals and objectives remain unchanged.

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