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Death Cult Ideology  Part 1

Death Cult Ideology

Part 1

Death Cult Ideology – Part 1. By Lisa Renee

Knowledge of the truth and seeing the larger picture in events holds power in the current chaotic terrain of weaponizing the controlled narratives based upon these methods of ideological subversion and political correctness.

If the Groupthink and its rules are not adhered to by an individual they can be targeted with methods of aggressive victimizer attacking, including hurled threats and intimidation, as well as forms of public shaming and character assassination.

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Thus, when dark forces seek to gain control over others; they compartmentalize information and will always deceive those they perceive as lesser, or as an adversary, demanding blind obedience and appeasement to their falsehoods.

Dark entities always deny their involvement when caught in the act, and never tell the whole truth. Instead they shroud any small kernels of truth in a massive bed of lies, which makes it much harder to discern.

Those that believe boldface lying to other people for the purpose of manipulation, or ideological subversion, or religious conversion, are dancing with the devil and are inverted in Satanism.

Death Cult Ideology-Satanic Cult

Satanic Ritual

Death Cult Ideology – Part 1

There is no righteousness found in complex deceptions.

So I’d like to talk a little bit more about the details of Luciferian and Satanic cults in terms of their ideologies.

We’re going to take a side road and discuss these forces in more detail, and more specifically the people in power that are in the Luciferian families that are worshiping Lucifer or Satan.

So we can define this by saying they are in the death cult, and the influence as the death culture that they have generated.

And many humans have gone along with this, not understanding what is happening to the human culture. Most people do not understand the death cult and why these people worship demonic forces such as Lucifer or Satan, and why they sacrifice children, why they have sex with children.

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Death Cult Ideology - Enemies of Humanity

Possession of Human Souls

Death Cult Ideology – Part 1

Why do they drink human blood and engage in satanic ritual abuse and sex magic rituals?

This is much bigger than just believing these people are criminal psychopaths and mentally deranged as clearly they are, but they are also ruthless predators, completely self-consumed in negative ego.

And this goes directly into the awareness of these forces, the nonhuman forces we call the NAA, and how these activities have been groomed in these families as a way of contacting these forces and bringing them into the earth, bringing them into possession of human souls, and how this exchange is made by achieving ultimate power, control, and wealth by making agreements to be bound to these NA forces of Luciferian and Satanic classes.

The NAA protects these Luciferian families and all the people in the syndicate that are loyal to these families; and we could go right to the billionaire club, the billionaires that have accumulated the wealth in order to run the death cult agenda in the earth for the purpose of a full-scale invasion, and body snatching of the inhabitants.

They receive massive amounts of loosh energy from satanic ritual abuse (SRA) activities from these families, from child sacrifice, from wars, from genocides, from blood rituals.

This is the symbiotic relationship that binds the Controllers with the off-planet NAA overlords, as well as the bottom feeders of these demonic hierarchies that exist in the earth body itself.

Now these people, especially at the top, understand the spiritual anatomy of human beings and how human beings are light beings, and have a body, mind, and spirit, they hide this knowledge for themselves, and they’ve hidden this for thousands and thousands of years.

And then they will leverage this knowledge in using reversals, the Law of Reversals, in order to steal the resources and inner light away from human beings.

These people are in the cults and they will never stop their activities, so the most productive thing to do is to educate ourselves to better understand them, understand their psychology so we can vanquish them and their kind from maintaining their Luciferian and Satanic control and power over this earth.

These are the enemies of humanity, all of humanity.

In order to vanquish and spiritually heal the predatorial enemy of humanity we have to understand them.

Death Cult Ideology - Enemies of Humanity

Enemies of Humanity

Death Cult Ideology – Part 1

Compassion – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 3 – Lisa Renee

Compassion – Five Principles To Practice Now – Part 3 – Lisa Renee

Compassion is different than love and for a lot of us, we may not have known what love is. As we go deeper into our spiritual meditations and reflections, when we open our heart deeply, we will experience a force of love inside our heart that was unknown to us previously. Because we didn’t know it, we didn’t know it existed. But it does, it exists inside of us.

Hidden Intergalactic Conflict – Lisa Renee

Hidden Intergalactic Conflict – Lisa Renee

Humanity is in the midst of a hidden intergalactic conflict over personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom that is becoming increasingly visible in the physical material world when observing the current global events. This is a time of heightened spiritual warfare against all aspects of human freedom.

Dark Arts Training – Lisa Renee

Dark Arts Training – Lisa Renee

Dark Arts Training – This term refers to a period in your life where you are pushed, usually through some sort of suffering, to go beyond your current frame of reference in order to fully comprehend what is happening to you. People at this stage may start to register there are energetic forces around them or influencing them and that awareness can be felt or sensed in different ways. Sometimes, this means pulling back the veil that hides negative alien interference in human evolution.

Absurdism – Lisa Renee

Absurdism – Lisa Renee

As we emerge from a dark aeon, we have a better vantage point from which to view just how decrepit and destructive the thoughtforms of the past mind-controlled reality had become. During this massive shift of the ages these constructs are slowly losing integrity, allowing much more freedom to move out of highly controlled structures and thoughts forms.

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