Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul. By Teri Wade.

That Dark Night of the Soul is a process that some truth seekers go through at sometime in their life.

This is not mentioned much in the spiritual teachings because they want you to focus only on Love and Light.

We’re always being told raise your vibration, look to the Light but none of this will be lasting if you have not loved the Dark.

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The Dark Night of the Soul is really an overall beautiful experience. It’s when a persons ego, the false self, is dying making way for their true, authentic self which is love.

This process can happen at any time in your life but it usually happens when you’re searching for spiritual teachings and after you have figured out that Ego is a liar.

Ego can be good and ego can be incredibly destructive.

You’ve heard me say… ”if I personally didn’t have some sort of an ego talking about this subject like I do, I’d be eaten alive.”

Dark Night of the Soul - False Self

False Self

Dark Night of the Soul

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Some will have a major issue with this area because when you Awaken to our world how it really is, people want to want to run from the Dark and it’s incredible ugliness towards the Light, not realizing that the Dark will only grow larger when ignored.

I believe this is how the Dark and all it’s hidden agendas have grown so powerful.

They need to be revealed and that’s what many of us are doing right now during this human Awakening.

If we don’t reveal them and their agenda it stays hidden and it continues.

When you go through this Dark Night of the Soul and most do during their awakening process just look at it as a spiritual right of passage 😉.

Fear will disappear.

People don’t realize the heavy baggage that human beings can carry over from lifetime to lifetime and when you awaken all this pain and confusion surfaces but there will be no more freer feeling when healed.

Some people feel as if they’re in a depression dealing with feelings of helplessness, frustration, fear, confusion, loneliness, shame, guilt etc.

Dark Night of the Soul - True Self

True Self

Dark Night of the Soul

These are emotions that are trying to surface, they’re trying to get your attention so you deal with them… because really all they are is feelings in the body that you have tied a story to and this pain is felt throughout the world.

Spiritual depression is different from clinical depression because the symptoms do not come about by an external situation it’s all internal.

The more you try to get out of the Dark Night the more it persists because it has to be healed.

During this process you feel alone and won’t know many that will understand what you’re feeling.

You fear them thinking you’re crazy and you’re afraid you’ll bring incredible fear and confusion to them as well.

But, by resisting this you are making matters worse for you by protecting the Ego, the false self.

It’s like you’re stuck between this third dimensional reality and the fifth dimensional reality and for some there’s lots of fear brought on by this change.

Dark Night of the Soul - Ego


Dark Night of the Soul

Your Ego self is deathly afraid of coming out of that existence because it’s change, it’s the unknown.

It’s like your Ego self is being dropped and the unknown is very scary for some.

It’s like you’re feeling out of control when all along in this 3D reality you never were in control hence, the brilliant deception of Ego.

You need to surrender to this but your ego self will give up a fight, it’s that resistance that’s making this so difficult for so many.

The people that will have the hardest time with this will be the heavily religious who are still so stuck and governed by their belief system.

This particular group are the ones I have the most problems with and it’s completely understandable.

Religious programming is a very hard thing for many to overcome.

They don’t realize that it’s their ego, their false self lying to them and keeping them from truth when all along deep down they know…

How fast you’ll get through this when it’s your time is all up to you it all depends how tight of a grip the Ego has on you.

Your Ego doesn’t want to give up control of you and will put up a good fight.

So many people are attached to suffering and pain because we love to fight ourselves it gives us identity, a false identity.

So many fear this change because it’s the unknown.

But this unknown territory is love. Human beings are natural seekers and it’s kind of a catch 22 because we fear the one thing we’re all looking for.

It’s kind of like a spiritual detox that everybody is going to have to go through at some point in their life no doubt about it.

Soooo, if I was to give any advice, it would be preferable you go through this in this lifetime.

It’s just how painful are you going to make it on yourself by resisting.

When you accept this process as inevitable and give up your resistance to it the next step is to do nothing.

You are far greater and will feel liberated in this awareness then you’ll ever realize.

The Egos fearful grip will be strong because it wants to stay alive but always remember…

The Dark Night of the Soul is all illusion.

We have always been home and we have been Light the whole time.

Because, think about it… If we weren’t Light how did we become aware of the human Dark.

Meaning… If we were Dark we wouldn’t be able to observe the Dark.

Transformation is a hard thing but really what it is is a rebirth that’s what this Awakening is all about, just don’t resist it!

Dark Night of the Soul – True and False Self - More By Teri Wade
From Tyranny To Liberation – Teri Wade

From Tyranny To Liberation – Teri Wade

With all this extreme chaos currently going on so many don’t realize that it stems from a global control structure. Humanity is having their own victim patterns used against them and manipulated into emotional storms of hatred and violence serving the very people they claim to be against, completely ignorant of their handlers. What so many people aren’t asking themselves is who are the dividers? Who are the profiteers that sit on the top of the pyramid of war and disease?

Human Modification – Teri Wade

Human Modification – Teri Wade

The war on human consciousness is bubbling to the surface like never before. If you are one of those that cannot see this yet you must be in a state of “necessary sedation” for some individual reason. You can clearly see the agenda to manipulate the weather, environment, the food supply, the human DNA and the incredible manipulation that’s going on of the human consciousness through Genetic Engineering.

Corrupt Matrix – Teri Wade

Corrupt Matrix – Teri Wade

The Matrix which we’re clawing our way out of has been put into overdrive mode. The evil controllers are trying to counteract this human Awakening that’s currently going on. The agenda of these predators is to lock in as many humans as possible into a time loop, a frequency prison before the opportunity closes during this time of transition.

Biological Ascension – Teri Wade

Biological Ascension – Teri Wade

Many people are attempting to describe Ascension as in the Mayan calendar, the 2012 timeline, a quantum leap etc. What Ascension means is there are mechanics behind creation of which consciousness moves and evolves through dimensional space. Meaning, evolution progresses through the rising of frequency which brings forth a higher reality which consists of higher awareness, knowledge, wisdom, insight etc. We are transitioning into a broader spectrum of reality which is brought on by experience. We evolve through experience.

Left Behind – Teri Wade

Left Behind – Teri Wade

Those ‘left behind’ in this 3D timeline won’t see people vanish in front of them. Nor will the ones who shift. Not only will everything change INSTANTLY – it will be as if it had ALWAYS been that way. Like waking from a dream. The Event and Open Contact are described many times in scripture.

Quantum Shift Event – Teri Wade

Quantum Shift Event – Teri Wade

What is the Event? The Event could possibly be the most important event to occur in humanity’s evolution to date and could possibly occur in our very near future. If you’re coming from a biblical perspective some call this the Rapture. The Event is a quantum shift in our consciousness that will affect everyone of us in profound ways. Currently, every person is/has been going through an Ascension process whether you’re aware of it or not.

Human DNA – Teri Wade

Human DNA – Teri Wade

Humanity has been sought after our entire existence due to a little thing called human DNA. Our DNA has been damaged and we have been dumbed down to the point that we’ve never known how incredible we really are.

Harbingers – Teri Wade

Harbingers – Teri Wade

Many have woken up to not only the darkness of the true reality of our world but just how global corporacy has hijacked our lives. Many are paying close attention to their shrinking wallets and the political circus currently being played out on the global stage. The system is now in the limelight but not how the global power structure would like.

Unwinding of Reality – Teri Wade

Unwinding of Reality – Teri Wade

We can say with 100% the last few years have been an unwinding of reality. Day by day, minute by minute the human race and our planet has been feeling the effects of this speeding up in vibration which is being felt by every human being on a cellular level but differently. This acceleration has been made possible by celestial events.

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