Dark Forces Final Flex

Dark Forces Final Flex

Dark Forces Final Flex. By Burn Notice.

A friend recently expressed concern about how easily the world has been herded into their homes, due to this Corona Virus issue.

On social media, I hear screams of:

FEMA Camps
Compulsory Vaccines
Totalitarian Rule

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Let me unpack WHY I think most people are so calm about what is happening right now.

Intuitively, we know we’ve won the war against an invisible enemy!

For years an army of digital soldiers has fought to bring to light things which have been hidden.

That army has grown so powerful in recent times, even the Lame Stream Media realize they have been unseated from their place of influence.

As ‘the light of our awareness’ shines upon the deeds of evil, this dark enemy rises up, flexes its muscles and attacks those looking on.

Dark Forces Final Flex - War Against An Invisible Enemy

War Against An Invisible Enemy

Dark Forces Final Flex

This is just darkness squealing.

Human consciousness was always going to have to walk headlong into dark places, and turn on the lights.

Not everyone needs to know everything, but enough of us had to make this journey.

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And so the world finds themselves “inside” – comfortable that it is not us that need to be scared, but those with much to hide.

True wisdom at this time, is allowing darkness its final flex.

This final flex will reveal the force it exerts upon every sphere of society.

Darkness is not about to defeat light! That is the voice of darkness.🤣

Darkness is simply the absence of light.

People all over the world are being obedient to the suggestions of authorities – not because we are sheeple, but because we are comfy.

We are winning bigly.

Think about this: The sovereign rights of a human being can never be violated once they are aware of their sovereignty.

We are calm because we are remembering who we are – magnificent beings who are part of a much larger spiritual family.

Relaxed in this awareness, we are using this time to connect with family, clean out the spare room, do a puzzle and cook a new recipe.

Some are going to Google to research some new things they’ve heard about! (Funny how those algorithms changed, just in time)

I am not saying there is not still work to do, but we have won because we have awoken.

If the Dark Forces exert inappropriate force upon our sovereignty, those behind this influence will simply be exposed for the entire world to see.

Nothing can stop what is coming.”

Don’t pay attention to the voices of fear.

The hunter has become the hunted.”

Look at what’s happening: The world has watched evil forces flex their muscles against Trump (and others), but he has calmly walked forward in the true authority that the US people gave him.

Each muscle flex exposed new layers of darkness. Each flex of darkness brought new victories for the Light.

We all looked on, writing research threads and making memes that would serve as truth nuggets for those who would come later.

And now we come to the final flex…

Global power structures have been in place for a long time.

Indeed, they truly have robbed humanity of its money and stolen many human rights – even from our children.

We stand on the threshold of this huge final reveal.

The stage is set. If we do not allow darkness its final flex, we will never see the extent of its reach and will never identify those who participate.

Dark Forces Final Flex - Pillars Of Light

Pillars Of Light

Dark Forces Final Flex

Power is being returned to the people.

Our collective conscious awareness is shining into the dark caves where evil has hidden for so long.

Be encouraged. Be strong. Be love and be peace.

Speak up when the time is right.

Be an understanding guide where you are able.

Enjoy watching darkness squeal as Light and Love now engulfs the Planet.

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