Curiouser And Curiouser - Dr Schavi

“Curiouser And Curiouser”

“Curiouser And Curiouser” – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The title of this article is what the character “Alice” stated as she slid down the rabbit hole in the famous and wonderfully intriguing novel by Lewis Carrol (a pseudonym for Charles Dodgson) called ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND first published in 1865.

Alice encountered strange creatures and objects during her experiences, including parts of her becoming invisible.

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Curiouser And Curiouser - Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

“Curiouser And Curiouser”

As our solar system rapidly changes, we too could utter these same words of “curiouser and curiouser”, even though the phrase is actually grammatically incorrect and should be rendered as “more and more curious”.

However, just as the phrasing of Alice’s statement is meant in itself to symbolize “strangeness”, what is occurring in our galactic home is indeed a process of wonder!

Several decades ago, Dr. Alexey Dmitriev of the “Russian National Academy of Science” published his research on the transformations happening to the Sun of our solar system and the planets—all of which are changing in their magnetic fields and also becoming brighter.

The planets are stretching out farther from the Sun, and their inner and outer gravitational fields are changing.

One of the ways in which this can be gleaned in terms of Earth/Gaia is via the daily vibrational frequencies and amplitudes of our planet rated as “Power” numbers.

Yet, the movements of all of the planets are strangely ordered, rhythmic, and brightly pulsating like the chords of a musical tune.

Each one actually has a sound. Interestingly, ancient Vedic spiritual books which are Divine revelations such as the PURANAS and the VEDAS and the MAHABHARATA and the UPANISHADS discuss a time—billions of years in the making—when our solar system will dramatically change as well as everything within it which includes humanity.

Curiouser And Curiouser - Spiritual Sun

Spiritual Sun

“Curiouser And Curiouser”

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The texts speak of this having occurred in previous space/time continuums known as “Yugas” or “Ages”.

Evidences of this change on our particular planet are in the hundreds of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and numerous other upheavals which are announcing themselves often.

According to Dr. Dmitriev, even the gaseous plasma around each planet of our solar system is stretching out as each is given photonic energy from the gateway of the Great Central Sun which then passes through to our specific planetary Sun as well as to the Suns of the other planets.

Another interesting phenomena, however, is that the plasma around our specific planet is shaped like an oval, and the part of it that is facing away from the Sun is longer than the part that is facing the Sun (so it is more like the shape of an egg)—similar to how the tail of a comet (although it is not egg-shaped) faces away from the Sun before the comet eventually gets close enough to the Sun to melt, and some comets eventually directly soar into the Sun.

This can take billions of years so it is not surprising that a comet such as “Halley’s Comet” and some others can be seen through sophisticated telescopes at certain times still zooming through the cosmos.

Every New Moon, Full Moon, Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, Helio-Spheric Current Sheet, Solar Sector Boundary Crossing, and so much more are all sending forth dynamic energetics—all of which are songs in the musical cosmos.

Each Solar Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection adds to the concert. Each season in every part of the globe has its own tunes and rhythms.

The creations of SOURCE are never truly silent.

They may seem at times to be because certain human-developed technological equipment may say that such is the case.

Curiouser And Curiouser - Solar Flare

Solar Flare

“Curiouser And Curiouser”

However, we are only rating conditions in our solar system as we use current levels of understanding.

If our knowledge were already complete, there would not be scientists age after age, decade after decade, year after year, still researching, writing, and teaching about our fantastic multiverse.

Much of the research is done via studying ancient scriptures which have startling scientific information which astounds the modern mind!

​Our human physical vessels are like planets and stars. Indeed it has been previously discussed how we are comprised of much of the same material as the stars themselves.

Although on the outside we may seem to always look the same, inside of us are transformational processes working upon our DNA and every other part that makes us “human” that will eventually make us “Homo-Luminous”.

We are like individual universes moving and changing, and eventually, even our outside form will also change.

Some people may think that this is a discussion of traditional evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin long ago. It is not.

Ancient scriptures do not support our moving from an almost invisible cell to an amoeba to fish to on-land mammals to humans.

Curiouser And Curiouser - DNA Cosmic Activation

DNA Cosmic Activation

“Curiouser And Curiouser”

Yes, we are “evolving” because the word means to dramatically change to something other than an originally made formation.

However, our change is not Darwinian.

SOURCE creates specific species of things, and those things continue to create their own kind.

The EMERALD TABLET says the following in its prolific verses of spiritual principles that contain many books: “There are three states: CREATION, CONTINUANCE, and TRANSFORMATION.”

It also says: “That which is made but once is never corrupted and neither does it become any other thing.”

Further, it advises: “Everything in life is comprised of ENERGY, also called LIGHT.”

We, as so-called “humans”, are becoming greater LIGHT, and we are achieving greater ENERGY which is “Life Force”—the “Prana” of the ancient scriptures.

Words like “re-birth” and “crystallization” are also used to describe this process.

The HIGHER SELF—the SOUL—is created in maturation. It is SPIRIT (“Life Force”) and CONSCIOUSNESS. It is our DIVINE aspect.

As we move through earthly life (and as other species on their planets do the same), we reach the heights of the HIGHER SELF, and until

Some so-called “humans” are already very much on the way to this.

Again, as the EMERALD TABLET says: “It is possible for a SOUL to be deified while it yet lodges in the body if it contemplates the good of God.”

The teachings go on to say that besides contemplation, of course, we must steadily, consciously, and diligently work towards our elevation to the HIGHER SELF.

Like a student in a school class, we must be worthy of advancement by studying and completing class assignments well.

Our entire solar system is blazing with increased LIGHT and is even moving at faster rates throughout the cosmos as it swirls around the Great Central Sun and zooms through the Photon Belt.

The stars, too, are pulsating with brighter LIGHT and giving-off what are called “star surges”—energetic frequencies.

There are still situations of disharmony on Earth/Gaia which must be eradicated, and indeed, they are being removed in their capability to further cause disruption to the playing of the “Divine Symphony”.

They cannot continue to be out-of-tune with INFINITE PRESENCE.

They cannot handle the LIGHT that is becoming increasingly intense unless true repenting is done by changing thoughts, words, and behavior.

SOURCE is merciful, but not a doormat!

There will come a time—just like in a course in school—when it will be too late to repent because the ultimate change will have occurred like the sudden turning-on of a light switch.

The scripture called HOLY BIBLE also speaks of an instantaneous change coming to creation. All truly Divinely-revealed scriptures do so.

All that our solar system and the entire cosmos is experiencing seems to some to be unbelievable.

Their analytical, logic-only mindsets do not allow for mystery. Yet, something very awesome will happen that will force such persons to admit that they do not know what they think they do.

Life in what we call our “world” is certainly becoming “curiouser and curiouser”.

We are indeed in “Wonderland”!

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Visit Sacred Sites With The “God Particle” – Dr Schavi

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Surging Photonic Light! – Dr Schavi

As September of 2021 continues to move along with the Full Moon coming on September 20th, the Equinoxes (Northern and Southern Hemispheres) on September 22nd (or 23rd according to time zones), and the Mercury Retrograde height beginning on September 27th (lasting until October 18th), in the past several days, our planet has been experiencing elevated levels of LIGHT pulsations due to medium-strength to strong solar flares, increased solar wind speeds, and coronal mass ejections. These cosmic energetics are causing colorful auroras around the globe. Auroras occur when charged particles of photonic LIGHT surge into Earth/Gaia and activate “Her” magnetic field by charging the electronic particles in “Her” magnetosphere.

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The Ritual Of Light: Simple But Profound – Dr Schavi

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Grounding For The Incoming Energetics – Dr Schavi

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