Crystal Vortex - The Magic Of Water

Crystal Vortex

The Magic Of Water

Crystal Vortex – The Magic Of Water – By Disclosure News.

On our journey, our waking dream, we were guided to meet Werner, creator and owner of the Aquadea project.

We discovered that Werner is a long-time follower of DNI and immediately it sparked an energetic link at a distance, he is in Germany, we are in Italy… in my meditations I have already had a strong contact with Germany, in an incredible moment of a mass meditation where I had an out-of-body experience… and now here it is again.

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What could initially seem like a contact driven by curiosity, or by coincidence for those who believe in coincidences, is turning out to be an important step in our path towards the subtler energies…

And everything is turning up thanks to… a shower!

Crystal Vortex - The Magic Of Water

The Magic Of Water

Crystal Vortex

It seems impossible that a jet of water could do so much and yet the first “shower” was a revealing experience…

I still don’t know which gemstone or crystal Werner put in his activator, I don’t want to know now, I want to find out for myself shower after shower… I’ll reserve the right to ask for more details in the probable interview that will follow this article.

Werner was kind enough to send us to send his “idea” as a gift, a particularly appreciated donation, even more so now, after the first experience… and what follows is the experience.

Aquadea And Crystal Technology

We are in a moment in which the Energy of the Central Sun, of the Source, of our Higher Self, are rushing to push us further and further on the steep path that we have chosen for this incarnation, our mission.

We feel a push that overwhelms us, leaves us breathless more than once, we seek every means and spiritual practice to be able to stay in the flow, personally precious stones and crystals attract me in an obsessive, almost morbid way.

This explains why, when I became aware of this water technology from Aquadea, I magically found myself with this shower as a gift ready to install…

Crystal Vortex - Aquadea Energy

Aquadea Energy

Crystal Vortex

Once installed, more than simple, just seeing the shape of the jet, push the immediate need to get under it.

The first experience, opening the jet on the face, was a striking thing, I’m not exaggerating for advertising purposes, I really say it with my heart, the vortex that this system creates has to do with toroidal energy… we will ask Werner to explain us better shortly… the result is that this energy has hit the third eye, it has surrounded the pineal gland creating a feeling of well-being, of “energetic relaxation” if this word has any meaning for you.

Crystal Vortex - Aquadea Shower Energy

Aquadea Energy

Crystal Vortex

Aquadea Crystal Vortex

Aquadea Vortex

Crystal Vortex

It was just the first shower, I am happy to have this tool with me that seems to come from the Atlantean Crystal Technology and fits perfectly in my path.

We should all have such technology at home, perhaps customizing it with our favorite crystal or gemstone… I personally let Werner choose when he asked me if I had any preferences and coincidentally it seems like a perfect choice!

Thanks Werner and thanks Aquadea!

Aquadea Crystal Vortex

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Crystal vortex chamber products from Aquadea refresh body and mind and inspire with a unique combination of high-quality precious metals, selected crystals and precious stones.

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