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Crystal Craft - Elder IKAI - Pleiadian Collective

Crystal Craft

February 2023

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI – By Family Of Taygeta.

Elder Ikai


Family Of Taygeta - One of Many, Many of One - Pleiadian Collective

Messages from Family of Taygeta (IKAI, AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, AKATU, KABAMUR), Pleiadian Collective, Galactic Federation of Light +++

I will try to clarify some of what I am speaking about, for those who might be unfamiliar with me.

  • When speaking of Satanism I do not mean a literal biblical interpretation. However the basic concept of good + evil remains true.
  • Satan was the alias of a certain negative ET, as other figures in ‘mythology’. Luciferianism refers to the same dark groups.
  • Other practices like Thelema or even Scientology are all in service to the same dark forces. All deception against humanity + One True God.
  • These dark forces have twisted true spiritual knowledge, like the original teachings of the Soul incarnation known as Jesus – Sananda.
  • Many benevolent beings such as this have incarnated here to teach humanity Higher Truths of Love, Compassion + Unity of all life.
  • All of these understandings have been corrupted and misused by organizations which claimed to support these teachers.
  • There have been positive + negative ET visitors throughout Earth’s history who have either pretended to be gods or were just seen that way.
  • The Cabal, Illuminati, Shadow Gvt all use false light to conceal actions which are controlled by non-physical entities, some call demonic.
  • These parasites are Archons, cause for most wars, false flags, human suffering. This has been happening for many thousands of years.
  • Rituals, war + all forms of trauma are multi-dimensional acts which transfer energy from a human victim to another being.
  • They inhabit many control structures within our society. These beings are both non-physical + also incarnated into human bodies.
  • We are all Souls having a temporary physical experience. The body is a vehicle. We are all extensions of God-Source experiencing Creation.
  • Many things happening in the world were foreseen long ago. These are not the end times, only a transition. Apocalypse means ‘to unveil’.
  • Those who are interested in the esoteric aspects of what I am talking about should research for themselves.
  • For those who are religious, I do not discount your beliefs at all. There is just more to it than we’ve been allowed to know.
  • Truth remains that the only thing real is LOVE. GOD, however you choose to define this, is only Love. All else is temporary + illusion.
  • This Universe is larger than most can comprehend, and it is FULL of life. We are soon to become a galactic civilization + we must be ready.
  • Understand the limitations of the human senses. And that not all things exist on the thin layer we know as 3D. Life is everywhere.
  • Many of these Beings are here now, and there is much activity happening that people cannot see – on many planes of existence.
  • Open Contact with positive races is not far off. Not already because of issues of free will and much manipulation by the negative groups.
  • We are all one human race and we must see the true enemy are those who try to divide us. We must Unite if we are to be free.
  • We must CHOOSE the future we want. We create our reality with every thought and every action. Right now we are choosing. What will it be?


Everything I share is possible because of my mom’s ongoing contact with our Pleiadian Guides. Our Family of Taygeta (IKAI) represents Pleiades to Earth White Hats, and are now helping prep Earth for 5D. Our soul plans were to wake up to this to help prepare for post-Shift OPEN CONTACT.

Kabamur Pleiadian Collective

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Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

Beloved Friends Of Light!

In These Moments Of Communication, I Will Be Sharing The Description Of My Favorite Crystal Craft. This Is My Personal Design For Comfort And Ease As I Traverse The Galaxies As My Playground.

While This Is Not My Only Craft, I Find It To Be Pleasurable As I Speed Through The Ethers Of All Densities.

Family And Friends Often Accompany Me With Great Joy!

But I Also Travel Solo And Ponder Life In All Places.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

I Spoke To Beloved AYA In Her Current Waking Dream And Asked If She Would Like To See My Craft!

As Judith With The Soul And Consciousness Of AYA, She Quickly Spoke Back Telepathically With ‘Yes!’.

The Following Is The Vision That I Laid Upon Her Inner Sight.

This Gift Is For You, Beloved Friends! Enjoy Until We Meet Again In Sheen!

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

The Sky Is Pink And Lavender.

The Trees Show An Outline Of Black Against The Sky.

It Is Peaceful And Quiet And Almost Dark Over The Area.

There Is Light In The Distance.

Then Another Which Is Brighter.

Judith Keeps Her Eyes Closed In Amazement.

DNit Telegram Channel


Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

Visions Have Been Spectacular Before, But This One Is Very Special.

I Am Speaking To Her.

She Knows Me Well.

I Am Elder IKAI, Her Mate On Taygeta.

She Is Goddess AYA.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

The Crystal Craft That I Enjoy As Elder IKAI Has All Of The Accommodations Of Home.

Let’s Complete The Outer Structure In Your Understanding So That The Inner Chambers Will Become Even More Real.

Breathe Deeply And See What Judith Saw.

The Lights Grow Steady And The Shape Of The Craft Becomes Clear.

It Is Crystal And It Is Alive With Consciousness.

It Has Awareness, Power And Intention That Is Programmed By The Chief Commander Of The Galactic Federation.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

I Am IKAI And I Carry The Light Of All Existence Within My Crystal Heart.

The Craft Of Beauty Is Love. This Magnificent Craft Carries Sacred Souls To Dimensions Unknown To Earth.

Come Closer And Observe The Intricate Shape And Many Levels That Come Forth With My Thought.

The Form Would Be As A Pear Shape To Your Understanding.

An Area Opens At The Top To Allow Another Level To Rise High Into The Air.

This Shape Is Artistic With Extensions Of Mesmerizing Curls And Contours.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

Light Shimmers In Pastel Colors Throughout The Clear Quartz Crystal.

With A Thought Command, More Openings Form And The Craft Rises Higher In Opulence.

Smaller Areas Rise And Move In Synchronicity With The Command Of Light!

This Tower Of Living Beauty Is Indeed Alive With The Power Of Majestic Love!

At Last The Final Columns Of Light Rise To A Grand Height With Soft Humming And Frequencies Heard And Felt.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

The Craft Is A Orchestra Of Living Light. This Is The Place I Love To Be.

Let’s Enter The Magical Light Ship And Enjoy All That Is There In Abundance. Relax And Know That You Are Welcome Here.

Soon You Will Have Your Own Crystal Craft.

The First Room We Will Explore Is A Large Area With White Massage Chairs That Also Emit Frequencies To Allow Perfect Rest And Rejuvenation.

I Enjoy Listening To Soft Music With Dim Lights That Change From Blue, Gold And Green.

This Can Be Stopped Or Amplified In Color By My Thoughts.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

Friends Enjoy This Area As We Share News And Ideas About Exploration.

Although I Prefer Alone Time, The Company Of Those That I Invite Are Nourishing Relationships.

There Is Lots Of Laughter As We Share Moments.

The Area Adjoining This Room Is A Large Crystal Basin That Is Also A Warm Swimming Pool.

The Water Sparkles And Swirls In Light As We Swim And Dive With Great Joy.

This Area Also Is Programmed With Telepathy And Music Is Chosen According To The Ambiance Desired.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

Upward Into Another Level Is A Large Crystal Kitchen.

I Enjoy This Immensely As I Prepare Meals By Telepathy.

Having Cuisine From The Experience Of Races Throughout Galaxies Is Magnificent In Experience!

Indeed, I Would Enjoy Dining With Any Of You!

My Family Of AYA, LAKA, NEIOH, KABAMUR And AKATU Have Traversed Areas Of The Cosmos And Dined Together Many Times As We Reflected On Our Life Of Light!

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

Higher We Go Up Crystal Stairs To A Large Room For Leisure Activities.

KABAMUR And NEIOH Enjoy Challenging Games With Magic And Critical Thinking.

They Both Enjoy Competing With One Another With Mutual Love And Respect.

This Is Also An Area For Playing Crystal Instruments.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

We Love All Music And A Variety Of Instruments.

At Times We Create Magnificent Sounds.

This Is LAKA’s Favorite Area As He Composes Many Melodies.

AKATU Enjoys Dancing Even If Alone!

We Do Love Him So!

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

Higher Up Crystal Stairs, We Enter AYA’s Favorite Abode.

This Is A Large Room With Pink Crystal Walls That Is A Meditation Room.

Communing With God (Elako) Is Essential In The Life Of All Pleiadians.

AYA Understands This Well And Her Strength Lies In Her Inner World Of Being.

She Often Spends Time In This Space Alone In Deep Meditation.

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

The Upper Chamber Of My Crystal Craft Is Where I Sit Alone And Program My Ship.

I Spend Most Of My Time Connecting To Souls On Earth, In The Pleiades And With Those In The Higher Realms.

I Am In Constant Contact With All Commanders Of The Galactic Federation As Each One Reports Any Changes To Be Noted.

In One Moment, I Can Enter A Mothership And Program My Crystal Craft To Remain Stationary.

As You Await The Grand Shift Of The Ages, I Promise You That All That Has Challenged You Will Be Worth It!

Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI
Crystal Craft – Elder IKAI

As You Soar Above The Stars In Your Own Crafts Once Again, Look Around And See Me Beside You!

Indeed, Only Good Is Before You!

Fly High In Light!

I Love You So!

Chief Commander Galactic Federation

More by the Pleiadian Collective

Understanding Oneness – Neioh

Understanding Oneness – Neioh

Beloved Friends Of Spirit And Light! In These Moments Of Communication We Will Discuss Soul Integration And The Real Meaning Of Oneness

Pain And Awakening – Neioh

Pain And Awakening – Neioh

Awakening Is A Term Used By Many But Few Have Truly Awakened To The Truth Of Life And The Existence Of The Eternal Soul.

Pocket Of Stillness – Akatu

Pocket Of Stillness – Akatu

You Carry The Power Of Creation Within Your Soul. It Is A Truth Of Light That Allows Each Being To Create And Sustain A Place Of Stillness. This Haven Of Light Will Restore The Mind And Body As You Spend Moments Of Life In This Place Of Peace.

The Gift Of Not Knowing – Akatu

The Gift Of Not Knowing – Akatu

In Truth, There Is A Great Gift To Not Knowing All That Will Transpire. Understanding That Circumstances Are Sometimes Out Of Your Control Will Allow You To Make Wise Choices And Judgements To The Best Of Your Ability.

The Gift Of Patience – Laka

The Gift Of Patience – Laka

You Are Programmed In Your World To Listen To The Incessant Demands Of The Ego. You Are A Soul In Form That Is Visiting The Earth School That Is Without The Ego Of Duality. This Combination Of Seeking Power Over Others And All Circumstances Will Cause You To Feel Impatient And Frustrated.

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