Creating Dimensions: Manifesting Needs And Desires

Creating Dimensions:

Manifesting Needs And Desires

Creating Dimensions: Manifesting Needs And Desires – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

The illustrious Historian and Archeologist, Dr. Gregg Braden, has taught for many decades about how our feelings, i.e., our emotive responses, to various life experiences manifest as our reality.

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He has had the privilege, for example, of observing medical doctors in the Far East heal a patient of cancer by their focus upon the desired outcome—a deeply held—totally disciplined mental picture of perfect health.

He was allowed to see the ex-ray pictures prior to the “consciousness transfer” of the physicians as well as the ex-ray pictures taken after the spiritual procedure.

True enough, people whose ancestry dates back to the ancient cultures whereby meditation was a normal daily practice are better able to hold the necessary feelings for desired outcomes.

Creating Dimensions - Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden

Creating Dimensions

However, all of humanity, regardless of ancestral lifestyles, can learn to tap into the potential of consciousness to the same degree as those who have never lost their ancestral practices in this regard.

What is actually occurring with such seeming miracles must be understood.

It has been discussed in previous articles how our thoughts are electrical frequencies and our feelings are magnetic frequencies, and together, they create particular physical/material experiences. Let us explore this in greater depth.

Electricity is comprised of charged (or “excited”) subatomic particles of electrons, protons, and neutrons, and the neutrons and electrons reside within the nucleus (center) of an atom.

Atoms are the formation of all matter: solids, liquids, gases, or plasma (waves of various types of gases).

Magnetism is the power to attract something to itself, to hold something in a fixed direction.

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Therefore, when we think or create a certain image in our consciousness and then have a specific emotive response to the image, we can create a physical/material result or manifestation.

Doing this is actually creating a different dimension because a dimension is a condition or a state of being.

Creating Dimensions - Creating A Different Dimension

Creating A Different Dimension

Creating Dimensions

It is a “place” only in the understanding that a new mental image and its equivalent emotive response is indeed a “new placement” of a physical/material situation.

How does all of the foregoing relate to manifesting needs and desires?

The answer seems simple, but it is a profound practice, and a mental state that is used to everything having a logical and analytical reason for occurring may have a difficult time acquiring the skill.

However, it is not impossible, and in fact, as “Galactic Citizens”, we have an enormous power to achieve this capability.

It requires a true spiritual orientation—an elevation to the heights of the Soul—the Higher Self—which awaits our realization that it is a secure connection.

To manifest healing or any other need or desire that is for our uplift to another dimension of reality or that is for the good of the collective, we must “feel” what it would be like to already have the need or desire met.

In other words, what would the new reality look like?
How would we act in the new reality?
What would we be like?
What would the future hold after the new reality anchors into our “Now”?

We cannot be anxious or uncertain or question the outcome.

We must know beyond the proverbial “shadow of a doubt” that our blessing is assured.

In the example given above, Dr. Braden heard the doctors say, in their own language, “Already Done” several times as they envisioned the patient’s cells returning to normality and the tumors dissolving away.

However, as mentioned, they were from a culture which values the power of consciousness to unfold in amazing ways.

Avatars, Sages, and Ascended Masters, all had and taught this same power.

Here are five teachings of Tehuti (Thoth) which highlight the capability of consciousness to unfold desired experiences translated from the ancient Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”) into English:

1.) “The MIND is void of suffering when it realizes its perfection”.

2.) “The MIND of humanity is the MIND of GOD”

3.) “Spirit [“Life Force”] is diffused throughout the veins and arteries and causeth movement.”

4.) “Words are images of the MIND; the MIND is of GOD; manifestation is the body of the idea.”

5.) “All things have vibration. The higher the rate of vibration, the higher the plane; the higher the plane, the higher the manifestation of that which occupies that plane.”

Creating Dimensions - Tehuti (Thoth)

Tehuti (Thoth)

Creating Dimensions

Let us take a look at a few verses from the scripture known as the HOLY BIBLE which are predicated upon earlier teachings of civilizations from which most of the biblical chapters were formulated:

1.) “Your faith has healed you” (Matthew, 9:22).

2.) “Good news gives health to the bones” (Proverbs, 15:30).

3.) “The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well.” (James, 5:15).

Physicians with an ancient spiritual orientation always pray to SOURCE prior to examining, consulting with, or doing a procedure upon a patient.

Many then meditate for guidance and also contemplate the desired outcome.

Thus, what Dr. Braden teaches is not new, but it is worth review and reflection in these current times of chaos on many levels; but before balance, there is usually chaos.

This is a law of “Nature” taught in Physics classes.

A simple example is when we see a beautiful rainbow. It appears after a rain, sometimes which has been torrential.

Other examples are when a graduate student is awaiting the results of his or her “Dissertation Defense” (an oral test of the student’s knowledge and research in a given subject) which is a requirement for the title of “Doctor” or when a Law student or a Medical student awaits the results of the exams called “boards”.

We are anxious; our nervous system is stirred up; our heart beats rapidly. Then when the head Professor of our Dissertation Team shakes our hand and says: “Congratulations, Doctor”, we are filled with joy, and all of the systems of our body relax.

The same is true when the Law student or the Medical student receives the news that he or she has passed the “boards” and can now officially practice in their chosen fields.

What if throughout the years of taking certain courses of study–all of which require disciplined research, long compositions to be written, and tests to be taken for each class—the students were taught to envision perfect grades and to “feel” the elation of the end result of being the “Doctor” (of whatever subject) or the Attorney or the Physician?

Much less anxiety would occur, and a sense of “smooth sailing” would soar throughout the physical vessel.

Creating Dimensions - Apply Our Electrical Frequencies

Apply Our Electrical Frequencies

Creating Dimensions

The end result would be assured without unnecessary mental, emotional, or physical turmoil or imbalance.

Let us begin in this “Now” to practice envisioning a world where all people are perfectly healthy, where all needs are easily met in-full, where there is no warfare because there is no greed or hatred, where people no longer age because we have entered the “New Golden Age”, where everyone enjoys serving others based upon their particular interests and skills, where families are loving and close, where neighborhoods are clean and safe, where leaders of various nations work together for the good of all humanity, where there is easy access to other galaxies where other beings live in harmony with all other beings in the cosmos, etc.

Then really “FEEL” what such a scenario would be like. Really “SEE” this new “Now”.

This is how to create a new dimension.

It will take time and practice to be able to truly actualize these types of events based simply upon thoughts and feelings.

However, I urge thinking about current times: Much of humanity is already using its free will of thought and feeling in a misguided manner.

This is why there is material greed, hatreds, wars, famine, pandemics, oppressive circumstances, poisoning of Nature, and so many other disharmonies which have made a shambles of the notes of the “Divine Symphony”.

If chaos and confusion can be created by these thoughts and feelings, then the opposite can be created in the same manner.

It sounds simple, and indeed, the process itself is simple.

I suggest that people begin with a seven-day mind and emotion fast.

Try not to have an anxious thought or feeling about anyone, any condition, or any work project, or anything else for seven days.

Creating Dimensions - Be Here In This NOW

Be Here In This NOW

Creating Dimensions

Many people whom I have taught the specific procedure to admitted days later that it was a difficult task and that they did not make it through the seven days without thinking or feeling some anxious or suspicious or even mean-spirited frequencies politically, socially, or philosophically.

This is why prayer and meditation are so important.

These rituals calm us, give us hope, and strengthen our resolve.

Then we can apply our electrical frequencies of thought and our magnetic frequencies of emotion with POWER!

We can create new dimensions, new time lines, a new “Now”.

Why not try?

Remember, Yeshua Ha Messiah said: “Know ye not that ye are gods?”

Creating Dimensions - Divine Symphony

Divine Symphony

Creating Dimensions

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