Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022 - Higher Yet! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022

Higher Yet!

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022 – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As of 10:54 Universal Time (UT) or 5:54 AM (Eastern Daylight Time), a strong solar flare burst from our Sun with a magnitude of “M.1”, and this was after four medium-strength “C-Class” flares earlier.

Neutron counts (cosmic rays) remain listed as “High”.

New sunspots are being detected from our Sun which are currently seething with further “C-Class” potentiality which could, of course, elevate higher.

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Solar winds are traveling at 303 kilometers per second (km/s) as of 10:54 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)—which is understood to be in the normal parameters of between 300 and 400 km/s.

M.1 Solar Fare 10 June 2022

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022

As usual, however, the magnetosphere is the immediately telling message of the possible weekend’s activations upon our planet Earth/Gaia.

It is showing on NOAA charts a wind velocity of medium strength, very dense plasma particles enveloping our planet from all sides, and a gradual increase in pressure of the plasma as it surges into the planetary field.

There have been a few days during this week of low wind speeds, a lessening of particle density, and flares of lower level “B-Class” and low “C-Class” with one on yesterday being in the very low “A-Class” range.

However, the neutron counts moved from rates of simply being “Elevated” to becoming “High”.

There has been, therefore, a bit of a “recess” in some energetics but an increase in others.

Now, however, it seems that the energetics are arriving at an “agreement” of frequencies with all beginning to surge higher.

To reiterate for those who are already following these articles and updates and for those who are new to them, solar flares are releases of photons, electrons, carbon dioxide gases, and other substances from our Sun which are rated according to the level of brightness with which they explode (which delivers a message of how intense or not the solar energetics are and will be as they arrive to our planet).

They are rated as being either “A-Class” (low intensity), “B-Class” (still relatively low intensity with no perceivable activations to our planet), “C-Class” (medium-strength with the power to effect technology and all of creation in various ways—physically, mentally, and emotionally as cellular records are cleansed and as DNA is transformed), “M-Class” (strong flares with greater activations), and “X-Class” (the most powerful of all flares which deliver very profound activations and transformations on all levels).

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All of these lettered flare ratings, however, are also given numerical values to further describe their intensity.

The numbers are from “1” to “10”. For example, there can be a “B.5” or a “C.7”, etc.

When a letter reaches the numerical evaluation of a “5”, it is bordering on being in the next letter value, and thus, of a higher power.

For instance, a “C.5” is bordering on being in the “M-Class” range, and if it is a “7” or “8” or “9”, it is just about an “M-Class”.

So, the “M.1” of this morning, Friday, June 10th, is strong but not yet moving into the “X-Class” range.

In fact, because it is only a “1”, it can be said to be almost back into the “C-Class” level.

As has been previously explained, our Sun, our solar system, the galaxy we reside in, and the entire cosmos “performs” various energetic “feats” as the every 26,000-year transformational process of creation occurs.

It is in such time frames within the entire space/time continuum that humanity tends to need a consciousness shift as many ways of free will have been actualized which have manifested as both harmonious and disharmonious “chords” in the “playing” of the “Civilization Concert”.

We are in a new 26,000-year cycle whereby the “music” of our planet, solar system, and galaxy is being “corrected” so as to be capable of sending forth a vibrational frequency that offers the song of “COSMIC PEACE” within the “songbook'” of the DIVINE SYMPHONY.

Symphony Of The Stars – Sagittarius

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022

Each person either adds to or detracts from the efforts of LIGHT to easily “conduct” the “Cosmic Orchestra” via how well or how unwisely free will is employed.

SOURCE is always guiding with its “baton” of LIGHT; however, we are free to choose to follow its “lead” or not.

Thus, our individual “notes” exuding from our individual levels of consciousness, emotive responses, and actions can receive greater “instruction” if we choose to be “corrected” and “guided” by our HIGHER SELF/SOUL/.SOURCE—the “Conductor”.

We must watch the “baton” in order to do so.

On Tuesday, June 14th, there will be a Full Moon at approximately 7:52 AM (Eastern Daylight Time) in Tropical/Western Sagittarius (Higher Knowledge, Justice, Expansion of Ideas, Freedom Issues) and in Sidereal/Vedic Scorpio (Transformation, Transcendence).

The Moon governs emotions, and we are already in the portal of this Full Moon as can be gleaned by the situations that are extant on our planet dealing with an upsurge in all of the foregoing characteristics.

We have an opportunity to seek HIGHER AWARENESS and to release those notions which cannot serve our collective good.

We can fly like the symbolic phoenix bird from the ashes of turmoil into the golden sparkling LIGHT of REGENERATION.

We must be “tuned up” so that we understand exactly what needs transforming and how to activate the process. Human minds, emotions, and physical vessels will be worked upon as “Light Activation Experiences” (LAE) in numerous ways occur for most people on the planet.

It will not be uncommon as LIGHT intensifies in coming days to also experience an intensity in its powerful movements through our individual vibrational auric fields, meridians, chakras, muscles, glands, tissues, molecules, cells, atoms, subatomic particles—all of the aspects of residing in a material form.

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022 - Chakras

Chakras And Cosmic Fluxes

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022

As we move through this current Full Moon portal, it is best to review the spiritual and naturopathic ways in which to gain comfort during the cosmic up-shifts.

There will also soon be the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere on June 21st—both of which are portals of intense cosmic frequencies before, during, and after their arrival.

We are in the portal of this now too, and thus, there is an overlapping of portals happening—the Full Moon and the Solstices.

The “music” in the “Cosmic Auditorium” is likely to become louder over this weekend and in the days leading up to the Northern and Southern Solstices. I am always guided to offer specific suggestions for handling certain intensified cosmic events.

Therefore, I recommend to consider wearing calming flowery oils such as Jasmine, Gardenia, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, etc. and calming water element gemstones such as Amazonite, Angelite, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Larimar, Blue Flash Moonstone, and Turquoise (Turquoise is both water and earth elements). We are more of this element than any other.

These gemstones can calm any erratic waters (emotions) inside of us and protect us as we engage in various activities with others whose “waters” may be thrashing and raging.

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022 - Amber With Cintamani Stone

Amber With Cintamani Stone – Get Your Own!

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022

The Amber gemstone is also very calming and healing and pairs well with any of the above gemstones.

Take soothing sea salt baths and showers with Lavender oil. Perform deep breathing techniques. Do Yoga or Tai Chi.

Envelop yourself in LIGHT. Drink plenty of water with lemon or lime (or some of both).

Recite the following mantra on a Boddhi Seed or Sandalwood mala: “AUM NAMO NARAYANAYA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Sustainer”).

These are just a few of the ways in which we can work with the LIGHT and be “guided” by “ITS” baton.

Give the next several days and weeks as we move through major portals the theme of REVITALIZATION.

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022 - Cosmic Symphony

Cosmic Symphony

Cosmic Update June 10 To June 12 2022

Reminder Of The "Pillar Of Light" Technique

Stand with your arms outstretched and your palms upwards. Close your eyes. Breathe calmly and deeply.

Envision bright LIGHT surging from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of our solar system, to our planet, and then into your crown.

See the LIGHT move throughout your physical vessel—within and all around it.

Receive the LIGHT for a few moments. Continue breathing calmly and slowly.

Then envision the LIGHT moving back up to your crown, into the Sun, and back into the Great Central Sun.

Yet, envision yourself still enveloped in LIGHT.

This ritual anchors you to SOURCE LIGHT.

It is very grounding, healing, and protective.

Afterwards, state: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT!”

Cosmic Update 10 May 2022 - Mni Wiconi -Life Giving Water

A Special Call from our Canadian Family

Please join with the Indigenous People in prayer ceremony on June 21st, 2022 for the healing and restoration of our "Mni Wiconi" ("Life Giving Waters") on our planet.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the "19th Keeper of the White Buffalo Pipe" has stated: "I humbly request a time from each of the two-legged [human beings] in this world to send a prayer to heal our precious earth and balance of Mni Wiconi to be restored".

He has further taught that many messages from the four-legged animal world indicates that mankind is at a crossroads.

Thus, this is yet another wonderful opportunity for us to gather in whatever we can in our homes and offices for connection to the GREAT SPIRIT/INFINITE PRESENCE/SOURCE.

Let there be PEACE among us all.

More by Dr. Schavi

How To “Ra-Member” – Dr Schavi

How To “Ra-Member” – Dr Schavi

No, the title of this teaching is not a misspelling.

The word “RA” is from the Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”) language of ancient Kemet, and it translates as “LIGHT” and is a reference to the Sun of our galaxy which was called “ATEN” which translates as “SOLAR DISK”. The word “MEM” is both Medu Neter and Amharic (one of the “Parent Languages”of Hebrew) for “WATER”.

Cosmic Update 18 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 18 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Slow, medium-strength, and extremely fast solar winds are all converging together sending shock waves to Earth/Gaia and bombarding our planet with proton and electron plasma particles (coronal mass ejections) that are shifting tectonic plates and also stirring surface energy.

Cosmic Update 17 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 17 August 2022 – Dr Schavi

Several powerful “M-Class” solar flares have soared into our planetary realm since late evening of Tuesday, August 16th and early on Wednesday, August 17th at “M.2” and “M.5” levels. Earth/Gaia is being literally pummeled with LIGHT! The strongest of “X-Class” flares, as reported on yesterday, are a major possibility with the delta energy of sunspots that continue to build.

Grounding To The Source Light –  Dr Schavi

Grounding To The Source Light – Dr Schavi

There are many people who suggest that we should “ground” to our planet by walking barefoot outside or by hugging a tree or even by hugging our pets more closely because they have a “sixth sense” that humans supposedly do not possess. However, with our dear planet Earth/Gaia being lifted up, stirred, shifted, vibrating faster, and being powerfully illuminated, we must now “ground with Her”, not “to Her”.

Greater Light And Sound Transmission! – Dr Schavi

Greater Light And Sound Transmission! – Dr Schavi

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, August 16th, 2022, the Sun of our solar system launched a very strong “M.5-Class” flare, and our Sun currently has a delta energy for the most powerful of flares—“X-Class”. The magnetosphere is building in densely pressing-in particle plasma.

Cosmic Symphonics On-Going! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Symphonics On-Going! – Dr Schavi

A dark huge filament of particle plasma (coronal mass ejection) was unleashed from our Sun on Sunday, August 14th, 2022,and solar winds escorted it traveling at 1.3 million miles per hour. Its trajectory is directly facing our planet Earth/Gaia and is calculated to arrive by late Tuesday evening, August 16th if not before.

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

The Super Full Moon Is Almost Here! – Dr Schavi

We are several hours away from the “Super Full Moon”. Use the time to gather your “Wellness Tools”. They will be needed throughout the year and beyond. Make sure that they are spiritual and natural. They will be blessings.

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