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Cosmic Update 5 May 2022 - Solar Soaring And Sizzling! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022

Solar Soaring And Sizzling!

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022 – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

At 1361 Universal Time (UT) or 8:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Thursday, May 5th, 2022, an “M.2-Class” solar flare soared from our Sun, and another “M.2” at 1410 (UT) occurred which is 9:10 AM (EDT)— and this is after over 15 “C-Class” flares and 3 other “M-Class” flares had already exploded in the past 24 hours!

More “M-Class flares are expected and perhaps some “X-Class” flares due to the growing possibility of them as large sunspots have been detected by the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” (SDO) which is a part of the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” (NASA).

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Cosmic Update 5 May 2022 - Sunspot AR3004 Shortly After It Produced An M-Class Flare

Sunspot AR3004 Shortly After It Produced An M-Class Flare – E. Schaberger Poupeau

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022

As a line in one of the songs by the famous “Motown” group, the “Supremes”, says: “There’s no stopping us now”.

This is a fitting song lyric with all of the cosmic events that have been/and are happening constantly in this “Now”.

The planet Mercury is spewing forth a bright tail of sodium as it travels across the skies caused by solar winds and meteorite particles from “Halley’s Comet”—the only known comet visible by the naked eye.

It was originally sighted in 1705 by the Astronomer Edmond Halley, but “Halley’s Comet”, not called by that name in ancient times, of course, was known to ancient scientists supposedly as early as the third century B.C.E.

There is much that modern humanity is discovering that was common knowledge to our ancestors.

Also occurring in this time frame are “Energy Fluxes” or continual pulsations of cosmic energetics from our Sun surging into our planet on all sides which begin slowly and then increase in speed and then slow down again—over and over—creating shock waves.

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022 - Sunspots 5 May 2022

Sunspots 5 May 2022

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022

Much of what is steadily happening in the cosmos is not recorded by organizations which study space because the “Parade of Cosmic Energy” is too vast and also because they are still discovering cosmic phenomena.

The “Cosmic University” never closes, and its curricula is on-going. As the author Conan Doyle had his character Sherlock Holmes to say: “Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons”.

Our planet, Earth/Gaia, is just one chapter in one book of a multi-voluminous set of cosmic “textbooks”.

It is, however, a chapter rich with information on tectonic plates, nickel, iron, molten rock, heat from the inner core’s uranium, thorium, potassium, etc., histories of plant life, birds, insects, animals, people—ages and eons of happenings.

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To offer a very brief discussion of our planet’s movements, Earth/Gaia seems to rotate once on its axis every 24 hours around our Sun.

The Sun Last 48 Hours – 5 May 2022

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022

In 2017, it was discovered that the “Geographic North Pole” (first researched and discussed in 1831 by the explorer James Clark and his group) where the position was towards Canada was now that the “Magnetic North Pole” was racing towards Siberia. Scientists tend to update the position of the “Magnetic Pole” every five years.

Dr. Philip Livermore at the University of Leeds in England and his associates have suggested due to extensive research that the quickness of movement of our planet’s “Magnetic Pole” is due to two types of what is being called “magnetic flux” sitting below Canada and Siberia.

The Candian magnetics have weakened in recent years allowing the Siberian magnetics to pull the “Pole” in its direction.

Our Moon entered the Sign of Cancer (Tropical Zodiac) at 7:05 PM (EDT) on Wednesday, May 4th and will enter the royal sign of Leo at 7:50 AM (EDT) on Saturday, May 7th. In its highest vibration, Cancer is the sign of “The Great Mother”, of domestic issues, of nurturance, of comfortable surroundings, of good food, and of loving encouragement.

In a low energy, it can be moody and domineering.

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022 - Mercury Comet-like Tail

Mercury Comet-like Tail – Sebastian Voltmer

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022

Thus, today, Friday, and early Saturday are excellent times in which to engage in special nurturing activities, especially since this is the last weekend before the next Mercury Retrograde which begins next Tuesday, May 10th, with the Lunar Eclipse coming shortly after on May 15th or 16th (based on individual time zones).

It is expected to begin at approximately 11:29 PM (EDT) on the 15th and reach totality by 12:11 AM which by then is May 16th (EDT). Remember, the theme for all of May is MYSTICAL MASTERSHIP AND MAGICAL MOMENTS.

The only way in which to achieve mastership of something is to study it diligently—to delve into it deeply—to concentrate on its concepts—to work with the principles discovered—and then to meditate to receive even HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

The space/time continuum is moving along quickly. The “Yugas’ (“Ages”) spiral up and down as they change places. LIGHT is becoming intensely brighter and its vibrations are elevating.

Our planetary “home”, our solar system “neighborhood”, our universal “nation” are all being embraced by SOURCE as we move into a new arena of the cosmic “vastness” which cannot be calculated, analyzed, or drawn as a map. We are in the arms of the “EXPANDER”— the BRAHMA energy, frequency, and vibration of the INFINITE which is also our VISHNU—our “SUSTAINER”—and our SHIVA—our “TRANSFORMER” which is our very HIGHER SELF.

More By Dr. Schavi

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Building Parallel Systems – Lisa Renee

Becoming coherent or energetically balanced is a necessary requirement in order to connect and communicate deeply with one’s inner spirit, and these skills are not taught in the current educational model stemming from the Controller Pillars of Society.

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – Higher Build-Up In Energetics

On Wednesday morning, 5/31/2023, at approximately 8:26 AM (EDT), there was yet again another “M.1-Class” solar flare which adds to the several “M-Class” flares that have erupted since the opening of the Full Moon portal, and, as a reminder, the height of the Full Moon is June 3rd (or 4th based upon time zones).

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

Cosmic Frequency News 30 May 2023 – June Full Moon Portal

The Full Moon in Tropical Sagittarius is on June 3rd at 11:42 PM (EDT) or June 4th according to world time zones. Its portal is already beginning to open. Usually, a Full Moon portal is three days before, the day of its actual full brightness, and for three days afterwards.

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Cosmic Update 5 May 2022 – Solar Soaring And Sizzling! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

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