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Cosmic Update 30 November 2022 - Higher And Higher Climbs - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022

Higher And Higher Climbs

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022 – Higher And Higher Climbs – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

At 11:57 AM (EST), solar winds are traveling at “601.7” km/s which is again today a major elevation from normal levels of between “300” and “400” km/s.

There has been a mid-range “C.3-Class” solar flare.

Neutron counts remain as they have been for several weeks—“Elevated”.

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The “KP Index” which records activations to our planet’s inner core and outer field is rated as “Unsettled”.

The surrounding magnetosphere is again engulfed in densely pressing plasma particles.

There have been so far today 155 earthquakes in the mid-level “4.0” and “5.0” ranges with a strong “5.6” occurring in Iran.

There seems to be a steadily occurring high potency of energetics in the cosmos and no movement downwards.

Many (including myself) who conduct research on cosmic happenings and their planetary effects sense that these ongoing high cosmic intensities are the precursors to a coming cosmic event that will get the attention of our entire planet—not just a certain nation or a few nations.

Some are calling this event “The Flash”, and some are labeling it “The Event”, and still others are referring to it as “The Love Wave”.

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022 - The Event - Solar Flash

The Event – Solar Flash

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022

In meditation, I have seen a darkening of the skies, then a strange bright LIGHT wave, a rather gentle trembling of our planet (not a harsh thrashing), and breaking apart of its material formation such that water appears in strange places around the globe.

The skies above our planet also seemed to be very expansive.

Are we being prepared for some dynamic and dramatic planetary happening via the daily earthquakes in the hundreds; the solar flares (whether small or large levels); the coronal mass ejections with each flare; the increasing solar wind streams; the constant incoming proton, neutron, and electron plasma particles; the soaring towards “The Great Attractor”? Yes.

LIGHT from both inside and outside of our solar system arriving in varying ways is intense.

The human physical vessel, emotions, and mind are all being stirred and shifted—as has been discussed before— and so is our planet.

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Regardless of where people reside—the Northern or Southern Hemisphere—there are increasing reports of unusual “activations”/”symptoms” (although these terms may not be used by the general populace) coming from healthy people who did not take the “vaxx” or “boosters” (so side effects from them cannot be the excuse), and age is not a factor as has been previously mentioned.

Of course, as has been discussed in a recent article, certainly there are horrendous side effects from the “vaxx” and subsequent “injections”, but I will not repeat details here of what is becoming a frustrating issue to both write about or discuss, and for some, there is an understandable tiring of reading about it.

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022 - Great Attractor

Great Attractor

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022

However, it is briefly mentioned because so much has been written in ancient scriptures and researched in modern times that attests to a mystical happening in a seemingly soon time line which will alter creation in ways that only a Hollywood script could portray.

As is constantly, over and over again stated, we are receiving and acclimating to a cosmic “symphony” that is LIGHT-filled whose “songs” are transformative.

First, the electromagnetic frequencies of our thoughts and emotions change, and eventually our physical vessels follow in “rhythm” as new cells are created which contain multi-stranded DNA which further receives LIGHT CODES that contain HIGHER KNOWLEDGE.

We shift in our vessels out of carbon gear into crystalline, and we continue our journey in the cosmos with a new space/time life force.

Like a musical artist being prepared to perform at Carnegie Hall or a painter getting ready to have an exhibit at a prestigious art gallery or a writer about to give a lecture at a famous university or a college student about to take his or her final exams for a degree or a teenager about to take his or her road test for their first driver’s license or a little child entering school for the first time—everyone—is in “preparation” for the most exciting event that humanity has ever experienced in eons, and it will not be just the arrival of ships from outer galaxies—although this is part of the scenario.

The event that is being fashioned is one that the most intellectual person or spiritual leader cannot fully describe.

We are given mere glimpses only.

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022 - The Love Wave - Light Code

The Love Wave – Light Code

Cosmic Update 30 November 2022

However, the glimpse is the “orchestra music” beginning which is our clue to get ready to step out on stage.

As I end this cosmic report, solar wind increased to an enormous “728” km/s and quickly moved down to “695” km/s.

We are experiencing astounding back and forth up-levelings at high intensity as these winds thrust out cosmic vibrational frequencies.

More By Dr. Schavi

December Cosmic Attunements

December Cosmic Attunements

We are in the “Eclipse Portal” and have had a Lunar Eclipse on November 30th, and there will be a Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th followed after by the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere on December 21st.

Photonic Blast Of Splendour

Photonic Blast Of Splendour

Several days prior to both a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse and for several days afterwards is the “Eclipse Portal”. Stronger solar events happen at this time, and they affect every aspect of creation! These solar flares are electromagnetic radiation at its most intense–PHOTONIC LIGHT which is transformational to our DNA.

Eclipse Season -The Spiritual Aspect Of Its Opening And Closing Portals

Eclipse Season -The Spiritual Aspect Of Its Opening And Closing Portals

The first eclipse of what is called the “Eclipse Season” begins with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday, November 30, 2020 in Gemini in the Tropical/Western Zodiac (all types of communication such as spiritual downloads, conversations, technology) and in Taurus in the Sidereal/Vedic Zodiac (beauty, strength, material values, economical development).

Quantum Light!

Quantum Light!

The term “QUANTUM” is defined as the smallest unit of a substance or thing, and the smallest unit of matter is an atom. “LIGHT” is photonic energy particles. In other words, and for brief explanation, “Photons” consist of “Light” particles. Thus, “QUANTUM LIGHT” is the smallest unit of photonic energy steadily emitted from the Great Central Sun to the Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy (which is in the constellation of Sagittarius) and then to each planet in the galaxy which includes Earth/Gaia.

The Celebration Of Diwali

The Celebration Of Diwali

It is celebrated each year in the autumn (in late October or early November according to the Vedic calendar) as a time of praying for and meditating on both material and spiritual prosperity. Sri Lakshmi, the feminine aspect of SOURCE which blesses us with abundance, is honored.

The Offering Of Ceres! Cleansing and Illuminating Energy

The Offering Of Ceres! Cleansing and Illuminating Energy

On Monday, November 9, 2020, CERES moved into the constellation of Pisces at 9:48 AM (EST) where it will remain only until November 15th. CERES was first discovered on January 1, 1801, by Giuseppe Piazzi in Palermo in Italy. It was initially thought to be a planet, but in the 1850s, it was delegated as an asteroid because of the discovery of many other objects in space with similar orbits.

Transformational Intensity – The Creation Of The Merkaba!

Transformational Intensity – The Creation Of The Merkaba!

With the more powerful effects of solar flares and the other cosmic events mentioned, comes the fluctuations in the vibrational frequency and amplitude of Earth/Gaia and subsequent strong earthquakes in the 6.0 and above ranges, hurricanes, thunder storms, and other powerful weather conditions. The creation of the MERKABA is happening!

Consciousness The Ultimate Portal

Consciousness The Ultimate Portal

Often the word “CONSCIOUSNESS” is defined as being aware of one’s surroundings — the sights, sounds, smells, etc. of the general environment. Although this has some truth, “Consciousness’ is far more than mere awareness of what is seen, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted. It is beyond the material realm.

Frequencies of Source Light – Full-Throttle Light!

Frequencies of Source Light – Full-Throttle Light!

The vibrations and amplitudes of the planet are erratically up and down and are expected to elevate and then descend at regular intervals as the LIGHT builds up doing its clearing and cleansing, regenerating and revitalizing, transforming and illuminating, and then allowing us to relax and acclimate to its upsurge and its re-wiring of our DNA.

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