Cosmic Update 27 April 2022 - The Portal Potency - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022

The Portal Potency

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022 – The Portal Potency – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

At the current time of 12:54 PM (Eastern Daylight Time), Wednesday, April 27th, our planet is experiencing a geomagnetic storm rated at the level of “G1”.

This storm was not slated to arrive until the 29th when Earth/Gaia will be moving through a “Co-Interactive Region” (CIR) which is when both slow and fast-moving solar winds converge and send shock waves to our planet’s inner core and outer field.

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Solar flaring is at the medium-strength “C.7” range with a coronal mass ejection.

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022 - Actual Kp Index

Actual Kp Index

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022

Solar winds are flowing at 498.9 km/s (kilometers per second) which is almost, as can be gleaned, heading up to 500 km/s which is far over the normalcy of 300 to 400 km/s.

The KP Index is rated at “storm” level.

Sunspots have a beta-gamma magnetic field for “M-Class” flares.

Thus, the powerful “CIR” energetics in front of the coming New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Saturday, April 30th, “decided” to come “on-stage” before their scheduled “dance” of vibrational frequency “choreographed”, as just mentioned, for the 29th.

The cosmos is full of surprises, and we can only surmise its actions, with our cosmic knowledge, but we can no longer pinpoint exact happenings.

Yet, intuitive messages from our HIGHER SELF/SOUL/SOURCE informs us of various occurrences.

The magnetosphere is enveloped in particle plasma that is causing tremendous pressure.

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Geospace Magnetosphere Pressure – 27 April 2022

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022

Once again, as has been the case in many past weeks, Earth/Gaia is having a zooming roller coaster ride of up and down and around and around.

Throughout the remainder of this week and into the weekend, cosmic events will heighten, then become a bit slowed down, (but not much) and then will accelerate again as the constant words of CLEARING, CLEANSING, ACCLIMATING, UPGRADING become affixed in our collective consciousness.

We are becoming experts at “riding the waves” like experienced surf boarders.

Those who are not yet experts are learning the process.

When we were babies just learning to walk, our legs were wobbly and unsteady as our Moms and Dads stood a bit away from us but facing us.

They said: “Come on, honey. You can do it.”

We giggled and eventually ran to their waiting arms.

Many people feel like a wobbling baby in need of encouragement as we face these high-powered forces that are altering our internal structures and outer experiences.

We are also like Romeo who said: “What LIGHT through yonder window breaks?” (Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”) because this beautiful solar LIGHT is new and cannot be easily analyzed from our school book perspective.

We are in wonder at our world and all of our galactic “family”.

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022 - Riding The Waves

Riding The Waves

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022

We are embracing more and more the photons that will carry us into greater levels of collective consciousness as we even in this “Now” feel the sensation of dimensional shifts as we are fashioned by the sparkling particles of SOURCE which holds out “Her” arms and says: “Come on, you can do this. You can crystallize.

Let me comfort you with my flares and winds, my powerful pulsations of LIGHT ACTIVATION.”

Wherever you are on the planet, prepare for further “rides” on the “waves” and for new lunar energy and solar eclipsing.

We are being readied for new starts, new opportunities, and new knowledge. Let butterflies, dragonflies, and the mythical Phoenix bird be our symbols—all of which represent transformation.

Obtain a picture or some sort of small depiction of any of these, and carry it with you as a reminder of our wonderful changing “being-ness” as we each become a greater “light” of the LIGHT.

How beautifully we shine together!

More by Dr. Schavi

The Dark Of The Moon – Dr Schavi

The Dark Of The Moon – Dr Schavi

Ancient teachings are that twenty-four hours prior to the arrival of a New Moon is “The Dark of the Moon”, and like planting seeds in rich soil, it is the most perfect time in which people should “plant seeds” for their needs and desires. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Cosmic Update 26 June 2022 – Energetics Traveling Still Higher – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Update 26 June 2022 – Energetics Traveling Still Higher – Dr Schavi

On Sunday, June 26th, 2022, solar winds are chaotic, and in the early morning hours have pushed out at the enormous rate of “714.4” kilometers per second (km/s) down to “636.6” km/s, up again to “671.1” km/s, and now at 10:23 AM (Eastern Daylight Time), they are registering “648.0” km/s. Neutron counts (cosmic rays) are still “Elevated’ as they have been for many days, but the “KP Index” has shown initially the level of “Unsettled” but is now rated as “Storm”. Our planet’s magnetosphere is enveloped in dense plasma particle density.

The Power Of A Prayer Mala – Dr Schavi

The Power Of A Prayer Mala – Dr Schavi

The word “mala” translates from Sanskrit into English as “garland”. In Tibetan Sanskrit, it is known as a “threngwa”. In Catholicism it is a “rosary”. Muslims use “Dhiker” beads. In ancient Medu Neter (the Kemetic [Egyptian] priestly language), it was known as a “sha-sha” which translates as “luck”.

Cosmic Energy Picking Up Speed! – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Energy Picking Up Speed! – Dr Schavi

Heading closer to next Tuesday’s New Moon (June 28th or Wednesday, June 29th according to time zones), cosmic events are rallying up. The “Power” (“Schumann Resonance”) chart is showing a blast of “54” while the magnetosphere chart is also indicating that solar winds are a mixture of slow to medium to fast with plasma density pressing-in and surrounding Earth/Gaia and continuing to build since early morning.

Post-Solstice Update! – 6/22/2022 – Dr Schavi

Post-Solstice Update! – 6/22/2022 – Dr Schavi

Solar winds on the day after the arrival of the Summer and Winter solstices are traveling at just a bit over 486 kilometers per second (km/s), and neutron counts remain in the “Elevated’ status. The “Power” reading (“Schumann Resonance”) of Earth/Gaia’s vibrational frequency and amplitude is “48” which is not enormously high in this “Now”, but it is certainly far above the ancient “normalcy” of “7.83”.

Solstice Symphonics! – Dr Schavi

Solstice Symphonics! – Dr Schavi

The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere has officially arrived with our Sun having reached its zenith—its highpoint. In the North, June 21st will be the longest day of the season, and in the South, it will be the shortest day. Our Sun will begin to send its bright rays more powerfully to the Southern Hemisphere, although we will not detect any substantial shortening or lengthening of days or building of coolness or warmth in either hemisphere for many weeks.

Soaring Into The Solstice! – Dr Schavi

Soaring Into The Solstice! – Dr Schavi

As Earth/Gaia heads into the Summer and Winter solstices on Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 (arriving at 5:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time), our Sun is sending powerful wind currents at almost 600 km/s (kilometers per second), and a huge plasma filament is surging back and forth that is as long as the distance between our planet and the Moon. These filaments usually thrash back and forth and finally slam onto the Sun’s surface and then explode sending out its strong plasma throughout the solar system and into our planet’s magnetosphere often activating quakes and storms.

Friday Cosmic Update – Dr Schavi

Friday Cosmic Update – Dr Schavi

As of 03:02 Universal Time (UT), solar winds are traveling at 621 kilometers per second (km/s). This is far swifter than they have been in several weeks! They have been in the upper 400s and the early 500s, but not in the over 600s for quite some time. Solar flares are “C.5-Class”—almost about to touch the “M-Class” range.

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Cosmic Update 27 April 2022 – The Portal Potency – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

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