Cosmic Update 20 June 2022 - Bigger Than Ever Energies For 2022 Thus Far! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Update 20 June 2022

Bigger Than Ever Energies For 2022 Thus Far!

Cosmic Update 20 June 2022 – Bigger Than Ever Energies For 2022 Thus Far! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As the Summer and Winter solstices are less than 24 hours from our planetary door (arriving at 5:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday, June 21st), the cosmic forces are “louder” than they have been in 2022 thus far.

Earlier this morning according to the “Solar Dynamics Observatory” of NASA (“National Aeronautics and Space Administration”), the solar winds were traveling at 606.6 kilometers per second (km/s), and at this time (approximately 0546 Universal Time), they are 590.6 km/s which is about 1319792.41 miles per hour!

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The planetary magnetosphere chart of the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” (NOAA) is showing the velocity of the winds as extreme fluxes of very deep red mixed with deep yellow with a slight green tinge—indications of very slow, medium, and fast-paced thrusts of wind together pushing dense plasma particles to Earth/Gaia and surrounding “Her”.

Magnetosphere Wind Velocity 20 June 2022

Cosmic Update 20 June 2022

The pressure around our planet is extreme and is shown by a very deeply red encircling of color.

Electron (a negatively-charged subatomic particle) and proton (a positively-charged subatomic particle) fluxes are very potent at this time.

An electron can either be bound to an atom’s nucleus or free from attachment to it.

A proton is found in the nucleus of an atom.

Protons tend to attract electrons.

In simple terms, these are high energy particles zooming into our planetary field.

Although they exist daily, they are being pushed into our planet in the extreme today via the high winds.

As a reminder yet again, “normal” solar wind speeds are considered as being 300 to 400 km/s, and some scientists say “normal” is 250 to 350 km/s.

In both schools of thought, however, wind speeds in the 500s and 600s are definitely an elevation beyond “normalcy”.

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Cosmic Update 20 June 2022 - Magnetic Filament And Sunspot AR3032

Magnetic Filament And Sunspot AR3032

Cosmic Update 20 June 2022

The “Great Central Sun” and its directions to the Sun of our solar system and its subsequent messages to our planet are that “FASTER VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES OF ALL COSMIC EVENTS ARE SENDING LIGHT-ENCODED KNOWLEDGE TO THE HUMAN COLLECTIVE. PREPARE FOR MORE POWERFUL UPLEVELING.”

The solstices are arriving just days prior to the New Moon on June 28th, and it will not be unusual for solar energetics to continue to heighten due to these two important cosmic events.

The high winds and increased plasma particles also heighten the energy within the human nervous system as the physical vessel, emotions, and consciousness makes an “Energy Change”.

This is the transformational journey to crystalline frequency–the “re-birth”—“Light Encode-ment”.


Furter reminder: Please join the special healing of the waters of our planet sponsored by our Canadian Indigenous family on tomorrow, June 21st. See the information below. LOVE, PEACE, AND HEALTH TO ALL!

Cosmic Update 10 May 2022 - Mni Wiconi -Life Giving Water

A Special Call from our Canadian Family

Please join with the Indigenous People in prayer ceremony on June 21st, 2022 for the healing and restoration of our "Mni Wiconi" ("Life Giving Waters") on our planet.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the "19th Keeper of the White Buffalo Pipe" has stated: "I humbly request a time from each of the two-legged [human beings] in this world to send a prayer to heal our precious earth and balance of Mni Wiconi to be restored".

He has further taught that many messages from the four-legged animal world indicates that mankind is at a crossroads.

Thus, this is yet another wonderful opportunity for us to gather in whatever we can in our homes and offices for connection to the GREAT SPIRIT/INFINITE PRESENCE/SOURCE.

Let there be PEACE among us all.

More by Dr. Schavi

Higher And Higher Vibes! A Reminder Of The “Now”! Dr. Schavi

Higher And Higher Vibes! A Reminder Of The “Now”! Dr. Schavi

As we move into the “pre-shadow” on May 5th of the next Mercury Retrograde, this is an opportune time to reflect upon earlier information received via books, essays, videos, one-on-one conversations, etc. because soon Mercury will do its backwards dance (May 26th to June 22nd), and the energetics of the entire cosmos will coerce us to cease and desist from so much going and going, doing and doing, and being and being.

Mysteries Of May Part 2 – Solar And Uranian Quickening!

Mysteries Of May Part 2 – Solar And Uranian Quickening!

On Friday, April 30, 2021, Uranus, the planet of high-powered electromagnetic frequencies and sudden amazing occurrences conjuncts the Sun in Taurus. PHOTONIC LIGHT (from the “Photon Belt”) will be unusually intense, bright, and potent.

Make Way For The Mysteries Of May! – Dr Schavi

Make Way For The Mysteries Of May! – Dr Schavi

May of 2021 is filled with cosmic sparkling luminary energy. On May 26th at 7:14 AM (EST), there will be a “Total Lunar Eclipse” in the sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical/Western Zodiac which is projected to last for a period of 14 and 1/2 minutes as the Moon moves within the shadow of Earth/Gaia.

The Light In This “Now” – Dr. Schavi

The Light In This “Now” – Dr. Schavi

When any entity (which includes earthly humans) attempts to say how old the cosmos truly is with all of its planets, galaxies, and universes, only speculation is possible for the age of the space/time continuum is a mystery relegated only to SOURCE who is timeless, eternal, and therefore, immortal.

The Solar Surge – Prepare For Lift-Off – Dr. Schavi

The Solar Surge – Prepare For Lift-Off – Dr. Schavi

A “CME” is a release of sub-atomic charged Plasma Particles of radiation from the Sun which, whether or not they are directly aimed at our planet, still affect it such as causing technological black-outs as well as the familiar “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS). However, when a CME definitely does indeed directly surge to the planet, its effects are even more profound. Its ionization strength or radiation intensely flows into the geomagnetic field.

Aum Ghrini Surya Namaha! – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Aum Ghrini Surya Namaha! – Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The title of this discourse is a powerful mantra found within the sacred text ATHARVA VEDA which is a holy Vedic book about healing rituals involving herbs, mantras, and other spiritual medical modalities. Each morning while facing East, many “Vaidyas” (Doctors whose healing path is “Ayurveda”) chant this mantra along with the mantra “Aum Sri Dhavantre Namaha” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Holy Celestial Physician”).

To Be Human In 2021 – Allison Coe

To Be Human In 2021 – Allison Coe

Me and a bunch of other practitioners we’re all doing these videos to get keep you informed what’s coming. The topic is about what it means to be human in 2021, specifically a lightworker. The coolest part about this is when we get to actual contact with higher dimensional beings who have information for us about where we’re at and what we can expect. This information gives us so much hope, it really does.

Major Cosmic Energy Update! – Dr. Schavi

Major Cosmic Energy Update! – Dr. Schavi

The Sun of our galaxy has received strong cosmic energetics in the form of neutrons (particles of cosmic radiation also called “Cosmic Rays” and “Cosmic Waves”) surging from “outside” of our solar system during the early morning hours of Thursday, April 15, 2021 which the observatory in Oulu, Finland has rated at “storm” level.

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