Cosmic Report 23 September 2022 - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Report 23 September 2022

Cosmic Report 23 September 2022 – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As expected, on Friday, September 23rd, 2022, at 1807 Universal Time (UT), which is 1:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), an “M.1” solar flare blasted off from our Sun, which according to NASA, was not directed at our planet, but Earth/Gaia has still received shock waves from it.

Further strong flares are a probability due to the huge sunspots that are indeed directly facing Earth/Gaia.

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Filament Eruption 23 September 2022

Cosmic Report 23 September 2022

We must realize, however, that all solar events—Earth/Gaia directed or not— activate our planet either in gentle ways or in major shifts and shakes.

If this were not the case, then “Hurricane Fiona” would not have ravaged the Caribbean and be headed for Nova Scotia with expected arrival tonight.

There would also not be constant quakes in the hundreds each day of “1.0” to over “4.0” in magnitude with often higher magnitudes over “6.0”.

Cosmic events such as flares with coronal mass ejections, high solar winds, elevated neutron counts, etc.—all affect our planet inside and out, and they are experienced by our planet as powerful varying weather patterns such as storms and flooding as well as planetary eruptions such as earthquakes, volcanic explosions, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

As humanity becomes more accustomed to using its “Spiritual Technology” or “Divine Super-Consciousness” to intuit cosmic events, we will know what is happening before it is reported by mainstream scientific websites and television reports.

Thus, the mainstream updates will only confirm our prior knowing. As these strong cosmic forces continue, as usual, we are advised to meditate, hydrate, breathe deeply, and relax more.

Even as we engage in daily activities, we should do so with a calm orientation.

LIGHT is definitely still clearing and cleansing this realm and creating new DNA strands and cellular records.

We are receiving the LIGHT and acclimating to it.

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